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2 Summer is coming and the Barkers are thinking about their holidays
Summer is coming and the Barkers are thinking about their holidays. Harry and Margaret Barker would like to go to Blackpool, to the sea, or to the Lake District. But the children want to go to France: they would like to visit Paris and to see Disneyland

3 Wonderful holidays abroad
Last year John and Sally had wonderful holidays abroad too. They visited Russia and traveled to Moscow, the capital of the country, and then to St. Petersburg. In Moscow they lived at the Smirnovs’ place but in St. Petersburg they had a room in a hotel. They loved Moscow and they enjoyed St. Petersburg very much.

4 Wonderful places In the two cities they saw a lot of wonderful places – streets, houses, museums and theatres, They met some Russian boys and girls and made friends with them. John spoke some Russian, and often understood his friends when they spoke it.

5 In Moscow They did the capital and saw the Kremlin and Red Square and visited the Bolshoi Theatre.

6 In St. Petersburg In St. Petersburg they walked in the Summer Gardens and went to the Russian Museum.

7 Russian holidays John and Sally enjoyed their Russian holidays a lot. They sent a letter to the Smirnovs and thanked them. They wrote they would like to see the Smirnovs in London soon.

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