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Islam Test Study Guide. What is an oasis AND why are they important on the Arabian Peninsula? An oasis is a fertile area in the middle of the desert.

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1 Islam Test Study Guide

2 What is an oasis AND why are they important on the Arabian Peninsula? An oasis is a fertile area in the middle of the desert. They are important for traders because they provide water and farms and helped cities grow.

3 What is the Ka’aba AND where is it located? The Ka’aba is a religious shrine that Muslims believe was built by Abraham and his son Ishmael. The Ka’aba is located in the holy city of Mecca.

4 What is Islam’s main teaching? Islam’s main teaching is that there is only one God.

5 Why did Muslims call Christians and Jews “people” of the book”? Jewish people, Christians, and Muslims all use a holy book.

6 What was the main effect of the growth of trade on the Arabian Peninsula? People from distant places came together and exchanged ideas and cultures

7 How was the first caliph chosen after Muhammad’s death? Following Muhammad’s death the people elected a new caliph or leader.

8 Why did the first caliphs begin a military conquest of other regions? The caliphs wanted to spread the religion of Islam

9 Why did the Muslim community split? The Muslim community split when the Umayyad rulers took power and some Muslims refused to accept the Umayyad rulers as the rightful rulers

10 How were clans important to Bedouin life on the Arabian Peninsula? Clans provided support for Bedouins in the extreme desert climate

11 What did Arabs believe about the Ka’aba? (who built it?) Muslims believe that the Ka’aba was built by Abraham and his son Ishmael.

12 Why do you think Muhammad began his teaching in Mecca? Muhammad was born to a powerful family in the city of Mecca.

13 What did Muhammad do after God spoke to him? Muhammad began preaching that there was only one God

14 What happened to the Muslim community after Muhammad’s death? The people elected a leader or caliph to be Muhammad’s successor

15 Why were people on the Arabian Peninsula nomads? The desert climate was not good for farming on the Arabian Peninsula and people had to move around to find food

16 Why did the Shiites oppose the Umayyad rule, when they took over? The Shiites believed that the caliph should be a direct descendant of Muhammad’s

17 Why did Muhammad and his followers migrate to Yathrib (current day Medina)? Muhammad and his followers were persecuted (attacked and treated badly) in Mecca and fled to Yathrib to escape

18 What made Mecca an important trade center? Mecca was located on major trade routes between three continents

19 What do you think was Abu Bakr’s greatest achievement? He was a powerful military leader

20 How did the formation of Islam change the lives of the Arab nomads? Islam brought order and hope to the lives of nomads; it gave them a permanent source of faith

21 How did Muhammad believe that God spoke to him? Muslims believe that Allah (God) spoke to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel

22 What are four things that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common? monotheism – all 3 religions believe in one god Holy book – all 3 religions use a holy book to guide their faith Belief in prophets – all 3 religions believe that prophets have spoken the words of God House of Worship – all 3 religions use a house of worship- Jewish people use a synagogue or temple, Christians use some type of church, and Muslims use a mosque

23 The Five Pillars of Islam

24 Shahada Public profession of faith There is only one god and Muhammad is the prophet of God There have been many prophets, but Muhammad is the last and final prophet Shahada is so important, it should be the first thing a baby hears when they are born and the last thing a Muslim hears before they die

25 Salat Prayer; said five times a day Before prayer, Muslims must make sure their body is clean; the wash is known as wudu Muslims pray on a prayer mat Prayer is always said facing the holy city of Mecca Prayer is done in a pattern with different postures

26 Zakat A welfare contribution Muslims must donate a certain amount of their income to the needy or less fortunate Muslims believe that all possessions really belong to Allah Zakat helps distribute wealth in a Muslim society

27 Sawm Muslims fast from dawn to sunset during the month of Ramadan Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar The sick, elderly, very young, and pregnant women are excused from the fast During the fast, Muslims avoid eating, drinking, smoking or taking anything into the body Fasting during Ramadan brings Muslims self- control, discipline, and an awareness of those that are less fortunate Muslims believe observing Sawm helps them live their lives according to the will of Allah

28 Hajj A pilgrimage or journey to Mecca The Hajj should be done once in a Muslims lifetime The Hajj occurs during the twelfth month of the Muslim calendar The focus and holiest place for Muslims during the Hajj is the Ka’aba – the cube shaped shrine in the center of Mecca Muslims circle the Ka’aba seven times

29 A Split in Islam Shiite Shiite Muslims believe that only Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law was a legitimate caliph or ruler AND Shiite Muslims believe that only a descendant of Muhammad’s can be a ruler for Islam Sunni Sunni Muslims believe that the first four caliphs after Muhammad were the rightful rulers of Islam AND Sunni Muslims believe that any Muslim who follows Muhammad’s example may be a ruler

30 Extra Credit The test will have 10 extra credit questions. Study the video questions and the Islam: A History assignment!

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