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A Chemical Equation Soap Opera “ As the Electrons Spin”

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2 A Chemical Equation Soap Opera “ As the Electrons Spin”


4 In the beautiful town of Port Greenwich, a series of events unfolded that remind us all of how strange life can be. It all began one sunny day when k and ran into each other at the local high school hangout. k And cl Knew each other since grade school but never thought of themselves as a couple. UNTIL…………. Na+ Cl- Na+ Cl-

5 ………… the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the birds were singing and thought to himself how cl was a really nice person and it dawned on him that this great girl he had known so long he really liked a lot. They started to date and were a happy couple until senior year WHEN……. Na+ Cl-

6 Time-out for a commercial break: +  This is called a COMBINATION reaction. Two substances combine to make a single substance. Na+ Cl- NaCl

7 Back to our story. WELL……..towards the end of senior year everything went crazy -- wanted to go to college on the west coast and wanted to travel to Europe before starting college. They decided to stay good friends, but date other people. Na+ Cl-

8 Time for a commercial break:  + This is called a DECOMPOSITION reaction. This nice couple (substance) all bonded together has broken apart into two separate (but friendly) substances!! NaCl Na+ Cl-

9 Back to our story: One evening the two “friends” decided to grab a bite to eat at the Postway Diner, a favorite place to eat. They sat at a table across from a table of several other people. During their meal caught the eye of a magnificent looking and was totally stricken by love at first sight. She ditched and left with. Cl- K+ Na+ K+

10 Time for a commercial break: +  + So – we have a different pattern of reaction here. This is a SINGLE REPLACEMENT because one element replaces another element in the reaction. NaCl K+ KCl Na+

11 One cold winter day showed up at ‘s door AGAIN!!! She no longer loved and wanted to leave him. took pity on her and took her back. They celebrated by going out to dinner at the Postway Diner where they saw with a new woman, Cl- Na+ K+ Na+ K+ OH-

12 went absolutely crazy for And he signaled her to go to the lobby. They met, and with a few words took off together, leaving and behind Na+ OH- Cl- K+

13 Time out for a commercial break. +  + Two compounds start out together and switch partners, forming two new compounds. This is a DOUBLE REPLACEMENT reaction. NaCl KCl KOH NaOH

14 THE END Tune in next time for another exciting episode of “As the Electron Spins”

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