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IT4Innovations national supercomputing center Martin Palkovič.

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1 IT4Innovations national supercomputing center Martin Palkovič

2 Infrastructure of IT4Innovations national supercomputing center Prague Brno Ostrava 80 TFLOPs systemmost powerful 80 TFLOPs system – most powerful in Czech Republic supercomputer in Czech Republic (academia) (academia), operational since June 2013, 1.5 PFLOPs system planned for June 2015 2013 2014 2015

3 Anselm supercomputer supports Czech and European excellent science and industry Prague Brno Ostrava 623 users, 163 projects, 37 mil corehours allocated, avrg. util. >70%, avrg. daily power consumption >2MWh

4 The main supercomputer of IT4Innovations named Salomon would be today #30

5 The press release about our main supercomputer appeared also on CNN

6 Research at IT4Innovations is grouped into 8 research programmes  RP 1 – IT for disaster and traffic management  RP 2 – Numerical modelling for engineering  RP 3 – HPC libraries and supercomputing for industry  RP 4 – Modelling for nanotechnologies  RP 5 – IT for knowledge management  RP 6 – Soft computing methods with supercomputer applications  RP 7 – Multimedia information recognition and presentation  RP 8 – Secure and safe architectures, networks and protocols

7 Our research helping Moravian-Silesian region (regional grants)

8 Our research helping the Czech Republic (national grants and bilateral coop.) VSB-TUO, CVUT, VUT, CDV, CAMEA, CEDA, CE-Traffic, ELTODO, Kapsch, KVADOS MOLDIMED FN OL, FN Brno, MU, VSB-TUO, UMG AV CR, IntellMed, GENERI BIOTECH, Sofigen, IAB, CGB lab, EXBIO Praha

9 Our research helping Europe (FP7 grants and beyond) POLIMI, IMEC, ICCS, UCY, IT4I, THALES, HENESYS


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