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By: Alonzo Hampton,Caleb Goodman, Natalie Halida.

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1 By: Alonzo Hampton,Caleb Goodman, Natalie Halida

2 The book is about what really happens in war. It is not about the big guns or the fancy machines. It is scary you could be killed at the next turn. You never know what will happen it is war there are snipers, machine guns, and RPGs. You are away from family it is scary, it is the worst thing in the world.

3 The Zippo is named after the lighter for its flamethrower. It has many guns and can fry a fish in seconds. The flamethrower is the deadliest weapon on the boat. Zippos where known for clearing banks that people could hide in for an ambush. One last thing the guys who manned these thing never had hair on there arms.

4 Some people called the navy the easy war. This is where moe spent most of his time. They only really had one big fight but the planes almost drowned the boat. The Navy may be one of the easiest wars but it is still hard.

5 1945 March 9, 1945 - Amid rumors of a possible American invasion, Japanese oust the French colonial government which had been operating independently and seize control of Vietnam, installing Bao Dai as their puppet ruler Summer - Severe famine strikes Hanoi and surrounding areas eventually resulting in two million deaths from starvation out of a population of ten million. The famine generates political unrest and peasant revolts against the Japanese and remnants of French colonial society. Ho Chi Minh capitalizes on the turmoil by successfully spreading his Viet Minh movement. July 1945 - Following the defeat of Nazi Germany, World War II Allies including the U.S., Britain, and Soviet Union, hold the Potsdam Conference in Germany to plan the post-war world. Vietnam is considered a minor item on the agenda. In order to disarm the Japanese in Vietnam, the Allies divide the country in half at the 16th parallel. Chinese Nationalists will move in and disarm the Japanese north of the parallel while the British will move in and do the same in the south. During the conference, representatives from France request the return of all French pre-war colonies in Southeast Asia (Indochina). Their request is granted. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia will once again become French colonies following the removal of the Japanese. August 1945 - Japanese surrender unconditionally. Vietnam's puppet emperor, Bao Dai, abdicates. Ho Chi Minh's guerrillas occupy Hanoi and proclaim a provisional government. Sorry I was running out of time and could only paste a little bit of it.

6 1. If one could think about direct army involvement then it would be Oct. 27, 1932 US. establishes the Military Assistance Advisory Group, Indochina (MAAG) in Saigon to aid the French military (the French had been fighting communist rebels in Vietnam, their pre-WWII colony, since 1945ad). The man in the bottom right corner was in the war and sort of looks like Morris. See.


8 Moe the main character spent most of his time in the easy war or navy and on the Zippo. But no matter where he fought he had a really tough time. Weather taking a nap on the navy boat or fighting some really hard battles on the Zippo he always had a hard time but the book is really good I hope you read it and realize that the war is hard. One line that caught me was that opposite of friendship is war,bye.

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