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Aspies and the Social Media A presentation by Gabrielle Hogg and Leith McMurray.

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1 Aspies and the Social Media A presentation by Gabrielle Hogg and Leith McMurray

2 Interpersonal Communication: asynchronous v. synchronous Asynchronous Synchronous Letters, written notes and memos face-to-face conversations Voicemail messages telephone or cell-phone conversations Email video conferencing Online forums, groups, instant messaging discussion boards Skype Facebook status updates, Facebook chat comments, email Twitter posts Blog posts and responses

3 Different uses for Facebook Communication Information- serious or light Friendship Sharing photos and images which may or may not “resonate” with the recipients Providing a place to “rally the troops” and promote a unity of purpose

4 “Special purpose pages” e.g. “The Mosh Pit” for younger Aspies who get a bit annoyed with the older ones- and one for the older ones, which is another closed group. “Justice for Ari Smith-Voorkamp”, wherein we gathered support for a young aspie treated badly by Police during the Christchurch earthquakes Many Asperger pages, usually closed groups, but some, e.g. Asperger Syndrome New Zealand as a substitute for a hacked webpage.

5 A possibility …

6 Blogspot: I have a blog about my life with autism


8 The question of “twitter” Twitter seems to be more a vehicle for people to “follow” celebrities or others they admire. Aspies don’t find this a good way to connect with other Aspies.

9 Penni’s blog

10 Aspies and cats….

11 Humorous and relevant…


13 Useful visual aids We share a lot of these posters etc which can be used on our own pages or timelines or printed out for information.

14 Commentary

15 Aspergers Syndrome New Zealand Aspie HQ in New Zealand

16 Lightbulb man.. Adopted as a logo for Aspiehelp (has local significance)

17 Alternate personas when Facebook unexpectedly shuts you down (Jung Gui Li)

18 We have a virtual group rather like this


20 An Aspie joke…

21 Facebook pages and websites Asperger’s Syndrome New Zealand Aspiehelp Aspergers amongst Aspergers International Asperadults Autism in New Zealand

22 Other uses of the Internet: Online fora, e.g. the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (G.R.A.S.P)- has a big selection of fora for special interest groups, e.g. the Women’s forum, which provides information on AS, support, advice and encouragement for late-diagnosed women. These use email so are not in “real time”.

23 Acknowledgements: “Friending: real relationships in a virtual world” By Lynne M. Baab IVP 2011 Penni (New Zealand) The NZ Aspie Community And some Australians as well!

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