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Creating Powerful Tools for Nonprofit Engagement on a Shoestring Budget 5/7/20151Powerful Tools on a Shoestring.

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1 Creating Powerful Tools for Nonprofit Engagement on a Shoestring Budget 5/7/20151Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

2 IT Assets Needed for Successful Outreach and Fundraising Social Assets Online and Offline Social Networking Assets and PEOPLE How do you create a “social buzz”? How do you impress donors, supporters, and potential donors? What’s your image? Websites School’s website Fundraising website Alumni website (integrates with Social and other assets) Compatibility with Cell phone, texting, etc. capabilities Ability to incorporate more functionality easily Services? Email Subscription/Newsletter Services Online payment/donation processing Donor Management and CRM Integration among the Components Office Back end and Management It is the “Office backend and Management” piece that is crucial to success. The best solution that allows a non-technical user to easily do many things through automation and integration, saving labor, and making time invested most effective 5/7/20152Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

3 Parts NameWhy you need itDo you have it? Website(s) Keep supporters aware Build Relationship Create Presence and image 1.School 2.Alumni 3.Fundraising Social NetworksBuild relationshipsParts, yes Payment ProcessingYounger donors prefer credit cards, not checks. Most donors expect a well-managed charity to have this available. Parts, yes Email NewsletterPushes information outParts, yes Donor managementParts, yes CRMParts, yes Event managementParts, yes; others no Supporter & Advocacy Tools Not intuively so, and not systematic 5/7/20153Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

4 Free or Low Cost, Integrated Solutions NameVendors, costs Website(s)1.School (school pays for this) 2.Alumni (donated) 3.Fundraising (donated) Social NetworksBuild relationships Payment ProcessingPayPal Click and Pledge (will donate pro account) Email NewsletterVertical Response Donor managementSales Force integrates with both PayPal and Click and Pledge CRMSales Force (will donate set up of integration with Click and Pledge) Event managementClick and Pledge (Click Its) Supporter & Advocacy ToolsClick and Pledge (Click Its) 5/7/20154Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

5 Higher End [$] Vendors for Nonprofits Kintera Probably one of the very best vendors, with an integrated solution, but also expensive. In 2005/2006, basic Kintera engagements cost @ $10K with some engagements going to 50K or 100K.. Convio A high-end vendor with a total solution, but can be expensive as “modules” are purchased. Basic cost of entry 2005/2006 between $2K and $5K Blackbaud A well-respected, high end solution. Went to SaaS later than others. Recently teamed with PayPal to offer a low cost of entry solution for payment processing and simple website publishing. It is assumed that its CRM is sold as an additional “module” with costs per database and per number of entries E-Tapestry Well-respected. At one time offered services for a fixed % rate based on number of supporters or donations. More willing to contract with small charities. (The lowest cost of entry of these listed ) All of these companies have a full time professional sales staff and significant marketing costs in addition to a full time helpdesk /customer support staff. 5/7/20155Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

6 Typical Nonprofit CRM Solutions (Reference: IdealWare) Giftworks eTapestry Donor Perfect Online Salsa by Democracy in Action/ DIA (Used extensively by DNC; life issues – cannot recommend) Organizers Database (newer) Z2 Neon (newer) Salesforce (this shows up again) CiviCRM (you will need to pay for hosting, etc.) Relevant References ommon/public/?event_KEY=61562 ommon/public/?event_KEY=61562 5/7/20156Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

7 Questions to answer for any solution Who will administer? Who will provide support? Will the system(s) be used to their optimum effect? How will the systems be integrated? Managed? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a hosted, vendor supported solution that helps answer many of these questions as far as technical and engineering support. Client Server solutions? Frankly, not recommended. More trouble to install, update, maintain while an online SaaS solution is automatically maintained by the Vendor! Not to mention the Vendor has a help desk, tutorials, etc. This market is very competitive and a “moving target” where capabilities are constantly improving and evolving Where is the best value for the money? Who offers the best benefit to the nonprofit? 5/7/20157Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

8 A Proposed Solution Vertical Response – Newsletters* Click and Pledge – A portion of payment processing* as well as accounting, reporting, etc. Salesforce CRM – Donor and Customer Relationship Management* Supporter/Advocacy Tools  Click and Pledge Click and Pledge also provides for event management, ticketing, easy sponsor pages, etc. and integrates with Sales Force so that a C&P transaction can be recorded in the Sales Force CRM database without re-entering data. Vertical Response also has integration with sales Force and C&P is revisiting integration with vertical Response. * Vendor Supported and either free or very low cost, and integrated either through automation or periodic updates Labor to support is either vendor provided or donated Basically, the integration through Sales Force and Click and Pledge allows automation of management and administrative tasks. The Click and Pledge free offering of Supporter and Advocacy tools is what makes this solution the most compelling and unique, and increases the potential for success. 5/7/20158Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

9 Why this Solution? All SaaS – Hosted Software as a Service Vertical Response (HQ San Francisco, CA) Click and Pledge (HQ Blacksburg, VA) Sales Force CRM (HQ San Francisco, Dallas with offices in Toronto, DC, etc. User groups in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, etc. etc.) Free up to 10,000 emails per month Offers Free Supporter and Advocacy Tools we haven’t even used yet– comparable to Kintera; e.g., Pledge TeeVee, ClickandAct, etc. High end commercial solution adapted for nonprofit use and Free with valid 501C3 application 5/7/20159Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

10 What is Needed to Proceed Initial Funds from Nonprofit: Zero Exact Name of Organization(s) Treasurer, Manager Names, emails and telephone numbers Copy of nonprofit 501C3 IRS letter with EIN (Sales Force Requires this. vR will ask for it too.) Staff / Users will need to watch Sales Force videos and online tutorials For Click and Pledge, Treasurer will *Eventually* need to provide Banking Information to Click and Pledge Partner Bank account info for automated deposits Email info for where to send transaction emails and receipts Vertical Response: Need a file to upload into database 5/7/201510Powerful Tools on a Shoestring

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