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Updated Information About Matters of Bullying Everett Public Schools 2013.

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1 Updated Information About Matters of Bullying Everett Public Schools 2013


3 Bullying / Cyberbullying It is a one-way abusive behavior. With bullying, there is:  repetition  imbalance of power  intent to dominate  intent to harm less powerful individuals Bullying takes place over an extended period of time (some six months or more) Conflict ~ argument or disagreement  Two way negative behavior  Equal power situation  No repetition

4 Who is a bully? A.The Conventional Bully: has high self-esteem, yet depicts him or herself as being constantly under attack from a hostile environment. The motivation is to dominate over victims to instill fear. B.Eggers : Their main function is to “egg-on” the bullies. They usually have low self-esteem and poor social skills. Their main fear is that they will become a victim as well. C.Cyber bullies: These individuals will not physically bully anyone. They are under the misconception that they can’t be caught because they hide behind the internet.

5 Characteristics of Bullying /Cyberbullying Physical - hitting, shoving, pushing and destroying property. Verbal – teasing, name-calling, threats, starting rumors Written – note, written threats, graffiti, cyber bullying

6 Behavior of Abuse Victims: May refuse help May not cooperate with disciplinary action against the abuser May defend the abuser ~ most times the abuser is well liked or admired May need repeated offers of help May feel that they are to blame Why? Embarrassment Fear of retaliation Belief that nobody can help effectively

7 What is your role? ( under the new law) Respond and report any bullying behaviors immediately Use Reporting Form and submit to Principal Make Reporting Forms available to children

8 Incident Reporting Form Front Back

9 Anonymous Reporting Form


11 Characteristics of Digital Natives High comfort level with technology  “No one but my friends will ever see this, even if it’s blatantly public”  “Security? What’s that? Here’s my password, BTW” (By the way)  “I MUST stay in touch” - Anxiety

12 Know Your Students Signs of Bullying Sudden change in behavior Unusual silence Sudden drop in grades Excessive absences

13 Technology Has Changed Friendships Positive Changes 1.Friendships can develop regardless of geography 2.Increases a child’s sense that “others” are people, too 3.Can be a positive place if they have trouble making real -life friends.

14 Challenge: Involvement in any instances of bullying affects children all through the school day 1.The dramatic escalation of originally minor in-school issues: - Involves minor altercations that pre-web would have died out - lack of face- to- face contact makes angry confrontation easy 2. Cyberbullying & in-school bullying are related 3. What issues & types of cyberbullying are we seeing? Sexting Writing lies Fake profilesPosting threats Sending/posting imagesRumors


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