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Words for Production 15. procedure [pr1`sidZ2] n. [C] the usual or correct way of doing something 步驟,手續 Every time I finish using my computer, I follow.

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2 Words for Production 15. procedure [pr1`sidZ2] n. [C] the usual or correct way of doing something 步驟,手續 Every time I finish using my computer, I follow the correct procedure for shutting it down.

3 Words for Production 16. approximately [1`prAks1mItlI] adv. about, roughly 大約 I don't remember the exact price of the jeans. It was approximately NT$1,000. 詞類變化 * approximately = about = roughly

4 approximate [1`prAks1mIt] adj. 大約的 “What's the approximate number of students in each class?” “Forty.”

5 Words for Production 17. saint [sent] n. [C] a very religious person who is given special respect after death by the Christian church; a very good and unselfish person 聖徒;似聖徒的人,慈愛無私的人 The woman must be a real saint to stay with such a moody old man all these years.

6 Words for Production 18. disposition [&dIsp1`zIS1n] n. [C] the natural qualities of one's character 性情,性格 That type of work is not suitable for people of a nervous disposition. * be suitable for 適合

7 Words for Production 19. blurt [bl3t] vt. to say something suddenly and without thinking 不假思索地脫口說出 Michael was so excited that he blurted the news out before they could stop him.

8 Words for Production 20. interpreter [In`t3prIt2] n. [C] a person whose job is to translate something spoken in one language into another language 口譯者 An international meeting needs interpreters who can speak different languages. 詞類變化 * translate A into B 將 A( 語言 ) 翻譯成 B( 語言 )

9 interpret [In`t3prIt] vi.; vt. 口譯;解讀 Our tour guide spoke Japanese well enough to be able to interpret for us during our stay in Tokyo. * tour guide 導遊

10 interpretation [In&t3prI`teS1n] n. [U][C] 口譯;解讀 What he meant by that statement is open to interpretation. It can be explained in many ways.

11 Words for Production 21. tough [t^f] adj. difficult to deal with 難以應付的,困難的 Whoever wins the election is going to have a tough job getting the economy back on its feet. * on one’s feet 復甦

12 Words for Production 22. misconception [&mIsk1n`sEpS1n] n. [C][U] a wrong belief or opinion as a result of not understanding something 誤解 It's a common misconception that men don't make good nurses. 詞類變化

13 conception [k1n`sEpS1n] n. [C][U] 觀念,概念 The report challenges traditional conceptions of the role of women in society.

14 Words for Production 23. qualification [&kwAl1f1`keS1n] n. [C] (usu. pl.) an official record of achievement that one gets when he/she has successfully completed a course of training or passed an exam 證書;資格證明 Today, if you are without any qualification, it will be very hard for you to get a good job. 詞類變化

15 qualify [`kwAl1&faI] vt. 使 … 具有資 格 A six-month intensive training course qualified him as a pilot. * intensive training 密集訓練

16 Words for Production 24. ranking [`r89kI9] n. [C] the position on a scale which shows how good someone or something is when compared with others 排名,順位;等級 As a professional golfer, Tiger Woods still stands at number one in the world rankings. 詞類變化

17 rank [r89k] vi.; vt. 名列,具有 … 地位 Melody ranks third in her class at school.

18 rank [r89k] n. [C][U] ( 能力、重要性等的 ) 等級,程度;身分 Go to the concert, and you'll be able to enjoy the excellent performances of musicians of the first rank.

19 Words for Production 25. rejection [rI`dZEkS1n] n. [U][C] (an example of) not accepting someone for a job, school, etc. 拒絕 Fear of rejection by the college prevented me from putting in an application. 詞類變化 * prevent … from… 阻止 …

20 reject [rI`dZEkt] vt. 拒絕 Jason was rejected by the company because he didn't do well in the interview.

21 26. disillusioning [&dIsI`luZ1nI9] adj. disappointing because something is not as good as expected 令人失望的,令人幻滅的 Meeting Tom Cruise in person was a disillusioning experience for me because he wasn't as tall as I had imagined. 詞類變化 * in person = personally 親自地 Words for Production

22 disillusion [&dIsI`luZ1n] vt. 使幻想破滅,使不再存有幻想 I hate to disillusion you, but the truth is college life is not as colorful as you think.

23 disillusioned [&dIsI`luZ1nd] adj. 感到失望的,感到幻滅的 Disillusioned with his team's performance, the coach decided to quit.

24 Words for Production 27. regulation [&rEGj1`leS1n] n. [C] an official rule or order 條例,法令 Not only drivers but also pedestrians should follow traffic regulations. 詞類變化 * not only A but also B 不僅 A 而且 B * follow obey observe abide by traffic rules regulations 遵守交通規則

25 regulate [`rEGj1&let] vt. ( 以條例、法令等 ) 規範,管理 There should be strict rules regulating the use of chemicals in food.

26 Words for Production 28. handicapped [`h8ndI&k8pt] adj. disabled in body or mind ( 身體或精神上 ) 殘疾的,有障礙的 You are not supposed to park here. These parking spaces are for the handicapped. * be supposed to + V 應該

27 handicap [`h8ndI&k8p] n. [C] 生理或心理障礙 Although the girl was born with a visual handicap, she showed a remarkable talent for music.

28 Words for Production 29. expectation [&EkspEk`teS1n] n. [U][C] the act of thinking or believing that something will happen; something one thinks or believes will happen 期望、期待 ( 的事情 ) We had heard so much about the restaurant, but it didn't come up to our expectations.

29 Words for Production 30. rim [rIm] n. [C] the edge of something circular 框,邊,緣 Father's glasses have gold rims.

30 6. Scarsdale [`skArz&del] n. a residential town, southeast of New York 城鎮名 Words for Recognition

31 7. hoop [h5p] n. [C] (in basketball) the metal ring that the net hangs from 籃框 Words for Recognition

32 8. foreman [`form1n] n. [C] an experienced person who is in charge of and watches over a group of workers 工頭,領班 Words for Recognition * watch over 監視

33 5. turn down to refuse to accept an offer or request; to reject 拒絕 Tom turned down the job because he thought the salary and benefits were not good enough. Idioms and Phrases * turn down = refuse = reject

34 6. by and large in general; on the whole 大體上,總的來說 By and large, only 20 percent of the college graduates can find jobs as soon as they leave school. Idioms and Phrases * by and large = in general = on the whole

35 7. come upon to meet somebody or find something by chance ( 偶然 ) 遇見,發現 I came upon a one-dollar coin in the washing machine. Idioms and Phrases

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