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2 Name : Age : School : Expectations:

3 OBJECTIVES: To know the ff: information > Brief history of JOLLIBEE
> Company Expectations > Jollibee KCC house rules > Training Phase > Food safety standards

4 JOLLIBEE HISTORY Tony Tan Caktiong and his brothers opened 2 ice cream parlors. 1 in Quiapo and 1 along aurora boulevard, beside coronet theater, with the name cubao ice cream house. January 26, Tan brothers incorporated the company into JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION, with an initial network of seven outlets. WHY THE NAME JOLLIBEE… “JOLLIBEE” A coined word combining “JOLLY” and “BEE”. Tony Tan Caktiong an His family wanted to build and project an image of a fastfood restaurant that is efficiently run with the service crew as busy and as organized as bees in a bee colony, happily serving a customers “bee-lining” in lining in front of the counter- a typical scene at any Jollibee Store.

5 “JOLLY” stands for HAPPY “BEE” is HARDWORKING --works together with other bees as a team. Produces honey which is something SWEET and VALUE. Fights and stings when provoked.

6 JOLLIBEE MISSION To serve GREAT TASTING FOOD, bringing the JOY of EATING to everyone VISION We are the best tasting QSR… The most endearing brand that has ever been.. We will lead in product taste at all times.. We will provide FSC excellence in every encounter Happiness in every moment… By the year 2020, with over 4,000 stores worldwide, Jollibee is truly a GLOBAL BRAND… and the FILIPINO will be admired worldwide.

7 JOLLIBEE 8 CORE VALUES 1. Customer Focus 2. Excellence 3
JOLLIBEE 8 CORE VALUES 1. Customer Focus 2. Excellence 3. Respect for individuals 4. Teamwork 5. Spirit of family and fun 6. Humility to listen and learn Honesty and Integrity 8. Frugality

8 LIVE THE CODE OF CONDUCT The GOLDEN RULE” “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you” As you observe the company’s code of conduct, you are expected to: 1. Respect our customers at all times 2. Respect the rights and property of the company 3. Respect the Authority of our Supervisors 4. Respect our co worlers 5. Respect our own self by being clean in thoughts, words and deeds.

9 JOLLIBEE CORPORATE CREDO We strive to be a JOLLIBEE We believe in our people We believe in our FSC We believe in our Customers We believe in our code of Conduct: THE GOLDEN RULE We believe in our progress

10 PLEDGE OF COMMITMENT We the Jolly people of Jollibee
Do hereby cheerfully pledge To always satisfy our customers, By consistently providing them With the highest standards of FOOD, SERVICE and CLEANLINESS To work as one big happy family By doing our share to the best of our ability As a proud member of JOLLIBEE team, And by respecting others As much as we respect ourselves. Therefore, We totally commit ourselves to the Excellence As we make JOLLIBEE no. 1 now and forever


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