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Act 1.  He does not know where it comes from.  It makes him sad.

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1 Act 1


3  He does not know where it comes from.  It makes him sad.

4  He is worried about his merchandise at sea.

5  Strong winds can destroy them.  Run aground on sandbanks.  Run into rocks.

6  You don’t look well. You take life too seriously. If you worry too much you will loose everything. You look very different.

7  Make him laugh by acting like a comedian.

8  He wants to marry Portia who inherited a lot of money.

9  Bassanio can borrow money in Antonio’s name from anybody in Venice.

10 Act 1, Scene 2

11  She is very rich and should be happy.

12  She can not choose or refuse who must marry.

13  Whoever chooses the casket with Portia’s picture in it, may marry her.

14  The Prince from Naples  Count Palatine  Monsieur Le Bon  Falconbridge, Baron from England  Scottish Lord  Duke of Saxony’s nephew

15  Not one.

16  The Prince of Marocco

17  A horse

18  The Prince’s mother must have slept with a blacksmith, that is why the prince likes horses.

19  Frown

20  He shows no emotion.

21  He would be crying all the time.

22  He must be a man because God made him a man.

23  He has a bigger horse, a bigger frown. He is always better than somebody else.

24  It would be as if she married twenty husbands.

25  He only speaks English, no Italian or Latin.

26  He wears strange clothes.  His jacket comes from Italy, his tights from France, his cap from Germany and his behaviour from everywhere else.

27  He will take revenge on the English.

28  He is sober in the morning but drunk in the evening.  When he is sober he is rude and when he is drunk he behaves like a beast.

29 Act 1 Scene 3

30  3000 ducats

31  Antonio will pay the debt.

32  He has ships going to: ◦ India ◦ Tripolis ◦ England ◦ Mexico

33  Shylock is Jewish and does not eat pork.

34  Antonio is a Christian  He lends out money without asking interest.  Antonio has insulted Shylock.  Antonio has spat on Shylock.  Antonio has kicked Shylock and called Shylock a dog.  Antonio insulted the Jewish race.

35  He wants to help Bassanio

36  Antonio is his enemy so if Antonio cannot repay the sum of money Shylock will not pity him when Shylock must punish him to get the money.

37  Shylock will cut a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body if Antonio can not repay the 3000 ducats in three months’ time. Shylock will ask no interest.

38  Antonio’s ships will return a month before he has to repay the debt.

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