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1 Combined Federal Campaign ePledge Update August 2013 Anthony DeCristofaro Director, Voluntary Campaign Management Office.

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1 1 Combined Federal Campaign ePledge Update August 2013 Anthony DeCristofaro Director, Voluntary Campaign Management Office

2 2 ePledge Initiative Combined Federal Campaign donations via electronic payroll deduction giving were previously not an option in the DoD Teams from DFAS, OPM, and the VCMO collaborated to create the first true paperless payroll deduction giving for DoD personnel MyPay ePledge: –Increases donor confidentiality –Reduces administrative workload and administrative errors associated with paper pledge form processing –Reduces campaign costs which results in fewer donor dollars being spent on overhead and more donor dollars being provided directly to the CFC supported charitable organizations

3 3 ePledge Overview MyPay ePledge allows military and civilian personnel to establish a CFC allotment within the CFC open season ePledge will be available to 89 of the 169 Combined Federal Campaigns in 2013 ePledge development was mirrored on the Employee Express (EEX) electronic giving system OPM will not add additional campaigns or make changes to the CFC module in EEX.

4 4 ePledge Process Combined Federal Campaign option added to MyPay Main Menu

5 5 ePledge Process Donor selects “Add New Contribution”

6 6 ePledge Process Key Training Point 1.The screen will ONLY be shown to active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel. Those donors must be provided their 4-digit Campaign Code 2.All other donors’ campaign information will be automatically populated

7 7 ePledge Process Entering an invalid campaign code will result in an error message

8 8 ePledge Process 1.Active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel must “Confirm Campaign” prior to continuing 2.Other donors will not see this screen

9 9 ePledge Process Donor selects donation amount per pay period/month Key Training Point Maximum allowable total donation for military personnel is $833/month. For donations higher than that, military donors should use a paper pledge form

10 10 ePledge Process Donors can search for charities in multiple ways. The donor can specify the 5- digit Charity Code.

11 11 ePledge Process The donor can search for a specific charity by name.

12 12 ePledge Process The donor can search for a charity by service type

13 13 ePledge Process The donor can also search for charities using Administrative Overhead rate and/or by Keyword The donor can limit the search to National and/or International Charities

14 14 ePledge Process The donor can select charities or return to search for additional charities Key Training Point Donor can select a maximum of 30 charities. Donors wishing to designate more than 30 charities should use paper pledge forms

15 15 ePledge Process The donor enters the per pay period or per month donation amount

16 16 ePledge Process Balance remaining is automatically calculated Donor has the option to continue or add / delete charities

17 17 ePledge Process Pledge summary is displayed; undesignated funds are automatically calculated and displayed Key Training Point For an organization’s pledges to be properly credited the donor MUST enter the Command/Unit or Federal Agency/Office

18 18 ePledge Process Final review and opportunity for donor to confirm intent

19 19 ePledge Process Key Training Point No forms will be submitted to Keyworker. Donor can view print PDF pledge form for recordkeeping.

20 20 ePledge Process Donor receipt copy. Up to five charities are listed on Page 1

21 21 ePledge Process Additional donation information

22 22 Key Training Point Recap 1.The ‘Campaign Search’ screen will only be shown to active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel. This information is automatically provided for active duty Marines and Federal civilians. 2.Maximum donation amount for military personnel is $833/month. 3.Donors can designate to a maximum of 30 charities (29 if there are ‘undesignated’ funds remaining). 4.Donors must be trained to enter their Command/Unit or Federal Agency/Office name code for pledges to be properly credited. 5.There is no paperwork associated with this pledge type. The donor can print a receipt for his/her records.


24 24 BACKUP

25 25 DFAS Customers DoD –MilPay –Civ Pay Veterans Administration Executive Office of the President Environmental Protection Agency Department of Energy Health and Human Services (2013 only) Broadcasting Board of Governors

26 26 National Capital Area Overseas Chesapeake Bay Area Hawaii- Pacific Area SoCal (San Diego) San Antonio Area South Hampton Roads Heartland CFC Metropolitan Atlanta CFC Norcal Dallas-Fort Worth Central Oklahoma Greater Los Angeles Area Miami Valley Intermountain Chicago Area Rocky Mountain Gateway CFC Tennessee Valley King County Texas Gulf Coast Eastern PA and South Jersey Pikes Peak Region Atlantic Coast Arizona Southeastern Michigan New York City NE Florida- SE Georgia Olympic Peninsula Eastern Massachusetts Greater Chattanooga Area Virginia Peninsula CFC Campaigns

27 27 Suncoast Desert Southwest Mid South Middle Georgia Area Pacific Northwest CFC Central Ohio and West Virginia Maricopa County Coastal Carolina Alaska Greater Indiana South Puget Sound Greater North Carolina Area Heart of Alabama Okaloosa- Walton Counties Central Florida Greater New Orleans Area Potomac Coastal Bend Area Midlands Area Central Virginia Area Northern New Jersey Central Alabama Puerto Rico Heart of Midlands Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts Northern Lights 3Rivers/Pennsylvania West Ohio River Valley CFC Tennessee Regional Northern New England CFC Campaigns

28 28 Greater Arkansas Onslow County Columbus/Fort Benning Greater Southwest Texas Central California Greater Mississippi California Gold Coast Greater Wisconsin Savannah River Area EscaRosa Ill-Iowa Bi-State CFC Central Texas Ft. Hood Southwest Montana Central Pennsylvania St. Mary's County CFC Monterey-Santa Cruz Western New York North Puget Sound Maine Inland Northwest North Coast Ohio Ft. Leonard Wood North Central West Virginia Eastern Panhandle Big Sky CFC Southwestern-Central Virginia CFC Campaigns

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