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2013 Potomac Combined Federal Campaign Key Worker Training - RKB.

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1 2013 Potomac Combined Federal Campaign Key Worker Training - RKB

2 Agenda Registration Welcome and Introductions CFC at a Glance Marketing the Campaign/Best Practices Handling Objections The Paperwork − Online Giving − Brochures − Pledge Cards − Turn-ins Gifts and Incentives Questions and Wrap-up 2

3 How far you go in life depends on being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because some day in life you will have been all of these.” ~George Washington 3

4 CFC at a Glance Once-a-year charitable fundraising campaign for Federal civilian and military employees (September 1 – December 15) Established in 1961 by President Kennedy and administered and regulated by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) ( Contributors are encouraged to designate to their favorite charity or charities through payroll deduction Raised almost $7 billion over the last 50 years 4

5 Total Amount Raised in 2012: $ 1,283 million Number of Employees Solicited: 20,527 Number of Donors: 3,112 Participation Rate Overall 15.2% Average Gift: $ 412 Total Number of Charities Participating: over 3,200 (Local, National & International) 2012 MCB - Quantico Results Total Amount Raised in 2012$808,662 Number of Employees Solicited: 15,122 Number of donors: 2,214 Participation Rate: 14.6% Average Gift: $ 365 Potomac CFC 2012 Potomac CFC Results 5

6 Russell Knox Building Results 6 Total Amount Raised in 2012 $237,915 Number of Employees Solicited: 1,699 Number of donors: 463 Participation Rate: 27.3% Average Gift: $ 513

7 Donation Breakdown In 2012 donors gave: $810,816 to National Organizations/Federations $ 61,019 to International Orgs./Federations $411,472 to Local Organizations/Federations Locally, donors gave: $17,694 to the SPCA $10,608 to the King George F& R $ 9,845 to the King George Animal Rescue 7

8 The Gifts All donated funds, minus administrative expenses, go directly to the organization specified. Administrative expenses are approved by the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC). Contributions are VOLUNTARY! Donors are encouraged to designate. Individuals can donate to as many organizations as they wish, they just have to fill out additional pledge cards. Undesignated funds: the proportions are determined by the amount designated for each agency 8

9 You are the key to success of the campaign! − Department/agency events − “Key” to collecting/reviewing pledge cards and turning in funds Your positive attitude will help ensure a favorable response from you co-workers. You are the official representative of the charities that depend on the CFC for funds. − Agencies, in turn, help people in need in our community, our country and around the world. The Key Worker’s Role 9

10 Marketing the Campaign Be creative and make it “fun” fundraising. Share creative special events on the Facebook page for Key Workers. Use group meetings & the Speaker’s Bureau. Sponsor special events for your departments/agencies. − Money collected during a special event is considered undesignated Don’t take objections personally. All donations are voluntary so PLEASE, never coerce or strong-arm. Encourage payroll deduction…it’s the easiest way to give! Say “Thank You”! 10

11 Campaign BEST Practices Have a mini-Agency Fair Invite an Agency Speaker Have one or many department-wide Special Events Have your Department/Agency Head/Supervisor show support Ask employees to share their testimonial Hold a Department-wide meeting and inform Employees about the CFC system − Reasons for giving − General CFC information − Discuss brochure and incentives − Answer questions − Hand out Pledge Cards and ask for Contributions Say “Thank You” Read the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas and pick one to implement! Have FUN! 11

12 How to Handle Typical Objections Remember - Objections or complaints are not personal. Encourage Questions - Provide information about CFC ask for questions. This is a great system for giving! Inform - The objection may not be real. It may stem from a misunderstanding about CFC or a charity. − Provide information so that person can make an educated decision about their donation. − Use the 2013 CFC Brochure as a resource. − Call US! We can provide you with a wealth of CFC information. − Check the Potomac CFC website: Be sympathetic - Listen carefully to concerns. Remain positive – Don’t get caught in an argument with the employee, just remain positive. Be enthusiastic! 12

13 The Paperwork 13

14 Ways to Give DoD Civilian and Military Personnel through your MyPay Account for Payroll Deduction CFC Nexus at: For pledges by Cash, Check, or Credit Card Paper copies for cash, check or payroll deduction 14

15 15 My Pay Slides

16 16 CFC Nexus Slides

17 Brochure Use ONLY 2013 Potomac CFC brochure. Or the online brochure at 3 Sections: Local/ National/ International. Use 5 digit code to designate agency. Cannot “write-in” an agency. Each agency must meet a strict set of guidelines in order to be listed in the brochure. The % at the end of each 25 word statement is the administration cost of the agency. Taxonomy Codes are included. Great resource for answering questions! 17

18 Pledge Cards Keyworker should review pledge cards for accuracy and legibility Ensure military branch of service is completed Minimum Contribution (for Payroll Deduction) MyPay or Paper Copy − Military Personnel is $2.00 per pay period − Civilian Personnel is $1.00 per pay period Make checks payable to the Potomac CFC Yellow Copy and printed out copy from CFC Nexus goes in envelope. For Paper Pledges: White Copy goes to payroll processing office (Payroll Deduction Only). If cash or check, white copy goes back to employee For Paper Pledges: Military Personnel Payroll Deductions require: Full SSN and signature/date. For Paper Pledges: Civilian Personnel Payroll Deductions require: Either full SSN or Employee ID Number and signature/date. 18

19 Doe, John A. X US Army, USACIDC 123-45-6789 27130 Telegraph Rd., Quantico, VA 22134 571-305-0000 1 2 3 4 5 156.00 1 Oct 2012 123 Main St Hometown, VA 22222 X x #1234

20 Doe, John A. x US Army, USACIDC 123-45-6789 27130 Telegraph Rd., Quantico, VA 22134 571-305-0000 30.00 780.00 0 0 0 0 0 156.00 1 Oct 2012 123 Main St Hometown, VA 22222 X X Signature 1 Oct 2012

21 Doe, John A. x US Army, USACIDC 123-45-6789 27130 Telegraph Rd., Quantico, VA 22134 571-305-0000 780.00 0 0 0 0 0 156.00 1 Oct 2012 123 Main St Hometown, VA 22222 X X #1234

22 Your Name USACIDC G-3 27130 Telegraph Rd Quantico, VA 22134 (571)305-0000 27 Mr. Steve Murane 21560.00 3 2350.00 1 790.00 Report Envelope - Front 22

23 1 $780.00 1 2$1560.00 2 Your Signature/Date 1 1 1 1 $780.00 1 1 2 2 $1560.00 1 1 $780.00 3 3 $2340.00 3

24 Report Envelope and Turn Ins Give pledge cards/money to Agency LEAD Key Worker. Lead Keyworker will complete envelope (Paper Copies and CFC Nexus Pledges both in envelope). White copy goes to payroll processing office not in envelope Separate Military and Civilian, Payroll, Cash and Checks. Keep Checks with the Pledge Card. Keep Cash with Pledge Card. Work with your LEAD Key Worker and get the information to them in a timely way. Keep track and deliver incentives - don’t forget to give incentives to donors! LEAD Key Worker will turn in all monies weekly (Wednesdays). 24

25 Turn-in Dates Lejeune Hall SEPTEMBER OCTOBER October 2 October 9 October 16 October 23 October 30 NOVEMBER November 6 November 13 November 20 DECEMBER December 4 December 11 December 18 (Late, as needed) 25

26 The Fun Stuff 26

27 Kick-Offs Marine Corps Base Quantico Main Side Dodge Ball Tournament/Agency Fair Friday, September 13 Barber Physical Activity Center 10:00 AM-1:00 PM Marine Corps Base Quantico Russell Knox Building Kick-off/Agency Fair Wednesday, October 2 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Door prizes! 27 Marine Corps Base Quantico Russell Knox Building Chili Cook-off Thursday, November 7 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Door prizes! Marine Corps Base Quantico Russell Knox Building Bake Sale Wednesday, December 4 7:00 – 9:00 AM Door prizes!

28 Incentives Lapel Pin Gift of $1 - $999 There is no set gift! Every donation counts! 28

29 Incentives Koolie Carry All Cooler Gift of $1,000 - $4,999 29

30 Incentives Irish Coffee Mug Gift of Over $5,000 30

31 Points to Remember Learn about the CFC Use the 2013 Brochure for information Make your own gift first Organize a group meeting/event If a group is not possible, begin making one-on-one requests for a contribution (September 1 – December 15) Say “Thank You” Attend the Weekly Turn-Ins − First turn-in date is October 2nd Give out incentives Collect any old brochures/pledge cards and recycle them 31

32 Where Do I Go From Here? If you need further assistance contact: Capt. Peyway, MCBQ Campaign Chairperson (703) 784-2151 Tammi Ellis, Potomac CFC 540-373-0041 ext. 310 Sharon Patrick, Potomac CFC 540-373-0041 Website: Potomac Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) 32

33 Russell Knox Building Contacts 33 AFOSI Austin Caudle, (571-305-8839) CID Steve Murane, (571)305-4119 DIAJessica Richardson, (571) 305-7122 DSSAnne Snellings NCISErin Kapp, (571) 305-9342 Katie Jones, (571) 305-9223

34 Any questions? Thank you for your time! 34

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