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Energy Industry EBT Solutions & Services Systrends Intl.

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1 Energy Industry EBT Solutions & Services Systrends Intl.

2 Company Background  Established in 1986  Provider of EDI and XML software, hosted solutions and consulting services in North America and Europe  Provided consulting services for development of the EBT XML schemas as part of the OEB EBT Working Group  EBT Solution provider for Ontario electricity market since market opening in 2002  Current provider of EBT spoke and hub solutions  Integration Partner of Info-Energy for the AMPY prepaid solution

3 Transaction Transporter METER-COM (T 2 METER-COM)™ AMPY Prepaid Meter Data Transport Automation Solution

4 T 2 Meter-COM Overview  T 2 Meter-COM application allows the AMPY prepaid solution to be easily interfaced to the client’s CIS for meter data automation  Minimizes changes required to integrate and test the pre-paid metering solution into the client’s current operating environment  T 2 Meter-COM Data Base allows for backup and archiving of prepaid customer transaction data  Built-in scheduler to accommodate client’s customized operations

5 T 2 Meter-COM Overview  Interfaces to multiple CIS and 3 rd Party applications via multiple layouts: (XML, EDI, Flat File, Databases, MV-90, MVRS, etc.)  Browser-based GUI interface provides multiple users in various departments the ability to monitor transaction flow status and access prepay customer data  Example: (CSR’s, IT staff, Accounting staff, etc.)  Ability to re-queue and hold files as needed

6 T 2 Meter-COM Overview  Ability to create and run customized reports as required  Example: Meter data by customer number, etc.  Interfaces to the Systrends EBT spoke to route the data to multiple Trading Partners using established EBT standards  Proactive Error Email Notification  24/7 Technical Support

7 Utility’s CIS sends meter data transactions to Retailer Trading Partners via the EBT spoke and hub. Parser & Staging Tables Internet Trading Partner Utility Customer Information Customer Information (T 2 -M-COM) ™ CIS Transaction Transporter-COM™ (T 2 Meter-COM) Pre-paid Metering System – Ontario Market XML MV90 Other AMPY Prepaid Meter System AMPY Prepaid Meter System AMPY Prepaid Metering System Communication with Meters T 2 -COM allows the AMPY prepaid metering system to communicate with multiple CIS systems via multiple meter data interface protocols. FF

8 Utility’s Billing Application T 2 -Com DB T 2 -Tran Processes DB InboundFolder Outbound OutboundFolder T 2 -Com Processes AMPY AMPY Live DB T 2 Meter-COM Process Model T2 -Com drop & pickup T2 -Com drop & pickup Multiple Interface Options: MVRS, MV90, XML, FF, etc. Users view file details and reports via T 2 Meter-COM GUI interface GUI Interface AMPY Transfer DB AMPY Transfer DB Internet Trading Partner Utility’s EBT spoke sends & receives meter related files with Trading Partners. AMPY front end app. will persist & Pickup data File copy & pickup File copy & pickup Utility’s File Routing Application Utility’s CIS DB AMPY T 2 Meter-COM Enrollment Data Payment & Pmt Total Data Usage & Usage Cxl DataCIS/Billing Payment & Payment Totals Usage & Usage Cancels Enrollments Reads & inserts data for inbound & Outbound files

9 Solution Set Flexibility  Clients will have options to choose from regarding the pre-paid solution set: A. In-house Solution: All components setup at client’s location B. Hosted Solution: one or multiple components may be hosted as an outsourced ASP solution

10 Aspects Solution set is modular, allowing clients options regarding on how to implement and scale their prepaid solution. Solution set is modular, allowing clients options regarding on how to implement and scale their prepaid solution.  Scalable Independence: Components (Kiosk, AMPY prepaid meter, and Systrends applications) may still be installed either separately with independent interfaces or as one integrated interface to the client’s CIS  Modular: Systrends T 2 Meter-COM solution can be added for meter data automation at any point  Systrends Solution Pre-defined CIS Interfaces: Multiple Pre-defined CIS interfaces with many major utility CIS systems allows the pre- paid solution to be easily setup and automated for Ontario utilities.  (Examples: Harris, Daffron & Associates, Advanced Utilities Systems, and SPL Peoplesoft),

11 Aspects  Reduces integration time, complexity and redundancy by establishing one interface for automated data communications between the client's existing CIS system and prepaid meter applications.  Broader Adoption: In-house and outsourced (hosted) solution options allows the prepaid solution to be more readily accepted and widely adopted by energy companies of all types and sizes

12 For more information, please contact us at (416)243-5257 or visit us at

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