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Social franchising Its impact and ESFN

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1 Social franchising Its impact and ESFN
Keith Richardson

2 Social Franchising defined
The social franchisor A social franchisee A common brand Interchange of knowledge

3 Social Franchising is also
A federation A market orientated growth mechanism An form of self organisation 3

4 Our inspiration 4

5 5

6 Activities A directory of social franchises Assessing impact
Development of website Workshops with social franchises

7 UK - 36 National Community Wood Recycling MyBnk Bikeworks Riverford Organics Ex-cell solutions Ethical Property Princess Royal Trust for Carers Participle Big Issue Foster Care Cooperative My Time CIC Bio Regional The Big Lemon Household Energy Services School for Social Entreprenuers Brighter Futures Green Works Fruit to Suit Health Exchange Future Clean Friends of Farmers Markets Care and Share Associates Green Gym Law for All Pack-It Big Green Valley Aquamacs H2oPE Sit N B Fit CIC Land Society Entrepreneursity Limited Social Enterprise Mark Company Zero Waste in a Box Eco Kids Social Support Projects Italy - 5 Consorzio Pan Atlantide Comunita Solidali Le Mat Welfare Italia Sweden - 3 Friskis & Svettis Villa Vagen Ut Germany - 5 Dialogue in the Dark Balu und du Notinsel Miniphaenomenta Lifeguide Denmark -1 Specialisterne France - 3 AETES Environnment Energies Alternatives Optimom  Belgium -5 De Kringwinkel Energy Savers Groep INTRO Fietsenwerk Age d’Or Services Lithuania -1 Reda Sutkuviene  Netherlands-1 Fietspunt Greece -1 Peiran Poland -1 Barka Portugal -1 Empowerment Gateway Eire -1 Fledglings Early Years Education & Care

8 The Research 19 social franchises 4 aspiring social franchises
UK 15, Belgium 3 , Sweden2 , Italy 1, Lithuania 1, Germany 1, France 1

9 What do they do?

10 The scale of social franchises
6,766 employees 65% employees are disadvantaged Turnover of €200 million. 324 social franchisees

11 Developing a social franchise
40% social franchisors established since 2006 60% developed social franchise without external advice/support 76% received external funding 57% development funded by ESF

12 Cap Markt growth

13 Growth in practice “It has taken us 10 years to set up a community based professional mental health service that is able to win contracts from public sector commissioners and meet professional standards. This has been replicated in a format that with training can enable qualified franchisees 12 months to get fully operational and set up.” 13

14 Motivation

15 Motivation “To create the maximum number of paid jobs for people with disabilities possible.” “To be able to negotiate as an equal partner with the government/railway company - gathering and sharing know-how between the different companies - shared product-development.” 15

16 Support needed 16

17 Genoa Expert seminar 15 participants 12 social franchises

18 Key success factors Proven & replicable business model Sustainability
Rooted Adequately Resourced Clear mission Mutuality

19 Future needs Need to work together Promote proven success models
Share best practice Benchmark Facilitate rapid growth and employment of disadvantaged people


21 Next steps Conference Finance seminar Final report

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