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Specialist for Enzymes and Inflammation. Welcome! Synonyms: Systemic Enzyme Support = SET Oral Enzyme Support.

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1 Specialist for Enzymes and Inflammation

2 Welcome! Synonyms: Systemic Enzyme Support = SET Oral Enzyme Support

3 Systemic Enzyme Support Prof. Max Wolf (1885 – 1976) Physician und Scientist from Vienna Developed Enzyme Therapy together with Helen Benitez in New York (Wolf-Benitez-Enzyme-Therapy) The founder of SET - History Prof. Max Wolf and Karl Ransberger

4 An established naturopathic treatment Phyto- Therapy Physical Therapy Systemic Enzyme Support Substitution at pancreatic insufficiency Homeo- pathy The position of SES within naturopathy Enzyme- Therapy

5 Enzyme classes Primary classesCatalytic reaction 1. OxidoreductasesRedox reactions 2. TransferasesTransfer of functional groups 3. HydrolasesHydrolytic cleavage 4. LyasesCleavage of functional groups with the formation of double bonds 5. IsomerasesTransformation of isomeric compounds 6. LigasesFormation of new bonds during the ATP-cleavage

6 Which type of enzymes in SES? AmylasesHydrolytic cleavage of sugars LipasesHydrolytic cleavage of fat ProteasesHydrolytic cleavage of proteins & immunological effects Hydrolases Chain of amino acids The three-dimensional structure is necessary for their biological effectiveness Model of Chymotrypsin Units for proteins: 20.000 - 30.000 m.w. Proteases are macromolecular proteins

7 Enzymes used by Mucos Bromelain from pineapple (Ananas comosus) Enzymes from Pancreas: (high purification technology): Trypsin and Chymotrypsin Pankreatin (mixture of Trypsin and Chymotrypsin) additional active substance: Rutosid, a bioflavonoide from the flower bud of japanese pagoda tree Papain from latex of unriped fruits of papaya (Carica papaya) Naturally, high effective substances

8 Absorption Conditions for effective absorption: Taking beyond of mealtimes (45 min before or 1,5 hours after) Gastric acid resistant coating Dissolving in small intestine Absorption of enzymes is a proven fact

9 Average serum concentrations of Bromelain after oral dose of 4 x 4 respectively 4 x 8 tablets Wobenzym ® N per day (mean value from 20 test subjects) Dosages and serum concentration

10 Individuality AUC of Bromelain after oral dose of 4 tablets Wobenzym ® N (2 subjects)

11 What happens after absorption? Proteases combine with Antiproteases Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (  2-MG) Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Results in: Loss of antigenetic potential of Proteases while maintaining the biological activity of proteases Linkage to Antiproteases Protease-InhibitorsMolecular weightConcentration mg/dlBondingFunction 1-antitrypsin 54.000200 – 400Partially reversibleMultipurpose-Serinproteases-Inhibitor Regulatory molecule 2-macroglobuline 725.000175 – 290IrreversibleGeneral proteases-inhibitor Transport- and regulatory molecule

12 The key role of  2-Macroglobulin place where the cytokines combines  2-MG One  2-macroglobulin combines two enzyme molecules

13 INF-γ, TNF-α, IL-2, IL-6, IL-12 stimulate the immune system IL-4, IL-5, IL-10, TGF-ß suppress the immune system Cytokine-imbalance leads to immune system problems Th1 Th2 Different Cytokine pools

14 Enzyme combinations? Different enzymes – different effects! Source: Modified from,Klaschka, Neue Perspektiven der Tumortherapie, Forum Medizin Verlag, 1996 Effect Bro- melain PapainTrypsin Chymo- trypsin Supports Circulatory Function +++ ++++ Haemodilution + -+++ Reduction of circulating immuncomplexes (CIC) ++ +++-+ Balancing of Cytokines ++ Regulation of Immune Function +++ ++ +++

15 Wobenzym ® N Pankreatin100 mg Trypsin 24 mg Chymotrypsin 1 mg Bromelain 45 mg Papain 60 mg Rutosid 3 H 2 O 50mg 940 F.I.P.-Units

16 Wobenzym® N Dosage 1. week:3 x 5 tablets per day beginning 2. week:3 x 3 tablets per day

17 If you have any questions …. Please contact us by email: Ruth Miller M.D. or Winfried Miller M.D. / D.V.M

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