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Virus to protist review

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1 Virus to protist review
Chapter 2

2 Virus-Protist Topics Viruses Protists True/False Bacteria Fungi
Short Answer Short Answer



5 A virus is considered to be nonliving because…
It does not use energy It cannot reproduce It’s a bad house guest People get sick from them

6 The type of protist that uses pseudopods to obtain food.
paramecium dinoflagellate amoeba algae

7 Which of the following is a fungus?
bacteria yeast cheese yogurt

8 Which of the following foods is created with the help of healthy bacteria?
yogurt meat broth Bleu cheese

9 Two examples of viruses:
Ebola and Strep Throat Ear infection and a cold Influenza and Chicken Pox Rabies and Athlete’s Foot

10 Animal-like protists have the ability to _________ to get ______.
Move; food Jump; exercise Eat; full Sing; famous

11 Some types of fungi are decomposers, they help _______ _____ organisms.
Build up Break down Sort out Throw up

12 Bacterial infections are destroyed through the use of fungus in:
Vaccines White Blood Cells Bacteriophages Antibiotics

13 A substance that is introduced to the body to fight off viruses is called…
Pathogen Bacteria Vaccine

14 Which of the following shows a protist that moves to get food with the help of a flagellum?

15 Which of the following are ways that fungi affects our lives?
Food production Medicine Diseases Decomposition of organisms All of the Above

16 Bacteria are ________________ and most are ___________ to animals.
Unicellular; helpful Multicellular; helpful Unicellular; harmful Multicellular; harmful

17 Antibiotics prevent bacterial infections.
True False

18 Viruses are nonliving because they lack most characteristics of living things.
True False

19 Fungi-like protists use seeds to reproduce.
True False

20 What are the main differences between antibiotics and vaccines?

21 Antibiotics treat bacterial infections
Antibiotics treat bacterial infections. Vaccines prevent/fight viral infections. Back

22 Algae are types of plant-like protists. How do they get their food?

23 Algae are autotrophs, they make their own food by absorbing sunlight

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