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The Summoner's Tale Silvia Choi.

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1 The Summoner's Tale Silvia Choi

2 Character Analysis -Physical traits "face on fire"
black & scabby brows narrow eyes  thin beard -a heavy drinker  -attempts to speak Latin -irritable & greedy -a summoner brings people who violate church laws to the court 

3 The Summoner's Prologue
-the Summoner is angry after listening to the Friar's tale -tells the story of a friar who had a vision of hell; there, friar asked an angel where all other friars were -the angel lifted up Satan's tale and there were 20,000 friars -reflects the summoner's general view of friars

4 The Summoner's Tale the friar -from Holderness, Yorkshire
-makes his living by going around houses, promising prayers in exchange for food & money -first, he puts down the name of contributors on his tablet, but as soon as he is out of the house, erases the names -shows that friars were often greedy and weren't devoted Christians the friar

5 The Summoner's Tale cont...
-the friar visits an old and sick man named Thomas -he tells the old man that other friars are praying for him to get better -Thomas' wife walks in and the friar compliments her beauty -requests to pray for her sick husband so that his anger could subdue/ tells the friar that her baby died  -the friar requests a lavish dinner

6 The Summoner's Tale cont...
-the friar tells Thomas that instead of giving money to many friars, he should concentrate on one -he preaches about the sin of anger -Thomas gets really angry and tells the friar that he has a gift which the friar must share equally among other friars -the friar reaches down his hand under Thomas's butt and Thomas lets out a big fart

7 The Summoner's Tale cont...
-feeling disgusted, the friar goes to the Lord's house -there, the friar thinks about how he could possibily divide the old man's gift -the Lord's servant suggests that the friar should get a 13-spoke wheel; have all friars kneel at each spoke and tie the old man to the middle -the Lord rewards the servant with a new gown for his excellent idea

8 Why? -reflects his occupation as a summoner because he has to bring people who violate church laws to the court -also reflects the summoner's general view of friars -to attack the friar, who offended the summoner through his story -shows how church officials were very corrupted -somewhat ironic because the summoner himself isn't a good man

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