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Jacob Spoke Running for Engineering seat for SG. 4th General Body Meeting Spring 2015 Featuring E-One 4th General Body Meeting Spring 2015 Featuring E-One.

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1 Jacob Spoke Running for Engineering seat for SG

2 4th General Body Meeting Spring 2015 Featuring E-One 4th General Body Meeting Spring 2015 Featuring E-One

3 2014-2015 Sponsor

4 Who’s the best salesperson in IIE? 1. Pair up in groups of 2 or 3. 2. Each person choose an item out of your backpack and take turns giving a sales pitch to the members of your group. The goal is to convince them to purchase your item. 3. Let’s have a few volunteers come to the front of the room and share their pitches!

5 M&M Announcements Big Mentor sign-ups to be available early next week Event Tuesday at 12:50! SO MUCH FUN! Sign-Up any time at and send an email to me! Questions? Contact Ashley at

6 Intramurals: Sand Volleyball Updates Games Monday nights at 9 PM For more info join the “IIE Intramurals” group on Facebook Hope to see you at the next game!

7 Relay for life is a great opportunity for you to help raise cancer awareness and to help raise funds for cancer research. IIE Relay for Life Team When: April 10 – 11 th Where: Flavet Field Relay for Life is an all night event and IIE will have their own booth! If you would like to participate, donate, help volunteer to make our Relay Banner or help with the IIE booth contact the Fundraising Director after the meeting or at

8 Networking Opportunities Page –Looking for an internship or full-time position? – Corporate Network –Visit, and go to Members. Click Corporate Network –If you have experience with a company and would like to be part of the corporate network, fill out a small form!

9 IIE March Schedule

10 Career Showcase Feedback Please fill out: Jessica L. Hinkle – –Mfg Eng Group Leader – –Malabar HBX – –HARRIS Corporation, GCSD – –Malabar: (321) 768-4822(321) 768-4822 – –Cell: (941)-400-5170(941)-400-5170 One Recruiter’s Advice on Attending Career Showcase: – –One thing that I have learned is that feedback is a gift – receiving feedback allows us to reflect on areas we can improve and to help us all reach our full potential. Even though I am recruiting now, I’ve been in your shoes. I know how intimidating it is to know the right things to say when you talk to a recruiter. But being prepared helps build confidence and makes the whole process a lot easier. I saw the potential in each of the students I spoke with to be great and I am passionate about developing others and helping them reach their full potential which is why I’d like to share these thoughts: 1. Research the company and job openings - even if looking for an internship research the full time jobs to help understand what positions we hire for. An internship will be a mini- version of one of these jobs. So know which one you’ll be a good fit for. 2. Know yourself - – –a. Why did you choose your major? – –b. What are you passionate about? – –c. Be ready to provide specific examples after you describe qualities about yourself.

11 3. Buzzwords are good but never use one unless you truly understand what they mean. It's even better if you can provide an example if his you applied one. 4. Getting your first internship is hard - use your connections first - join IIE, get an older student as mentor and network! 5. Get leadership experience in student organizations be ready to explain your responsibilities and how you've motivated others - use specifics. 6. You don't have to have manufacturing experience to work in manufacturing - recognize where you've had experience in your school life, personal life, sports, summer job where you demonstrated your problem solving skills. Be ready to talk about those instances. 7. Be specific about the role you played on a team project. It's good to give the problem statement and then focus on what contribution you specifically made. 8. Have an idea about what you want to do with your career. Being too open comes across as a lack of decisiveness. As I mentioned above, research the positions the company has and pick one that stuck out to you. 9. Too much energy can be overwhelming and come across as false confidence or nervousness. Take a deep breath and speak slowly. 10. It's ok to be nervous. Laugh it off being confident in yourself and knowing everyone of the recruiters you talk to was at one point on your side of the table. 11. Shake hands when you meet. Make eye contact. Speak up, but not too loudly. Smile. Then shake hands when you leave.

12 ISE Lounge –Weil 405 Close the door if you’re last to leave!

13 E-Week 2015! Fun 2 weeks! Time to reflect on why Time to reflect on why it’s great to be an engineer Community Building Reminder of accomplishments/ talk about Future accomplishments/ talk about Future

14 Events SWOT Analysis Tomorrow! Feb 19, 6-8pm at Marston Science Library Opportunity to express questions, concerns, and ideas to the College of Engineering Deans Speech from the Engineering Deans Engineering Fest This Saturday from 1-7 at Norman Field Live music from local artists Free Food & Fun with other engineers 3PM Meet up at Norman Garage Scooter lot Look for the Facebook event!

15 Engineering Fair –Feb. (23 rd ) & 24 th !!!! 9AM-3PM –Over 50 STEM-related organizations interactively present what their field entails and the real life applications of their field –Shifts Available to Volunteer with IIE Officers & ISE Ambassadors –

16 Other Opportunities PI day –Friday, March 13 th. 11:45-3pm near the French Fries –Selling slices of pie –“Pieing” professors and faculty –Guest speaker

17 Other Student Organizations INFORMS Meeting feat. Dr. Pilyugin –Tomorrow 12:50-1:40PM – Phi Mu Alpha – Men’s Music Fraternity – – Talent Show: “What’s Your Forte?” April 12th, 2015 Open to all types of talent & solo and group performances are allowed, Prizes: 1st: $100, 2nd: $50, 3rd: $25 Application Due Date: 3/1/15

18 Access Party AccessibilityAccountabilityAffordability Elections are on February 24 th and 25 th Come ask more questions after the meeting!

19 Tutor Matching Service Get a flyer!

20 DataSci UF Inaugural Meeting March 10 th Room/Time TBD Guest Speaker: Dr. Daisy Zhe Wang, Director of Data Science Research Lab Join the Facebook group! –


22 IIE Merchandise Cash or Credit Card IIE Tanks$10 IIE T-Shirts$10 ISE Polo$5 Gator Engineering Portfolios$22 Magnetic Name Tags$10 Questions? Contact Mary at

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