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39 MELACHOT. PLANTING Definition: Promotion of plant growth.

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2 PLANTING Definition: Promotion of plant growth.

3 PLOWING Definition: Promotion of substrate in readiness for plant growth, be it soil, water for hydroponics, etc.hydroponics

4 REAPING Definition: Severing a plant from its source of growth.

5 GATHERING Definition: Initial gathering of earth-borne material in its original place.

6 THRESHINGTHRESHING/EXTRACTIONEXTRACTION Definition: Removal of an undesirable outer from a desirable inner.

7 WINNOWING Definition according to the Babylonian Talmud: Sorting undesirable from desirable via the force of air. According to the Jerusalem Talmud: dispersal via the force of air.

8 SORTINGSORTING/PURIFICATIONPURIFICATION Definition: Removal of undesirable from desirable from a mixture of types.

9 GRINDING Definition: Reducing an earth-borne thing's size for a productive purpose.

10 SIFTING Definition: Sorting desirable from undesirable by means of a utensil (designed for sifting or sorting).

11 KNEADING/AMALGAMATIONAMALGAMATION Definition: Combining particles into a semi-solid or solid mass via liquid.

12 COOKINGCOOKING/BAKINGBAKING Definition for solids: Changing the properties of something via heat. Liquids: Bringing a liquid's temperature to the heat threshold. 'Heat' for these purposes is at the threshold known as "Yad Soledet" (lit. Hand [by reflex] draws back [due to such heat]) which according to the Igrot Moshe (Rabbi Moshe Finestein) is = 43.3°C / 110°F.


14 SHEARING Definition: Severing/uprooting any body-part of a creature.

15 SCOURING/LAUNDERINGLAUNDERING Definition: Cleansing absorbent materials of absorbed/ingrained impurities.

16 CARDINGCARDING/COMBING WOOL Definition: Separating/disentangling fibres.

17 DYEING Definition: Coloring/enriching the color of any material or substance.

18 SPINNING Definition: Twisting fibres into a thread or twining strands into a yarn.

19 WARPING Definition: Creating the first form for the purpose of weaving.

20 MAKING TWO LOOPS/THREADING HEDDLESHEDDLES Definition: Forming loops for the purpose of weaving or the making of net like materials. This is also the threading of two heddles on a loom to allow a 'shed' for the shuttlecock to pass through. According to the Rambam it is the making of net-like materials.shuttlecock

21 WEAVING Definition: Form fabric (or a fabric item) by interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them.

22 SEPARATING TWO THREADS Definition: Removing/cutting fibres from their frame, loom or place.loom

23 TYING Definition: Binding two pliant objects in a skilled or permanent manner via twisting.

24 UNTYING Definition: The undoing of any Koshair or Toveh (see above) binding.

25 SEWING Definition: Combining separate objects into a single entity, whether through sewing, gluing, stapling, welding, dry mounting, etc.

26 TEARING Definition: Ripping an object in two or undoing any Tofair (see above) connection.


28 TRAPPING Definition: Forcible confinement of any living creature.

29 SLAUGHTERING Definition: Ending the life of a creature, whether through slaughter or any other method.

30 FLAYINGFLAYING/SKINNING Definition: Removing the hide from the body of a dead animal.

31 CURINGCURING/PRESERVING Definition: Preserving any item to prevent spoiling.

32 SMOOTHING Definition: Scraping/sanding a surface to achieve smoothness.

33 SCORING Definition: Scoring/drawing a cutting guideline.

34 MEASURED CUTTINGCUTTING Definition: Cutting any object to a specific size.


36 WRITING Definition: Writing/forming a meaningful character or design.

37 ERASING Definition: Cleaning/preparing a surface to render it suitable for writing.

38 BUILDING Definition: Contributing to the forming of any permanent structure.

39 DEMOLITION Definition: Demolishing for any constructive purpose.


41 IGNITING A FIRE Definition: Igniting, fueling or spreading a fire/flame.

42 APPLYING THE FINISHING TOUCH Definition: Any initial act of completion.




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