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3 BUDGET SUMMARY Overall the recurring budget increased $3.8 million even with a $7.5 million reduction in general revenue. We received a $2.25 million increase in general revenue for operational support and $9.3 million in tuition increase and adjustments. Although we have additional budget, the carry forward amount used to pay for nonrecurring priorities is only $9.0 million compared to $13.5 million last year. The main difference is we did not have the $4.0 million in recurring reserves this year. The budget reflects recurring reductions of $1.7 million. In addition, $722 thousand of new allocations are included. Total general revenue and lottery for 12/13 is $65.9 million compared to $90.8 million in 07/08. Without including PO&M dollars, general revenue and lottery for 12/13 is $48.2 million compared to $79.2 million in 07/08.

4 BUDGET SUMMARY We continue to maintain $4.0 million in nonrecurring reserves for call backs this year or additional budget reductions next year. Of the total E&G budget, 81.2% of the budget is salaries and benefits and OPS, 4.3% is utilities and the remaining 14.5% is operating expenses

5 BUDGET PROCESS Each division reviewed their operations to determine expenses that could be reduced. A controlled spending committee continued to meet to review spending throughout the year and look for methods to create greater efficiencies. The University had purchasing savings of $361,292 for three quarters of this fiscal year due to sourcing and contracting by the Purchasing Department The vacancy pool committee continued its review process.

6 REVENUE BUDGET FOR 12/13 Reductions:
General Revenue Reduction - $7.2 million General Revenue Reduction for Financial Aid and Insurance - $322 thousand ORP/Investment Plan Adjustments - $1.0 million Decrease in Allowable Excess Hours - $680 thousand

7 REVENUE BUDGET FOR 12/13 Increases-
Assuming a 15% tuition differential increase - $5.4 million Tuition increase for undergraduate, out-of-state and graduate tuition - $923 thousand Annualize 11/12 tuition increase of $733 thousand General Revenue Operational Support - $2.25 million Change in tuition alignment from 10,168 to 10,379 FTE - $1.3 million

8 REVENUE BUDGET FOR 11/12 Increases-
Plant, Operations and Maintenance for new buildings - $1.5 million Projected increase in FTE by 221 to 10,600 FTE - $966 thousand

Reduced recurring budget by $1.7 million Transferred 7 positions to the Auxiliary Overhead Funds for savings of $383 thousand PRESIDENT’S OFFICE Eliminated a coordinator position for Governmental Affairs Reduced training by $75 thousand including one position and $27 thousand of Operating Expense Reduced one Internal Auditor position

Administration and Finance Reallocated $125 thousand of expense within the division to pay for the increased cost of software licenses Reduced 8 custodial staff by changing the cleaning schedule of offices to once/week for savings of $212 thousand Eliminated Fine Arts Coordinator. All employees of the Fine Arts Center will be funded from the auxiliary Eliminated a facility planner, construction project specialist and coordinator of building warranties due to decrease in PECO funding Reallocating a coordinator of accounting from Administration and Finance to College of Health

Institutional Advancement Reduced $73 thousand of operating expenses including reducing the alumni journal from 3 to 2 times per year Eliminated a half time position for Alumni Services Student Affairs Reduced $18 thousand of operating expense Eliminated coordinator of development Transferred 1 position to ELP and 2 positions to the Student Life Fee

Academic Affairs Reduced 3 advisors for Jacksonville Commitment in the public schools - $156 thousand Eliminated 2.25 secretaries - $72 thousand Real Estate eliminated as a track in the finance major eliminating one faculty member - $125 thousand Suspended admissions into a PE track within secondary education major - $69,000 Eliminated a half-time advisor - $23 thousand

Terminated the Master of Science in Applied Sociology, eliminating one faculty member through attrition and two faculty redeployed in the undergraduate major of social work to gain accreditation in that field - $100 thousand Reallocated a visitor position in education and one in marketing to enable additional new resources in coastal engineering and physical therapy

1) 2011/12 Educational & General allocation (Initial) $125,791,585 Annualization of health and retirement benefits $852,182 Adjusted 2010/11 base allocation $126,643,767 2) 2011/12 New Allocation Funding: Enrollment growth $0 Tuition increase $6,373,607 Tuition realignment $1,281,526 Annualization of 11/12 tuition increase $732,575 Adjustment in PO&M for new space $1,458,934 GR Operational Support $2,250,000 Increase in Enrollment by 221 FTE $965,718 General Revenue Budget reduction ($7,191,189) Decrease in Allowable Excess Hours ($679,814) FRS/ORP/Investment Plan Adjustment $(1,030,551) New E&G Funding $3,787,545 3) 2011/12 Educational & General allocation $130,804,573

New E & G Funding $4,160,806 Reserves (2011/12 Recurring) $2,015,811 Savings from Alternative FICA $175,000 Divisional Reductions $1,716,294 TOTAL RECURRING DOLLARS: $8,067,911

Reserve carryover $4,000,000 Prior Year Balance(Unallocated) $1,600,000 Excess Tuition $1,300,000 Unspent Funds, Salary Savings $2,100,000 Interest $ 550,000 TOTAL NONRECURRING DOLLARS: $9,550,000

17 RESERVES State call back $4,000,000 nonrecurring Executive reserve

18 New Allocations for 12/13 Academic Affairs
Associate Professor and Assistant Professor Coastal Engineering Assistant Professor Assistant of Coastal Biology Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Coordinator of UNF Galleries

19 Potential Budget Issues
Legislative action required employees to pay 3% of their salary into the defined benefit plan or the defined contribution plan this fiscal year. A lawsuit was filed and the appeal is with the State Supreme Court. If the University is required to repay the monies to the employees and we do not receive funding from the state, this cost is approximately $2.1 million/year. An additional 2% reduction in contribution for ORP and Investment Plan participants was legislated for next fiscal year. The budget was reduced $1.0 million based on this change. We are holding these monies in reserve until a court decision is determined. This budget assumes the BOG approves the 15% tuition differential

20 ACTUAL & PROJECTED FTE 2009/10 Actual FTE 10,468
2012/13 FTE Targets 10,600 Arts and Sciences ,087 Coggin ,678 Brooks ,248 Education ,029 Computing, Engineering, Construction

21 GOAL 1: Cultivate a learning environment that supports intellectual curiosity, academic achievement and personal growth

22 11/12 Accomplishments for Goal 1
We increased the number of distance learning courses from 264 to 356 over the past year We are working on making gatekeeper courses into gateway courses 22

23 11/12 Accomplishments for Goal 1
We were able to increase the number of fulltime faculty, using tuition differential funding We were able to reduce student to faculty ratio from 21-1 to 20-1 23

24 11/12 Accomplishments for Goal 1
Average SAT score for freshmen climbed from 1204 in fall 2010 to 1209 in fall 2011. In our second year retention rate was 78%. In the retention rate was 81.4%, down from 82% the year before. In , our third year retention rate was 64%. In it was 70.2%, up from 70% the year before 24

25 11/12 Recognitions for Goal 1
Among the nation’s Top 75 “Best Value” public colleges and universities, according to The Princeton Review. Also in 2011, 2009 and in 2007.  Named to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s list of 100 best values in public colleges for The Coggin College of Business at the University of North Florida has been named an outstanding business school, according to The Princeton Review. Fifth consecutive year      UNF landed on Forbes Magazine’s “Top 20 Best Buy Colleges.” The top three spots on the list went to military service academies that don’t charge tuition: West Point placed first, followed by the Air Force Academy and the Naval Academy 25

26 12/13 INITIATIVES FOR GOAL 1 Freshman Year Experience
Common philosophy course for FTIC students – develop critical thinking New Osprey Advantage Courses – introduces freshmen to their major and the faculty in their major Student Passport – a passport that is stamped when students attend cultural events, evening lectures, athletic events Expanded learning-living communities where students live with peers in the same major Initiate first gateway courses Work on Civil Discourse Project with the TU and WJCT New tuition differential dollars will support 55 lines or over 300 course sections

27 GOAL 2: Recruit and support a diverse community of students, faculty and staff who will contribute to and benefit from the university’s mission

In 2010/11 we enrolled 218 Jax Commitment students. In 2011/12 we enrolled We had our first class of graduates. First year retention rates remained high among minority students: 87.6% for Blacks and 81.6% for Hispanics compared to an overall rate of 83.4%. The overall representation of minority students among U.S. citizens increased over the past year. 2010/11 = 24.4% 2011/12 = 25.5% (fifth year of growth in this number) The overall representation of minorities in the faculty remained virtually the same this year as last year: 15.9% in 2010/11 compared to 15.8% in 2011/12 28

In 2011/12 UNF awarded its first grant to support research on issues related to diversity: This year’s funding for research to measure the outcomes of Metro Town. In 2011/12 UNF offered its first recognition awards for an individual and a program contributing to campus diversity. In 2011/12 UNF held its first Week of One, a celebration of diversity on campus In 2011/12 UNF brought OneJax onto campus as a UNF institute. UNF participated in the international I AM EQUAL program 29

30 12/13 INITIATIVES FOR GOAL 2 Continue to fund Commission on Diversity
Coordinate with MOSH on RACE exhibit Hire a new director for LGBT Center, position funded by anonymous donor Provide leadership on Project Breakthrough Coordinate activities between OneJax and three on-campus centers – Interfaith Center Center for Intercultural Peace Sustainability Center

31 GOAL 3: Support and recognize research and creative endeavor as essential university functions


While we are still collecting data on 2011/2012 faculty scholarship, our 2010/2011 data provide the following examples of faculty scholarship as conducted in two colleges 20010/11 faculty scholarship in Coggin College (48 faculty reporting) 9 books 7 book chapters 66 refereed journal articles 3 online publications 29 presentations at international, national and regional professional conferences 2010/11 faculty scholarship in Computing, Engineering and Construction (30 faculty reporting) 72 book chapters and journal articles 41 presentations at international, national and regional professional conferences 31 contracts and grants 1 patent

34 12/13 INITIATIVES FOR GOAL 3 Begin implementing recommendations from outside consultant. Fund $675K in startup costs for new faculty research Continue $120,000 in funding for research in the UNF Environmental Center. This includes funding for summer research internships for students. (nonrecurring) Fund 2 faculty positions in the Coastal Engineering Center

35 GOAL 4: Affirm the university’s public responsibility through civic and community engagement

Students in CIS 4327 – Information Systems Senior Project developed web-based database projects for non-profits in Jacksonville, FL These included United Way, River Region Human Services, Helping Hands Neighborhood NetworkCenter, and the Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition. Helping Hands will continue its relationship with UNF by having Computing Science Interns work on its website development this summer

Every course in the Pre-K/Early Learning Program partners with one of eight different community organizations including Early Head Start, Jewish Community Alliance, Woodland Acres Elementary and Duval County Schools. Every student in these courses completes 45 hours in authentic learning situations. During the past year, 104 UNF students provided more than 1650 hours of direct service as part of their academic course work. f

38 Recognitions for Goal 4 The University of North Florida was admitted to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for its work in community settings, student volunteerism and philanthropic efforts as well as academic programs that include forms of community-based learning. This Honor Roll award is the second national award UNF has received for its community engagement efforts. Last year, the University received the prestigious Community Engaged University designation by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. 

39 12/13 INITIATIVES FOR GOAL 4 The College of Education and Human Services will launch the Center for Urban Education and Policy, funded using Schultz distinguished professor funds The mission is to provide a central site for organizing and disseminating information regarding urban education activities and initiatives. Continue to fund departmental grants to increase community-based education in coursework Continue funding for CROP (College Reach Out Program) (nonrecurring) Continue to work with the World Affairs Council on the Global Issues Forum and will continue to host the Distinguished Voices lecture (nonrecurring)

40 GOAL 5: Secure fiscal, physical and technological resources aligned with the university’s mission and values

Opened the new biology building Opened the new Disability Resources and Military Veterans Resources Centers Began increased programming for student life using funds from the Student Life and Services fee The most appropriate measure for utility cost is to compare the campus EPI score.  This shows the energy used on a per square foot basis per year.  The campus EPI (kBTU/sq.ft/year) score increased from in 2007 to in 2011, an increase of 6%.  

Migrated all student accounts to the “cloud” resulting in a three-year cost savings of $100,000 Expanded capacity and capability of the Blackboard Learning Management System to accommodate increased academic utilization. Completed migration of all University divisions to the web content management system, providing a consistent look and feel to the University’s web presence. Began moving to paperless board meetings

43 Recognitions for Goal 5 UNF was listed in the “2012 Guide to 322 Green Colleges”, a comprehensive guidebook profiling institutions of higher education that demonstrate a notable commitment to sustainability in their academic offerings, campus infrastructure, activities and career preparation.   Earlier in the year UNF was named one of the100 “Coolest Schools” by Sierra magazine.   UNF’s Student Union was recognized by the Florida Chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA Florida) as the best educational building and voted the TOP building in the state by architects’ votes and as the No. 4 building overall in the state by public vote.

44 11/12 INITIATIVES FOR GOAL 5 Complete construction on Student Wellness Center Complete construction on new student dining facility Increase funding for need-based aid - (Tuition Differential) Implement Blackboard Mobile components, provide convenient access to Blackboard and other applications from a variety of mobile devices.

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