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Kakatiya University.  Location : Kakatiya University, Warangal  State: Andhra Pradesh  Batch Start Date: 01-04-2014  Batch End Date: 10-04-2014 

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Presentation on theme: "Kakatiya University.  Location : Kakatiya University, Warangal  State: Andhra Pradesh  Batch Start Date: 01-04-2014  Batch End Date: 10-04-2014 "— Presentation transcript:

1 Kakatiya University

2  Location : Kakatiya University, Warangal  State: Andhra Pradesh  Batch Start Date: 01-04-2014  Batch End Date: 10-04-2014  No. of Participants: 25 Batch Summary

3 Pre-Training Announcement

4 Participant Details S. No.Participant NameDepartment / UniversityState 1 Dr. T. Raja Komuraiah Micro Biology Andhra Pradesh 2 Dr. P. Venkataiah Micro Biology Andhra Pradesh 3 Dr. K. Somaiah Mathematics Andhra Pradesh 4 Dr. M. Srinivas Law Andhra Pradesh 5 Dr. Y. Venkaiah Zology Andhra Pradesh 6 Dr. G. Rajender Zology Andhra Pradesh 7 Dr. K. Mamatha Chemistry Andhra Pradesh 8 Dr. S. Jyothi Chemistry Andhra Pradesh 9 Dr. S Narasimha Chary Commerce & Business Management Andhra Pradesh 10 Dr. Mohd.Mustafa Botany Andhra Pradesh 11 Dr. M.Surekha Botany Andhra Pradesh 12 Dr. B. Lalitha KumariBotany Andhra Pradesh 13 Dr. N. PrasadPharmacy Andhra Pradesh

5 Participant Details S. No.Participant NameDepartment / UniversityState 14Dr. K. Rajender Andhra Pradesh 15Dr. T. Thirumal Rao Andhra Pradesh 16Dr. Srinivas Munjam Andhra Pradesh 17Dr. N. Vasudeva Reddy Andhra Pradesh 18Dr. T. Savitha Jyostna Andhra Pradesh 19Dr. G. Brahmeshwari Andhra Pradesh 20Dr. B. Lalitha Kumari Andhra Pradesh 21Dr. D. Swarupa Andhra Pradesh 22Dr. J. Madhukar Andhra Pradesh 23Dr. C. J. Sreelatha Andhra Pradesh 24Dr. T. Shasthree Andhra Pradesh 25Dr. E. Sujatha Andhra Pradesh

6 SAKSHAM at Kakatiya University commenced on 11 th Nov 2013 with 22 participants from different affiliated colleges.  The inaugural function was addressed by VC and chief guest Prof B Venkat Ratham, who spoke about the importance of teachers integrating technology in their teaching. Prof. T. Srinivasalu, Principal KU College of Engineering & Technology spoke about the changing face of the 21 st century classrooms and how technology is helping empower teachers. Registrar and Guest of honour Prof. K. Sayalu emphasized the need for the participants to attend Saksham with full enthusiasm and commitment.  Microsoft trainers Sandeep Tomar and Shaheen Shafi also attended inaugural function and outlined the Program objectives and design. Inauguration

7 SAKSHAM @ Kakatiya University: Inauguration Prof. Boda Venkat Rathnam, Vice-Chancellor and Prof. K. Sayulu, Registrar, addressing the participants on inaugural function of Saksham at Kakatiya University

8 SAKSHAM @ Kakatiya University: Inauguration Asst. Prof. N.Ramana, Computer Science & Engineering explaining about the program, and Prof. T Srinivasulu, Principal, KU College of Engg. and Tech., addressing the participants on inaugural function.

9 Highlights Participants enthusiastically taking part in activity Little Discoveries during the training sessions.

10 Highlights Participants demonstrating in different activities during sessions.

11 Highlights Participants attending IT sessions.

12 Batch Learning Curve Soft Skills Questions 1. Clarity on the roles & responsibilities of IT Champion & Mentor. 2. Eager to help colleagues in using technology to create engaging learning for students. 3. Have the necessary communication & collaboration skills to engage in successful collaborative work with peers. 4. Can establish a good rapport with colleagues on the basis of own soft skills. 5. Can help students by modelling 21st Century Learning Skills so that they can be future ready 6. Can encounter roadblocks and implement change in the college.

13 Batch Learning Curve IT Skills Questions 7. Knowledge about Basic Computer Hardware & Software 8. Windows 7 Knowledge 9. Knowledge about MS Office 2010 and its applications 10. Knowledge about Live Services 11. Knowledge about Microsoft Office 365 12. Knowledge about Networking and Lab Setting.

14 Infrastructure Details Number of departments No. of IT Labs Approx. no. of systems in each lab Internet/Broadb and connection available at each lab No. of affiliated colleges/institutio ns Are all labs/campuses/col leges connected via University Intranet Operating System Using in Lab 311520Yes 493YesWindows xp Windows 7 Windows 8 (on few)

15 Participants found IT sessions very interesting. especially Microsoft Excel, Advance features of PowerPoint, Accessibility and Office 365. Participants found activities like planning technology integrated lessons, visioning exercises as well as questioning and listening role plays very interesting and took part in these very enthusiastically. Participants found Office Web Apps and SkyDrive very useful for collaboration and data collection. The sessions on Windows Accessibility Features and features of Lync for Voice-Video conferencing, document sharing, poll and presentation sharing were very much appreciated by all. Presentations on Accessibility were provided to all the participants by creating a shared folder on SkyDrive. Take Aways – Kakatiya University

16 I am very thankful to Microsoft and for you, for giving opportunity to participate in saksam IT campion training program. From this 10 days program I personally have got benefit by learning about the basics in computer operating, particularly about shortcuts like pin, peek, snap, shake etc. Even though I have been using Microsoft Word from so many years I didn’t know some important basics like format painter, mirror images, sections, outline, table of contents, mailing etc., but now I have learnt about them perfectly in this program. Now a days teachers would be able to create power point to teach the lessons in the classrooms. This programme comprises sufficient information about power point like custom slide show, rehearse timings, slide master and online presentations. As a faculty of Higher Education, we should adopt new technologies to navigate the knowledge skills and to share the knowledge and new ideas in research. Creation of e-books and cloud computing is very helpful for teachers. Continue… Sound Bytes

17 The other interesting thing is Hotmail facility for preserving data and its applications is very useful. Microsoft word, Microsoft excel program, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft one note program and Learning content development program are helpful to all the teaching community. Soft skill training sessions are helpful in communication, personality development, managing of students class rooms, making the students as good learners through good listening process etc. Saksham program is very useful for teachers to motivate the students by using soft skills and to make the students as responsible members of society. My personal advise is, extend the program for 15 days instead of 10 days for more better result. Nagavelli Vasudevareddy, Department of Chemistry, Kakatiya University Sound Bytes

18 I was being enriched myself during the SAKSHAM training programme from 1st April to 10th April, 2014 which was conducted at our Kakatiya University, Warangal. I am highly indebited to Mr. Sandeep sir and Shahena madam for their valuable contribution and dedication at the training programme in so far as extending good mentorship. This was the first programme which I attended, where I learned softskills and technological skills. Such type of training programmes really bring out the hidden talents among the teaching faculty, thereby improving communication, technological, and soft skills which are required to be inculcated by every faculty member so as to mould the today's students as tomorrow's administrators in the process of building the Nation. For all I am highly thankful the team of SAKSHAM. DR.NARASIMHA CHARY, University College of Commerce & Business Management, Kakatiya University Sound Bytes

19 Thank You!!!

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