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Mo Anderson Vice Chairman of the Board Gary Keller Chairman Of The Board About KELLER WILLIAMS ® Realty Founded in Austin, Texas, on October 18, 1983.

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1 Mo Anderson Vice Chairman of the Board Gary Keller Chairman Of The Board About KELLER WILLIAMS ® Realty Founded in Austin, Texas, on October 18, 1983. KELLER WILLIAMS ® Realty laid the foundation for agents to become real estate business people. Mo Anderson owned the #3 franchise in the largest real estate company in the world. Gary Keller was chosen by Realtors across the U.S. as one of five of the “Most Admired” REALTORS® in the nation. KELLER WILLIAMS ® FACTS: “Most Innovative Real Estate Company” — Inman News. 72,594 + real estate consultants. 608 + offices in the U.S. and Canada. 5 th largest real estate company in North America. Excellence in real estate consultation training.


3 The KELLER WILLIAMS ® Culture Win-Win — or no deal Integrity — do the right thing Commitment — in all things Communication — seek first to understand Creativity — ideas before results Customers — always come first Teamwork — together everyone achieves more Trust — starts with honesty Success — results through people My affiliation with the fastest growing Real Estate company in North America is no accident. I wanted to affiliate my real estate services with a company whose values closely matched my own, a company that offered exceptional tools for their agents to in-turn provide an exceptional home sale experience to each client, and a company that actually listened to suggestions from it’s agents on ways to improve the company.

4 This is YOUR home purchase/sale. You deserve to have control over what can be a very personal and emotional process. I am committed to listening to your preferences and concerns, and tailoring the process to suit you. You deserve to have all the facts you need to make an informed decision. I am committed to providing you with as much accurate and timely information as I am able to give. I will offer sources to obtain any data that I may not be authorized to provide. The home buying/selling process can be stressful. I am committed to helping reduce that stress by familiarizing you with each step of the process in advance so that you will know what to expect and be ready to act. "I'll know it when I see it" may actually be an accurate description of your next home. I am committed to do my best to make sure you are able to locate that home. No news is NOT good news! It is only a source of concern. I am committed to keeping regular contact with you throughout the process. Your time is valuable. I am committed to making my self available. I will return calls in as soon as possible, and I will respect our time together by turning off my cell phone to avoid unnecessary interruptions. There is more than one right way of doing things I am committed to exploring all possible options available, seeking creative and innovative alternatives. Technology is our friend! I am committed to using the most current technology available to facilitate a successful real estate transaction. My reputation is my most valuable asset. I am committed to always maintaining the integrity and honesty that has earned me that reputation. You will not be abandoned after closing. Just because the documents are all signed does not mean you no longer need assistance. I am committed to staying in touch on a regular basis to keep you informed about trends and events that may affect you and your home. My Commitment to You I am a full-time, full-service, year round Realtor®. I am committed to conducting my business in accordance with the Realtor® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

5 How are real estate agents really paid? It is a common misconception that real estate agents are making a lot of money and sometimes not doing very much to earn it. The majority of full service agents are working hard to earn the fees they receive. Some people feel that if their home sells quickly, then the agent didn’t have to do much work to earn their fee. In reality, isn’t a quick sale the desired result of most real estate transactions? If the property sells quickly, then most likely the agent did his/her homework. Preparation includes coming up with the best list price to attract buyers while maintaining a good return for the seller, proper marketing, presenting the home to give the best impression possible, and preparing the seller for all aspects of the home sale transaction. Typically, the most intense portion of the agent’s job comes after an offer to buy is made. Acting as the client’s advocate in the negotiation process can often affect the end results of the sale more than the listing process itself. Much time and effort goes into assuring that the sale is finalized correctly and in a timely manner. Most sellers are unaware how home sales commissions are divided. There are usually four parties involved in sharing the commission regardless of the rate. There is the listing broker (the company), the listing agent (working for the company), the buyer’s agent, and the broker (company) that the buyer’s agent represents. When the sale closes, the commission is divided between the listing broker and the buyer’s broker. These amounts are then further divided as a portion of the broker’s percentage now finally goes to the agent. Most home sellers don’t realize that their agent may end up with as little as ¼ of the total commission amount. To further put things in perspective, the agent must now pay expenses from his/her share of the commission. Some of these include the cost of advertising, association dues, fees to the Multiple Listing service, errors and omissions insurance, cell phone, personal promotional materials, direct mailings, and of course taxes. It does not seem quite so extravagant if you were to calculate the agent’s fee as an actual hourly wage. Additionally, consider that the agent is incurring expenses and essentially working for free until there is a sale and a final closed transaction. The agent runs the risk of in fact losing money if the home does not sell.

6 Today’s Market Understanding what's going on in today's real estate market is critical for anyone buying or selling a home. As I'm sure most people are aware, the current trend is toward a Buyer's Market, which commonly means that homes are taking 6 months or more to sell. This situation has been somewhat difficult to understand, as the major causes of a Buyer's Market haven’t existed. Typically you would see high mortgage rates, high unemployment, and a high rate of inflation. Mortgage rates have been at a 30 year low for the past 4 years. The unemployment rate has been below 6% for the last 18 years. The rate of inflation over the past 10 years has averaged 2.4% per year, and only started to rise in August 2007, well after the current real estate trend was underway. What has happened is that the affordability rate of homes has decreased considerably. Home prices have simply increased at a faster rate than household income, causing homes to be price out of reach of more and more people. How did this happen? Well, we had several years of inflated appreciation due to artificially high demand from buyers who obtained financing that allowed them to purchase properties above their normal affordability. That financing has now disappeared. Now we are faced with market values that are correcting. Values are on a slight decline, and are anticipated to continue declining until they are more in line with the level of incomes.

7 2 Bedford Farms Bedford, NH 03110 Office: 603-232-8282 Fax: 603-628-2246 Contact Me Our Office Metropolitan 603-770-4690

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