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DIALECTS OF SLOVAKIA Daniel Kikić. The Map Western Slovak Dialects.

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2 The Map

3 Western Slovak Dialects

4 Bernolák’s literary language – Cultural West Slovak Dialect from Trnava used by catholics in past (protestants spoke Czech) Similar to Czech language, sounds harder than other dialects, slower tempo, more relaxed feeling First written evidence – 16th century Northern: Trenčín, Žilina, Čadca – sound softer than southern Southeastern: Nitra Southwestern: Bratislava, Trnava, Záhorie Personalities: Hugolín Gavlovič, Anton Bernolák

5 Central Slovak Dialects

6 Basis of literary Slovak – codified by Ľ. Štúr and friends Ostrihomský rituál (1625) – first printed text in Cultural Central Slovak Cultural Central Slovak – spoken from approx. 11th century by townsmen and minor nobility Northern: Martin, Liptov, Prievidza Southern: Zvolen, Levice, Banská Bystrica, Lučenec

7 Eastern Slovak Dialects

8 Written evidence from 15th century – threatening letter to Bardejov (1493) No Czech influence, significant Polish and German influence Fast tempo, sounds soft, feeling of temperament Southern and western: Poprad, Prešov, Košice Central: Michalovce, Trebišov Eastern: Humenné

9 Ruthenian


11 Intelligible with Ukrainian Many folk songs identical with Ukrainian Southwestern border of Kievan Rus Rus region of Lithuanian Duchy – West Russian language in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth replaced with Polish Spoken also in Ukraine and Poland – Galicija region Taught at schools in Slovakia 33,482 native speakers in Slovakia (2011 census) A. Duchnovič – important writer from 19th century


13 Hungarian

14 Palóc Northeast Trans- danubian Standard Hungarian taught at schools in Slovakia 520 000 speakers in Slovakia (2001 census)

15 Hungarian extreme nationalism

16 Goral Dialect

17 Kysuce, Upper Orava, Spiš/Zamagurie + enclaves Polish origin Language of assimilated colonizing shepherds

18 Thank you for your attention sources:Диалекты_словацкого_языка

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