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4-H Jeopardy By Alexis Luedtke Leipsic 4-H Club ~ 2015.

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1 4-H Jeopardy By Alexis Luedtke Leipsic 4-H Club ~ 2015

2 Instructions Divide players into two to four groups and have them form an order in which to answer questions. For the first question, have the participants play rock, paper, scissors to determine who chooses the question, In future rounds, have the team who answered the previous question choose. Click on the number and you will be taken to the slide with that question on it. Have the participants answer and whoever comes up with the correct answer first wins the points. To reveal the correct answer, click on the screen anywhere except for the green clover. Continue to play the game in this manner until the winning team is decided. To return back to the categories screen after a question, click the green clover located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

3 4-H Basics 4-H Pledge 4-H Projects Cloverbuds and Explorers Club Meetings 100 200 300 400 500

4 4-H Basics - 100 What is the 4-H emblem? Four-leaf clover

5 4-H Basics - 200 What are the 4-H colors? Green & White

6 4-H Basics - 300 Finish the motto: – To make the _______ better. Best

7 4-H Basics - 400 Finish the Slogan: – Learn by _________. Doing

8 4-H Basics - 500 What are the four Hs? Head, Heart, Hands, Health

9 4-H Pledge - 100 I pledge my ________ to clearer thinking. Head

10 4-H Pledge - 200 I pledge my heart to _________ _________. Greater loyalty

11 4-H Pledge - 300 I pledge my hands to ________ ________. Larger service

12 4-H Pledge - 400 I pledge my ________ to better living. Health

13 4-H Pledge - 500 For my _______, my community, my ______, and my world Club…..Country

14 4-H Projects – 100 What project area has to do with art? Cultural Arts

15 4-H Projects - 200 Name three animal projects. Dairy Cattle, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Horse and Pony, Poultry, Rabbits, Dogs, Domesticated Pet Rodents (Cavies), or Cats

16 4-H Projects - 300 What project area has to do with sewing? Clothing

17 4-H Projects - 400 What project has to do with cooking and baking? Foods and Nutrition

18 4-H Projects - 500 What group of projects contains archery and air rifle? Shooting sports

19 Cloverbuds and Explorers - 100 What grade do you have to be in to be a Cloverbud? First or Second Grade

20 Cloverbuds and Explorers - 200 What grade are Explorers in? Third grade

21 Cloverbuds and Explorers - 300 Who is the county Cloverbud and Exploring leader? Janet Zander

22 Cloverbuds and Explorers – 400 Can Cloverbuds and Explorers take animals to the fair? No

23 Cloverbuds and Explorers - 500 Are Cloverbuds and Explorers required to complete a record book? Yes

24 Club Meetings - 100 Which officer runs the meeting? President

25 Club Meetings - 200 How do you begin a motion? I move…

26 Club Meetings - 300 Which officer takes notes on the meeting? Secretary

27 Club Meetings - 400 Which officer keeps track of the club’s money? Treasurer

28 Club Meetings - 500 What is the list of business items to be discussed at a meeting called? Agenda

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