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106 S. Maumee St. 23 W. Front St. Tecumseh, Mi. 49286 Monroe. Mi. 48161 Phone: (517) 424 – 5438 Fax: (517) 424 - 0918

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1 106 S. Maumee St. 23 W. Front St. Tecumseh, Mi. 49286 Monroe. Mi. 48161 Phone: (517) 424 – 5438 Fax: (517) 424 - 0918

2 To provide high quality, professional services to individuals who are motivated to improve the standard of their lives and relationships.

3 Offering Licensed and Credentialed Credentialed Substance Abuse Services which include: 1.Comprehensive 1.Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Services for Substance Abuse issues: 1. 1. Possession/Use of Drugs, 2. Drunk 2. Drunk Driving, 3. Drunk 3. Drunk & Disorderly use of alcohol/drugs during the commission of other illegal behaviors. 2.Treatment 2.Treatment Programs: Individual &/or Group. 3.Education 3.Education Groups. 4.Relapse 4.Relapse Prevention/Recovery Groups Michigan Department of Consumer And Industry Services Bureau of Health Systems Substance Abuse Program Designation # 460062 Standard License for Outpatient Standard License for CAIT Standard License for SARF 309 Designation from 04/01/2002

4 CAC-1: CAC-1: Michigan Certification Board for Addictions Professionals (MCBAP): Certified Addictions Counselor, Level 1. LMSW: LMSW: Licensed Masters in Social Work with the State of Michigan. Nationally Certified Trainer and Consultant for the Nurturing Fathers Program. SAP: SAP: Qualified & Certified to provide substance abuse assessments for the Department of Transportation. Batterers Intervention Service Provider: Attend/Participate in 40 hours of continuing education specific to Domestic Violence every two years.

5 Trainings, Workshops, Consultation, Staff Development, Supervision. In office or on location.

6 The Family Violence Alternatives Program. The Family Violence Alternatives Program. (26 session state mandated DV group.) The Nurturing Fathers Program. The Nurturing Fathers Program. (12 weeks) The Nurturing Mothers Program. (Monroe Only) The Nurturing Mothers Program. (Monroe Only) (12 weeks) Substance Abuse Group. Substance Abuse Group. (12 weeks—education/recovery focused) (12 weeks—education/recovery focused) Relapse Prevention Group. (Tecumseh only) Relapse Prevention Group. (Tecumseh only) (15 weeks) (15 weeks)

7 The Nurturing Fathers Program Family Violence AccountabilityProgram Substance Abuse Group.

8 7. Overcoming Barriers to Nurturing Fathering II: Alcohol & Other Substances & Stress. 8. Discipline vs. Punishment. 9. Play shop: Fun & Games. 10. Nurturing Relationships I & II: Fathering Sons/Fathering Daughters & Between Father and Partner or Co-Parent. 11. A Time & Place for Fathering. 12. Healing The Father Wound/Role Modeling. Wound/Role Modeling. 1.The Roots of Fatherhood. 2.Self-Nurturing Skills I & II: Fathering The Little Boy Within/The Power To Meet My Own Needs. 3.The World of Feelings and Male Nurturance. 4.Fostering Co-operation Rather than Adversarial Relationships. 5.The Power To Nurture; Fathering Without Fear or Violence. 6.Overcoming Barriers to Nurturing Fathering I: Anger, Domestic Violence & Abuse.

9 Michael Snyder-Barker has been working with mandated participants within the Nurturing Fathers Program Curriculum longer than anyone I know here in Michigan. A couple of years ago, Michael afforded me the privilege to attend one of his groups and I can tell you that Michael is an expert at what he does. Duane Michael Wilson, LMSW Coordinator, Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives Children's Services Administration Michigan Department of Human Services, 235 S. Grand Ave., Suite 412 P.O. Box 30037 Lansing, Michigan 48909 Tel: 517-241-7050 Fax: 517-335-4019 Fri, 01 Dec 2006

10 - Cognitive Distortions - Walking Through the Steps - Personal Definitions of/ Reflections of Powerlessness - THIQ - Relapse Prevention - "Family Roles" - Steps to Recovery - Roadblocks to recovery - Video-The Story of Bill W. - Entitlement & Challenges in Recovery - "Benefit's of Sobriety to me" - "Medical Problems Associated With Alcohol Abuse" - AA Support - Family Problems Associated with alcohol use - Jellinek Chart (Progression of the disease) - Recovery and Humility - Spiritual Program Substance Abuse Assessments - For Treatment Placement - For Drivers License Renewal - For Department of Transportation (DOT)

11 Topics Include: -Attitude -Attitude in Thinking -Listening -Listening - Validating Partners -The -The Effect DV has on Children -Terror -Terror & Coping -Assertive -Assertive Aggressive, Passive Aggressive -Anger -Anger Management VS. DV -Power -Power and Control VS. Equality -Batterers -Batterers Characteristics/Batterers Beliefs Entitlement -Cycle -Cycle of Violence/Progression of Violence -Accountability -Accountability - Male Privilege 26 sessions (minimum) for first time offenders. Group for Men who use violence against Women/Children. Value driven, family oriented perspectives. Focus on accountability. accountability. (Offered both in the Tecumseh office a well as the Monroe office) Topics Continued: -Steps -Steps to Change -"Drawing" -"Drawing" DV Perception of the Spirit -Being -Being Honest About Our Feelings -Dealing -Dealing with Resentments and Regrets -Making -Making Real Difference/Change That Counts -Definition/Types -Definition/Types of Abuse -Minimize, -Minimize, Deny and Blame -“Noble -“Noble Victim” - Batterers See Self as Victim -Choices -Choices - Patterns of Abuse -"Changing How we Look at Things"

12 Taking the anger management courses you will discover ways to: - Reduce levels of anger. - Direct anger into healthy ways of problem- solving. - Learn effective coping behaviors to stop escalation. - Address issues with assertiveness. - Identify triggering situations. - Establish a strategy and plan of action. - Learn to forgive. - Apply new coping approaches to more effectively manage unhealthy anger responses. Goals: Goals: To reduce/eliminate angry responses to “provocative” situations. To learn effective coping behaviors in order to halt escalation and to resolve conflicts. Learn effective anger management skills. Anger Management Class consisting of Four 1 ½ hour segments. Part #01: Segment #01: #01: Pre-Test & Defining Anger; Accountability. Segment #02: #02: Distorted Thinking; Entitlement; Substance Abuse. Part #02: Segment #03: #03: Personalizing the Behaviors of Others; Self-Talk; Problem Solving; Negotiation. Segment #04: #04: New Skills; Conflict Resolution; Stress Management; Post-Test. Potential candidates for the program include: - Work Place issues - “Bar Fights” - Sibling conflicts - Adults (17 and older) Not eligible for the program: -Relationship Violence/Domestic Violence - Child Abuse

13 106 S. Maumee St. 23 W. Front St. Tecumseh, Mi. 49286 Monroe. Mi. 48161 Phone: (517) 424 – 5438 Fax: (517) 424 - 0918

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