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11 2013 Community Fund Drive Training Session. 22 Welcome! The Community Fund Drive is: A charitable-giving, workplace campaign Conducted every October.

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1 11 2013 Community Fund Drive Training Session

2 22 Welcome! The Community Fund Drive is: A charitable-giving, workplace campaign Conducted every October Driven by lead volunteers from each college or unit and grassroots volunteers from within your units, with help from a volunteer committee (that’s us!)

3 33 It’s a win-win: Workplace campaigns are better for the charities because : Administrative costs are lower Income is more predictable

4 44 Win-win (continued) Workplace campaigns are better for employees because: They are secure and confidential They are easy

5 55 Top 5 reasons for giving through the Community Fund Drive 5. We have strength in numbers 4. The agencies provide support in a wide variety of areas 3. Federation agencies have all been screened. 2. During tough economic times, donations go down and needs go up 1. The money goes directly to the Federations

6 66 Our campaign co-chairs Dr. Katrice Albert Vice President, Office for Equity and Diversity Dean Eric Schwartz Humphrey School of Public Affairs

7 77 Senior leaders champion the cause The 2013 Community Fund Drive campaign has the full support of President Eric W. Kaler

8 88 This year, we want to hit 40% participation for colleges and units and $1.5 million dollars raised For those units who hit 40% last year, increase by 10% Everyone can give something... in money or time! 2013 Community Fund Drive goals

9 99 2013 Community Fund Drive C oordinate A sk & A dvocate R each Out & R ouse E nergize & E mpower The role of volunteers is to C.A.R.E.

10 10 Coordinate The campaign includes: A printed promotional piece sent to each employee by October 1 Posters to hang in your areas Campus-wide email messages Weekly prize drawings with grand prize drawings in the first part of November C oordinate

11 11 Coordinate (continued) An online form is available to request speakers from the federations for your units: Funds are available to sponsor events if your unit needs assistance. For more information, contact: Bonnie Marten at Start thinking about which activities and events will most engage and excite your audience

12 12 Ask & Advocate Be an enthusiastic supporter of the cause! Ask others to get on board You are an advocate for each of the federations within your area, work unit, or college Training manual is available at:

13 13 Ask and Advocate (continued) The Community Fund is a consists of seven federations, each representing numerous charitable organizations.

14 14 Federations These seven Federations, together, represent more than 500 charities from which you can choose to donate

15 15 Federations When you donate through the CFD, you help lower the administrative costs that your favorite charity would have to spend for an individual solicitation. If you prefer to donate to a charity not listed, you can donate to any charity with a 501(c)3 IRS Tax Exempt Status. Check non-profit status at: or http://charitynavigator.orghttp://guidestar.org

16 16 Keeping your Community Fund Drive events legal How can we conduct Community Fund Drive events and remain in compliance with the law?

17 17 The solution – three options Minnesota law allows for fundraising activities as part of the University’s Community Fund Drive campaign IF they meet certain requirements

18 18 Option 1: University departments may conduct a drawing if ALL of the following elements are true: Participants in the drawing are only University employees and retirees; All payments made by participants, whether by payroll deduction or other form of payment, go to a registered charitable organization; The cost of prizes and other costs associated with the drawing are paid by the University. Using employee contributions to pay for prizes is NOT permitted. Minnesota Statutes §609.75, Subd.1(d).

19 19 Option 2: Conduct a contest or game of skill. The winner is selected based on skill (not chance or luck). Suggested activities include: Guessing the number of items in a jar Scavenger hunts Trivia question contests Beanbag/basketball toss or golf putt/drops Art/essay and cooking contests

20 20 Option 3: The following fundraising activities are also permitted: Bake sales Rummage/white elephant sales Silent auction * * You may NOT include bottles of wine or liquor in gift baskets in silent auctions.

21 21 Fundraising questions? Call Rosalie O’Brien, Associate General Counsel, or Beverly Moe, Paralegal, in the Office of the General Counsel, at 612-624-4100.

22 22 R e a c h O u t & R o u s e Reach out & Rouse Part of the benefit (and FUN!) of this effort, is that you don’t have to do it alone Reach out to others in your area for participation in events and awareness building Others may have terrific ideas for making this fund drive a success

23 23 Reach out & Rouse (continued) Federation speakers Costume contests Drawings Pancake breakfasts Pizza lunches Chili cook-offs Bake sales Mailbox stuffers Potlucks

24 24 Energize & Empower The Community Fund Drive is nothing without you! E nergize & E mpower

25 25 Pledge form For the Community Fund Drive online pledge form, go to:

26 26 Donating

27 27 Main menu 1.How to access the pledge form 2.Definition of federation and agency 3.Pledge to a federation 4.Pledge to an agency within a federation 5.What to do if you see SELECTION NEEDED 6.Pledge to your own write-in charity 7.Change or add to pledge 8.Contact information

28 28 FAQs Can I change my pledge after I have submitted the online form? Can student employees donate? How do I access participation reports? How do I submit cash collected from events?

29 29 Why volunteer? It is a great learning experience and an opportunity to gain new skills You get to network with a variety of people across the University It will invigorate you and your co-workers

30 30 Why volunteer (continued) You will build friendships and a sense of community within your college and unit, while raising money for important causes It is a great way to experience the “Helper’s High,” a scientifically documented observation that those who volunteer will produce more mood-boosting endorphins

31 31 Thank you! Your efforts make a huge, positive impact in the community!

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