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KUT Spring Fund Drive April 6 th – 14 th Online Volunteer Training THANK YOU! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to help KUT during our on-air.

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1 KUT Spring Fund Drive April 6 th – 14 th Online Volunteer Training THANK YOU! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to help KUT during our on-air fundraiser. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.

2 Starting a Pledge 3. DO NOT ENTER ANY INFORMATION HERE!! It is VERY important to leave this area blank This is the opening page you’ll see when you sit at your station 1. Enter your full name 2. Click Initiate a Pledge

3 POP UP WINDOW 1. Enter the callers first and last name (in that order) and click SEARCH NAME. 2. A box will appear (see box to the far right) with similar names from our database. If the box does not appear, it may be at the bottom of the screen – if so click on it. 3. If the caller is on this list, click SELECT. If you can’t find them in the list, close the pop-up window and enter their info manually. You can skip the city and state and just fill in the zip code - it will auto-fill these. 4. Note: Do your best to avoid adding someone who is already there! Make sure addresses match, keep an eye out for shortened names like Bill/William and spelling errors. 5. If you select the wrong member, use the CLEAR SECTION button to erase and start over. If the person you selected is correct, but their address or phone needs to be updated, erase the old info and type in the new information. Finding and Entering the Caller’s Info

4 Donation Levels & Business Memberships 1. Click the button next to the pledge amount. If entering an amount not listed, click the button next to “Other” and enter the number only. Do not include the $ sign or decimals: e.g. 40 (NOT $40.00). 2. If the caller pledges $500 or more, ask “Is this a business circle pledge?” 3. Business Members Receive: o 2 on-air announcements per day during our Spring 2010 drive. o A one-year listing in the Business Circle area of the KUT website and one thank you gift. o The business must pay by credit card (either in full or installments) to have their name read on air for the duration of the drive. 4. Use the drop down menu to choose the appropriate business category.

5 Taking a Payment 1. Select a payment type. 2. If paying with a card, fields will appear for you to choose card type and fill in the number. 3. Similarly, fields will appear for a payment schedule; the schedule will automatically be entered—so you don’t have to do the math! 4. If the caller chooses to pay month to month, ask if they want us to automatically renew their membership for them. This eliminates renewal notices b/c they’ll always be current members. They can cancel anytime by calling KUT. Click Yes if they want to do this. 5. If the caller isn’t sure if their company will match the pledge, go ahead and enter it.

6 1. All pledges are tax deductible. However, if a caller requests a gift, the fair market value (FMV) of that gift will be subtracted from the pledge amount to determine the tax deductible total. For example, if a caller pledges $60 and requests a mug, since the mug’s FMV is $4, only $56 of the pledge is tax deductible. 2. Use the drop down menu to select a gift. 3. Click the Add button to add this thank you gift to the donor’s pledge. You will see the gift listed in the box below the drop-down menus. 4. You can also add multiple gifts, as long as the gift amount does not exceed the pledge amount. For example, a member pledging $200 can opt for the T- shirt ($80 level) and the CD ($120 level). 5. You can remove a thank you gift by clicking on the “Remove” button next to the gift. You can also view the gift, by clicking on the “View” button. Thank You Gifts

7 1. Ask if we can read their name on air. If the caller says yes, make a note of the pronunciation of their name if it is difficult. Make a note of it on the notepad at your station. If the caller hangs up before you ask, click NO. 2. Ask if the caller has any comments they would like the on-air hosts to announce. There is no guarantee that the comment will be read on-air. 3. Next ask if the caller has any comments for the membership staff, these include comments that require an action on KUT’s part: “Remove John Smith from record”, “Duplicate mailings being sent”, etc. 4. After reviewing all the information with the caller, THANK THEM FOR THEIR DONATION! Then click SUBMIT. The pledge is not complete until you click this button. 5. Note: After you click SUBMIT, you will not be able to make any more changes to the pledge! Additional Questions & Clicking Submit Pledge is in honor of her dog, Rowdy Never received gift from the last drive

8 1. After clicking submit, a print box will pop up. You cannot change any information on the pledge at this point. Click PRINT. DO NOT hit Cancel. This is very important!!! We use these printed sheets to keep track of pledges. 2. After clicking PRINT, click “NEXT CALL” at the bottom of the screen, so you can take another pledge! Printing the Pledge & Clearing the Screen

9 Telephone Etiquette & Pledge Captains This is the only personal interaction the majority of our listeners will have with the station, so please be courteous and understanding. While most callers are very nice, occasionally someone may be unhappy with the station or have questions for the staff. Please write down all questions and comments on the notepad at your statement, and give to your Pledge Captain. Make sure there is contact information on it, and the caller’s name. Who are the Pledge Captains, you ask? Two KUT staff members will be in charge of your shift. You’ll meet them when you arrive, and they can answer any questions you may have. For instance, if you need to make a change to a pledge that you have already submitted, tell your Pledge Captain immediately so they can make a note on the printed pledge form. IT’S NEVER WRONG TO ASK FOR HELP!

10 Where is KUT? KUT is located in the Communications B Building (CMB) at the corner of Dean Keeton (26 th ) and Guadalupe. The physical address is 2504 Whitis Avenue. Walk up the stairs to the KUT Lobby, one floor up from street level. The pledge area is in the back of the room. We’ll have signs posted to help guide you there. Alternative transportation options: There is ample bicycle parking on both sides of the building. Several city and UT Shuttle buses drop off near the building. Route info found at KUT

11 Where to Park? Validated volunteer parking for the Pledge Drive will be in the San Antonio Garage, located at 2420 San Antonio Street across Guadalupe from the KUT building. There is also self-pay parking at the 27 th Street Garage on 27 th & Speedway (also called University), but we cannot validate for this garage. Parking KUT

12 Questions? Schedule Change? Sign in and make a name tag Grab a snack Find an empty phone station Read the instruction sheets taped to the table Go over this orientation one more time at your station Ask a member of the staff any questions that need clarification Activate your phone and start taking pledges! Arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled shift so you can: Thank you for volunteering your time to KUT Radio! If you have questions or need to cancel your shift, email or call Kim at (512) 471-3018

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