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Pure substance Only one kind of material

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2 Pure substance Only one kind of material
Definite properties that are the same throughout Types a) elements b) compounds

3 Elements cannot be changed into simpler substances by chemical change
Smallest particle is the atom

4 Compounds pure substances made up of one or more elements chemically combined Can be broken down into simpler substances by heat, electricity or other means Properties may be different than the elements which make up the compound

5 Mixture Each substance keeps its own specific properties
Not the same throughout Not chemically combined Can be separated by physical means (filtration or distillation)

6 Heterogeneous Mixture
Least mixed Large particles Suspension Examples: concrete, oil & vinegar

7 Homogeneous Mixtures Appears the same throughout
Particles do not settle when mixture allowed to stand Types a) solution b) colloid

8 Solution One substance dissolves in another
Solute: substance that dissolves Solvent: substance that does the dissolving Not easily physically separated by filtering Particles too small to scatter light Looks clear and transparent Every part tastes the same

9 Colloid Particles are mixed together but not dissolved – e.g. milk
Particles are permanently suspended Will NOT separate on standing Usually looks cloudy – scatters light Medium sized particles

10 Types of mixtures

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