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Innovating for the new NHS IT solutions to drive high performance.

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2 Innovating for the new NHS IT solutions to drive high performance

3 Sonar Informatics Information Technology Interest Group  Introduction  Solutions to meet a challenging new agenda  Enhanced services  Summary  Test Drive 11 October 2011

4 Stop Smoking Targeted MUR’s Weight Management Enhanced Services Minor Ailments Clinical Governance CPD’s Drug Alerts Event Reporting & Near Misses Standard Operating Procedures PCT’s Public Health Commissioners Dynamic Communication Interfaces Audits Contract Monitoring Patient Satisfaction Surveys Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Emergency Hormonal Contraception The New Medicine Service Influenza Vaccination Influenza Immunization Sonar’s product portfolio Solutions for a challenging new agenda

5 Sonar Informatics Platform Web Based Access securely from any computer with internet NHS Standard N3 Security applied Key chain fobs or NHS smartcard access All messages encrypted using commercial services Hosting in ISO 27001 facility Sonar is Commercial third party NHS supplier Advantages of Sonar Platform Fast deployment of new services Integrated communication: SMS, fax email, VOIP ‘Talks’ seamlessly to other systems EMIS interface Controlled centralised records gives access to PCT, and advisors as required by SLA or data for reports without patient ID In use for over four years.20 modules live in PCTs around the country

6 Sonar Informatics Features  Tools Library (publishing tool) Calendar (scheduling events and training) Discussion forums Training videos Comprehensive invoicing system  Services Contract Monitoring NMS and Targeted MUR’s Stop Smoking Supervised Medicine Service Diabetes Screening and Management Service Emergency Hormonal Contraception Chlamydia Screening,Treatment and Positive management Minor Ailments

7 Sonar Informatics – Services  Services Continued HIV and Hepatitis B Weight Management Service Diabetes MUR Plus Airways Disease Review, Management Service (Asthma/COPD) NHS Health Check Supply of Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) Service Community Services

8 Sonar Informatics – Services  Services Continued Administration of Influenza Immunization Voucher System- Vitamin D Freedom Service Compliance Aids TB Service Safe Card(Fre-dom) Gluten Free Supply (Partner service) Others

9 Substance Misuse Service  Standard/tailored  Meets your requirements/spe cifications  Local payments  Local exclusion and inclusions for services  Alerts Submit New record – Patient Details

10 Substance Misuse Service Submit New record – Consultations

11 Substance Misuse Service Submit New record – Calendar View

12 Substance Misuse Service Supervise by date

13 Substance Misuse Service Submitted Records

14 Substance Misuse Service Activity Report – Ethnicity Chart

15 Substance Misuse Service Activity Report – Age Chart

16 Emergency Hormonal Contraception



19 Hepatitis B and C and HIV Screening Submit New record – Patient Details

20 Hepatitis B and C and HIV Screening Submit New record – Pre Test

21 Hepatitis B and C and HIV Screening Submit New record – Test Result

22 Hepatitis B and C and HIV Screening Submit New record-Print referral letter

23 Hepatitis B and C and HIV Screening Submitted records and Invoice

24 NMS-New Medicines Service Patient Profile

25 NMS-New Medicines Service Recruitment

26 NMS-New Medicines Service Select medicine

27 NMS-New Medicines Service Intervention

28 NMS-New Medicines Service Discussion Action Taken Referral Patient Actions

29 NMS-New Medicines Service Follow Up Drug Information Side Effects Interaction Contraindications

30 NMS-New Medicines Service Referral

31 NMS-New Medicines Service Manage Patients

32 Live Support-Contractors  Easy Interface (live or offline)

33 Live Support (Admin PCT and or IT)

34 Patient Contact software

35 Audits Assessments

36 Audits Progress Report N16 6QX

37 Scheduler Share your calendar with contractors for certain items

38 Library


40 Price Match any provider- for London  Initial One off Set-up costs per New cluster -500.00 pounds National Contract and Advanced Services  NMS- 20.00 pounds PA per pharmacy  MUR and Targeted MUR – 20.00 PA per pharmacy  Contract Monitoring – 20.00 PA per pharmacy All 3 services for 50.00 per annum Enhanced services  45.00 PA First Service (CP-Minimum Purchase)  75.00 PA 3 Services (CP)  120.00 PA for 6 Service (CP)  200.00 PA for 12 Services (CP)  5p costs per patient record (5K per million records after First million) OPTIONAL SERVICES  £85.00 (3 years charge £2.30 per month), Or use NHS smart card  EMIS access interface S9. 65.00 per annum for all referrals from any service.(5.5 pound per month)  Text service 1000.00 One OFF set up (3p per text) PA – Per Annum CP -Costs per PCT.

41 Summary  Comprehensive system  Interactive -talks to other systems  Securely export data  Assures quality  Measures outcomes  Adds value to services  Builds a legacy for future commissioners to understand value of services

42 Contact Pritpal Thind Sonar Informatics 9 Goldhawk Road Shepherds Bush London W12 8QQ Tel 0208 811 2307 Mobile 07783 937021 Fax 0208 746 0773 Email Web

43 Test Pharmacy  Personalised secure login  Security fob-PIN  Test pharmacy (safe to experiment)  Complete access to fully operational service  Quick start user guide  Full access to Sonar support services

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