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“To work for the benefit of all in the spirit of Christ” Olivia Joyce and Clare O’Leary.

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1 “To work for the benefit of all in the spirit of Christ” Olivia Joyce and Clare O’Leary

2 To discover what is a good lesson for a teacher To discover what is a good lesson for a pupil To look at what we think could be improved To look at the positive points of lessons To look at different factors which have an impact on lessons To look at how resources are used

3 interesting challenging eye-opening worth while effective and gave us a greater understanding of what teaching and learning is all about.

4 Pupils enjoyed the use of PowerPoint and visual aids in lessons Clear lesson objectives made learning easier That the whole class should participate in lessons especially those sitting at the back Chatty students can disrupt learning and the teacher needs to be informed of any poor behaviour Focused pupils and a good structure makes a good lesson for both teachers and pupils. Different year groups have different opinions on the new 7 lesson day on a Monday but the majority are positive

5 Feedback was given to the teachers we observed – they were appreciative of what we had to say. The Curriculum Focus Group visited St. John Wall to observe their lessons and compare teaching methods between our schools. St John Wall also visited St Paul’s to compare our school and lessons. In the next meeting we discussed our findings We found that in both schools positive relationships between a teacher and his or her class helps learning.

6 Good relationship between the pupils and teachers Well structured lessons Enthusiastic teachers Well structured day with each lesson lasting an hour Pupils got involved in lessons The Curriculum Focus Group has been a valuable experience because it helped us understand what teachers and pupils feel about lessons and how they can improve to make learning even better.

7 The Executive School Council By Ellen McCann and Elvie Broom In the School Council this year we have discussed issues such as : -Bullying and what we can do to prevent it -Fundraising -The Canteen and what can be done to improve it

8 Gisela Stuart MP At the start of the year, we met Gisela Stuart MP and she spoke to us about the importance of standing up for our faith, against bullying and not being a sheep and following the crowd. I liked the fact that she spoke her mind and was genuine. I thought she gave us good advice about how to deal with racism.

9 Every Child Matters We talked about the recent Government document which says that every child matters. We agree with this and feel it is important and services like the health service and the police should join together to keep children safe. The main aims of Every Child Matters are ensuring that each child is: S – Safety H – Healthy E – Enjoy E – Economic P – Positive This makes up the word SHEEP.

10 School Improvement Plan We looked at how our School Improvement Plan is developed and the issues that need to be considered. These included: What the Government and Local Authority want us to do as well as what we as a school want to do. We were really annoyed that as a successful school, we don’t get the funding we would like – to replace the prefabs! Yet we do what we can, and still try to be successful.

11 OFSTED We spoke to both RE inspectors and Ofsted inspectors and told them about what we like about the school. For the future… We considered how we will celebrate our school’s Centenary.

12 Thank you for listening to our presentation

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