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2 I) Phonetic 1 ) Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words. 1. A feat B great C seat D beat 2.A phoned B called C raised D cooked 3.A cook B cool C food D tooth 2) Pick out the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words. 4. A ceremony B technology C community D ability 5. A survive B desert C reject D attract

3 II) Grammar Choose the best answer
1)Frank advised me Bob anything A not lend B to not lend C not to lend D don’t lend 2) The principal congratulated the school team the final match A for winning B to win C that won D on winning 3) The police asked him he had been at home during that night A where B if C who D that 4) When I told Maria about our trip , she said that she us A can join B joins C has joined D would join 5) At last , the man admitted my car A having destroyed B to have destroyed C that he has destroyed D that had destroyed

4 II) Grammar 6) Patrick .............. renting a caravan for our trip
A decided B expected C suggested D advised 7) You can’t deny my laptop by accident A to break B broke C breaking D had broken 8) Sue asked me why informed her of the date of the meeting A I didn’t B I hadn’t C didn’t I D hadn’t I 9) “ What about a picnic this weekend ?” Sheila said A having B we have C to have D we’ll have 10) Do you know ? A where is the station B where the station is C the station is where D is where the station

5 II) Grammar 11) The doctor advised me up late at night A not to stay B to not stay C don’t stay D didn’t stay 12) He encouraged me for that job. A applied B. applying C. apply D. to apply 13) Malcolm told me that he to lock the door that morning. A. was forgetting B. would forget C. had forgotten C. has forgotten 14)I spoke to the manager, and she she would phone you. A. spoke B said C. told D. talked 15) Martha me to phone the police. A. suggested B. said C. spoke D. advised

6 II) Grammar 16) I my friends about my party, and they they would come. A. told_ told B. said_ told C. told_ said D. said_ said 17) The tourist guide us to visit the museum. A. recommended B. insisted C. talked D. suggested 18)”Hand over the money” ! said the robber. The robber the clerk to hand over the money. A. advised B. reminded C. ordered D. threatened 19) “Don’t anything during the test,” our teacher us. A. say_ told B. tell_ said C. say_ said D. tell_ told 20)”Shall I bring you a cup of coffee”? Jane said to me. Jane bring me a cup of coffee. A asked B offered C promised D ordered

7 III)WRITING Choose the underlined part in each sentence that should be corrected. 21) Maud advised me going by train for it less tiring than driving 22) Stella told the teacher she has forgotten to do her homework. 23) Vare encouraged Kevin ran in the race, although she didn’t think he would win 24) A translator told the President what everyone was telling 25) I said my teacher that I spoke Chinese, but she didn’t believe me.

8 III)WRITING 26) My friend asked me what did I intend to do after I graduated. 27)The doctor asked that I felt OK, and told him that I didn’t feel well. 28)I asked him what kink of movies did he like and he said he liked romantic movies 29)The hostess asked everybody don’t hesitate to get the food. 30)I don’t understand what are you trying to explain to me

9 III)WRITING 31)When Mary saw me she asked me that if I had ever met Carol 32)I didn’t know where I was supposed to get off the bus, so I asked the driver where was the market 33)We were late, so I told my friend to go as fast as he can 34)After the accident, I opened me eyes slowly and realized that I’m still alive. 35)The detective ordered me to stand by the window and tell him if anyone goes into the house opposite.

10 III)WRITING 36) The manager asked the assistant whether she had finished the report A The manager asked the assistant “do you finish the report , secretary ?” B The manager asked the assistant “will you finish the report , secretary ?” C The manager asked the assistant “ have you finished the report , secretary ?” D The manager asked the assistant “you have already finished the report , have you ?”

Read the passage and choose the best answer Sport (37) an important part in American life . Professional baseball and soccer games (38) large crowds and many people watch games on television . Although many parents complain about their children being couch potatoes , there are sports (39) at school for all ages. College students are usually (40) to take physical education classes to complete their studies .But a (an) (41) report published in 1996 said that more than 60% of adults in the United States were not regularly physically (42) The British are very (43) of sport , but many people prefer to watch rather take part . Most people today (44) relatively little general exercise. Over the last 30 years or 40 years (45) have changed considerably and many people now travel even the shortest (46) by car or bus . Lack of exercise combined with eating too many fatty and sugary food has meant that many people are becoming too fat

37. A is B plays C play D are 38. A attract B attractive C attraction D attractively 39. A season B sessions C success D successful 40. A command B requirement C required D commands 41. A essential B professional C official D important 42. A passive B actively C serious D active 43. A interest B fond C fancy D enjoy 44. A take B give C like D use 45. A culture life B style life C economic life D life styles 46. A kilometer B distances C way D length


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