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April Newsletter Nursery News Raindrops Rainbows Sunshine Artwork Nursery Improvements.

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1 April Newsletter Nursery News Raindrops Rainbows Sunshine Artwork Nursery Improvements

2 Staff News This month Taylor will start in the Rainbow’s. Taylor will work 4 days 8.30-5.30pm. We hope that she enjoys working in the nursery. Our qualified staff completed Emergency First Aid at work. A copy of their certificates will be added to the staff qualification folder in the foyer. Well done girls!! Due to Joanne’s sickness Kelly is now acting Deputy Manager, Laura Davie has been appointed at Raindrop Supervisor, Connie will be acting supervisor in Laura’s absence. Debbie is now acting supervisor in Kelly’s absence and Donna is acting supervisor in Laura McCaskill’s absence. Kidney Kids Scotland A huge thank you to all of the children, parents and staff for the generosity. We managed to raise a massive £92.28. Well Done to all of those who donated. Parent Night We are having a parents night on Monday 20 th April 6pm-7pm. All parents are invited into the nursery to look at their child’s Learning Journal and to discuss your child’s progress with the staff and to see all of the improvements that have been made after our refurbishment. We are not allocating appointments, if you feel that you would like a specific time with your child’s keyworker or you are unable to make parents night please let me know. Comic Relief Well done to all of the children who took part in all of our activities during Comic Relief week. We raised a massive £32! Well done!!!!! Sponsored Toddle We are going to be having a sponsored Toddle around the Helix on Tuesday 12 th May. We haven’t chosen a charity yet, if anyone has any ideas please let us know. We are also needing some parent helpers, if you are free that day to help please let me know. All children are invited to join us but if your child is not in nursery on this day they have to be accompanied by an adult. We will hand out letters with more information soon. National Pyjama Day We are celebrating National Pyjama day on Thursday 16 th April. All children are asked to come into nursery with their pyjama’s on, slipper and bring their favourite teddy.

3 Clare Young EYO Emma Flynn Oliver Lettie Magnus Lucy Stevenson EYO Avleen Robyn Dylan Angus Lauren Dickson EYO Jack Lily-Rose Rudy Alissa Charlotte Laura Davie Supervisor Millar Aiden Carly Harry Ryan Connie Whyte EYO + Acting Supervisor Liam Lyra Emily Caelan Archie Rebecca Forrest EYO Freya Phoebe Ewan Joshua Last month our topic was Healthy Living. In this topic we learned about the importance of taking care of ourselves. We spoke about brushing our teeth, getting lots of exercise, washing our hands before we eat and after being outside. We also learned about which foods are good for you. Some of the activates that we did were painting using fruit as stampers, lots of dancing and moving around and going out for walks. This month we are going to be learning about Easter and Spring. We chose Spring as when out for a walk we saw the rabbits and lots of baby deer. We are going to be having 2 weeks of Easter were we will be making Easter cards, having an Easter egg hunt, boiling and decorating eggs to take home. After Easter we will be moving onto Spring where we are going to be learning about animals that are born in the spring, flowers that start to grow, we will be collecting yogurt pots to grow our own flowers. We will also be decorating flower pictures, looking at animal flashcards and going out for lots of walks to see the changes in our outside environment during the spring. Aiden moves to Rainbow’s this month. We hope he enjoys his new room and doesn’t miss us too much! Ashleigh Honeyman Carousel Student Kerrie McGown Carousel Student Samay Jay

4 Last month in the Rainbow room we were looking at Under the Sea. We had lots of fun looking at all the creatures that live under the sea and learning their names. We explored in the water tray, practiced using scissors to cut pictures of fish, made models of our own under the sea creatures using play dough and tasted some tuna in wraps for snack. We also enjoyed lots more outdoor time this month especially in the garden. This month we are going to be learning about Spring. We have chose this topic as the children were very interested in the flowers while out for walks and the animals that they see in the fields We are also going to be learning about Easter as all of the children are talking about Easter eggs and where they come from. Aidan said “Batman Easter egss from mummy” and Eve said “Eggs and Bunnies”. During our Spring topic we are going to be going outside to learn about all of the different flowers that grow in the spring and about the animals that we see in the fields. We will be decorating our own spring flowers. We are going to be planting our own flowers and looking after them as they grow. For Easter we will be decorating eggs, making lovely Easter cards, having an Easter egg hunt, making yummy cakes and learning about why we celebrate Easter. We would like to welcome Aiden to the Rainbow’s we hope he enjoys his new room!! Debbie Smith EYO + Acting Supervisor Kayden Ava Aidan Fraser Oliver Mirren Kelly Robertson Supervisor + Acting Depute Ruby Marcus Harrison Yvie Sophie Euan Brodie Nathan Taylor Strang Carousel Student Megan Wilson EYO Eve Charlie Aoife Emily Callum S Gene Naomi Harry S

5 Donna Finlay EYO + Acting Supervisor Airlie Archie Eleanor Emma S Ewan Jodi Kieran Mirryn Wilson Orrin Rachel Mulholland Carousel Student Alistair M Jamie Connor Steph Gibson EYO Adam Bella Callum Cara Joe S Jessica Lucy Ollie Riley J Riley P Laura McCaskill Supervisor Beth Christopher Corban Daisy Daniel Jonathan Lucas Rebecca Skye Tallulah Lewis Zofia Zoe The children really enjoyed our recent topic on Disney. We read about lots of princesses and superhero’s in Disney stories. We dressed up as Disney characters each day, made Disney cakes and we particularly enjoyed our energetic play and games, such as The Toy Story and Finding Nemo game. This month we are going to be doing Planting. We have chosen this topic as the children have shown great interest in getting out to play in the better weather and a few children have brought in some flowers that they have been growing or picked at home. We will be planting flowers both indoor and outside in the garden. We will also be taking different activities out to the garden, water/sand play and painting and drawing. Also during April we are also going to be spending the Easter holidays doing Development Catch ups. If you haven’t already filled out a Development Catch up recently please speak to a member of staff. For Easter we are going to be having a Easter bonnet decorating competition. All children should bring their decorated bonnets in from 1 st April to 8 th April and we will choose a winner on the 8 th April. We would like to say goodbye to Poppy who is leaving this month. We hope you like your new house and new nursery. We will miss you lots!

6 Policies of the Month This month the following policies will be sent out: Accidents & Incidents Complaints Open Door Security These policies will be sent out with the weekly bulletin. Any questions or comments should be emailed to Amanda at: March, April and May we are going to be working on improving the Environment. Last month saw the beginning of our refurbishment. We have taken away the sleep room, increased the size of Raindrops changing area, added cupboards to our kitchen area and staff room, replaced the flooring through out the nursery with non slip vinyl. In April and May we are going to be improving the information in the foyer and improving the garden. We are going to be taking down the old hut at the side of our garden, adding wooden steps for the children’s balance, planting flowers in our boxes, using old tyres for sand play and planting. If you have anymore ideas of how we can improve our garden please let myself or a member of staff know. I am aware that all of our parents are very busy and not always able to attend Parents forum meetings. I am going to set up a private Facebook page for Falkirk where we can discuss the improvements for the nursery, post daily updates about the children’s day and share other information. This will mean that parents can be involved with the nursery without having to attend meetings. Our yearly plan of our improvements will be in the foyer next to the children’s pegs. At the end of our Environment improvements all of the evidence will be displayed on the front door of the nursery. Please take the time to look at this. Area for improvement for March, April and May: Nursery Environment

7 Flynn Raindrops Dylan Raindrops Thomas Rainbow Ruby Rainbow Jonathan Sunshine Adam Sunshine

8 Happy 3 rd Birthday Aidan!! Happy 4 th Birthday Zofia!! Happy 5 th Birthday Ewan Happy 4 th Birthday Daisy!!

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