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9 th July 2013. Applying to University and the UCAS Personal Statement Paul Dunton Outreach & Recruitment Officer Anglia Ruskin University.

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1 9 th July 2013

2 Applying to University and the UCAS Personal Statement Paul Dunton Outreach & Recruitment Officer Anglia Ruskin University


4 UCAS: Universities & Colleges Admissions Service 5 ChooseCourses Apply Online Write a Personal Statement Reference written by the school Predicted grades added by the school Application fee - £12 / £23 Applying to University

5 Applying – UCAS

6 Applying – key dates 1 st September UCAS Apply available 15 th October Closing date for: Oxford/Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Science 15 th January Closing date for all other courses Late applications process starts End of February UCAS Extra available End of June Late applications process closes UCAS Extra closes July to September Clearing starts

7 “Your opportunity to tell universities and colleges about your suitability for the course(s) that you hope to study. You need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment, and above all, ensure that you stand out from the crowd.” UCAS website Your Personal Statement

8 The opportunity to sell yourself You let the University know why you are the best candidate for the course This may be your only chance to make the case for you to be offered a place It can make a difference later in the application process as well Admissions tutors find personal statements crucial when making decisions What’s it all about?

9 You only complete one Personal Statement Length: Up to 4000 characters or 47 lines of text (approximately 600 words) UCAS Apply does not have a spell check! The Personal Statement must be your own work The Basics:

10 Why that course? How much do you know about the subject? Why do you want to study it further? Do you have experience? What are your career aspirations? What are your skills, attributes & achievements? Can you answer these?

11 Are you a member of any groups/clubs? What are your interests and hobbies? Do you have any work experience? What are your proudest achievements? What skills and abilities do you think you have? What makes you an interesting and unique person? Things to consider SHEET ONE

12 The skills universities love… Specialised subject knowledge Problem analysis and solving Leadership and teamwork Communication and Presentation Planning and organisation Working to a deadline Managing pressure What skills are specific to your course? e.g. manual dexterity SHEET TWO

13 “…detailed textual and/or critical analysis, through discussion, and which may also incorporate some practical explorations. This work is balanced between tutor-led, student-led and self-directed study, and complemented by resource-based learning…” BA Hons Drama will involve… Studying Drama at A level has developed my ability to analyse style, for my coursework I critically analysed the contemporary style of… Anglia Ruskin University online prospectus: Drama (BA hons)

14 Connect the skills you need to succeed on the course (sheet 2), with the experiences you have had (sheet 1). Sheet 3: your personal statement Claims about the skills you have, backed up with examples.

15 Obvious Rules… Show enthusiasm and commitment Make it interesting Check your spelling and grammar Organise your statement into a logical structure making sure it reads well Don’t repeat yourself Take your time and get it right

16 Grab the reader’s attention from the start… “Ever since I accidentally burnt holes in my pyjamas after experimenting with a chemistry set on my 8th birthday, I have always had a passion for science.” Medicine Applicant “ Earlier this year I was involved in a car accident, and as I sat among the wreckage I was shocked to see that not one person stopped to help me. Didn’t anyone care enough to help? If it weren’t for the science of Psychology, this and so many other questions would go unanswered.” Psychology Applicant

17 …and keep it until the end Rather than… “I am looking forward to my time studying illustration” Use … “I want to become a professional illustrator and I am very determined to make the most of a degree course that will help me achieve my ambition.”

18 Have I finished? Are my goals well articulated? Have I explained why I want to study the course? Do I demonstrate knowledge about the course? Have I evidenced relevant skills and attributes that make me stand out? Does it read well? Have I asked for feedback? If the answer to all of the above is yes, then you have the makings of a good personal statement!

19 Student Finance 2013 Paul Dunton Outreach and Recruitment Officer

20 Application Financial Support Repayments Student Finance

21 Who’s who? Apply Online (Applications normally run from January to May) Click here to apply Sponsors can register & support an application here Students can register & apply here Click on academic year to see more detail Check where your application is up to

22 Eligibility You need to: Be a UK national or have 'settled status' in the UK (under the terms of the Immigration Act 1971) Be ‘ordinarily resident’ in England Have been 'ordinarily resident' in the UK for the three years immediately before starting the course Not already have a degree level qualification Be aged under 60 when you start your course.

23 Eligibility The institution must be: A UK degree-awarding institution A college that receives government funding and provides a course leading to a degree qualification A private institution offering specifically designated higher education courses (ask your university or college if it qualifies) A group of schools taking part in the School- Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) scheme

24 Independent Students Means Testing Dependent Students An assessment is made on the student’s (and partner’s) income* if.. Over 25 Self-supporting for 3 years previous Married No parents living Estranged from parents Have a child Assessment is made on household income* In cases of divorce or separation, assessment is made on who the student mainly lives with * Residual Income = Before tax but after pension contributions

25 Key Words Fees Loans Grants Fee Waivers NSP

26 Tuition Fees Regardless of the fee level, you don’t pay any money up front The Tuition Fee is the cost of your course at University. It pays for your teaching and your access to the facilities of the university Universities in England may charge up to £9,000 per year for their courses and many are charging this full amount

27 Tuition Fees Loan Not means tested Covers the entire cost of your fees Paid back after you graduate Also available for Part-time courses

28 Student Finance Repay Tuition Fees Loan

29 Maintenance Loan Living at Home £2,843 £4,375 Living Elsewhere £3,575 £5,500 Living in London £4,988 £7,675 Minimum Loan Everybody gets the first 65% of the full loan amount. The other 35% is means tested The loan can change depending on where you study You are not obliged to take the loans Max Loan

30 Tuition Fees Loan Maintenance Loan Repay Student Finance

31 Maintenance Grant Household Income Maximum of £3,354 per year No need to repay Entirely means tested based on household income £25,000 or less £3,354 £25,000 - £42,600 £3,354 - £50 £42,600 and up £0 Grant Available

32 Student Finance Repay Tuition Fees Loan Maintenance LoanMaintenance Grant Don’t Repay

33 Fee Waivers Fee Waivers reduce the price of your tuition fees, so you don’t have to borrow as much money to go to University Our higher fee waiver is worth £1,500 per year off the cost of your tuition fees Eligibility requirements will vary from one university to another Our standard fee waiver is worth £500 per year off the cost of your tuition fees Top Tip: Mark Anglia Ruskin as the Uni you plan to attend on your finance application

34 National Scholarship Programme The criteria for eligibility and support available will be different at each UK university There are limited NSP places available at Anglia Ruskin so apply early to ensure you don’t miss out! You can apply for an NSP at Anglia Ruskin University if: You have applied for a full-time undergraduate course You are starting University for the first time in the academic year 2013/14 You are either normally resident in England or are an EU citizens from outside the UK (if your home is in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you are not eligible for the NSP) Your household income is below £25,000 per year You intend to select Anglia Ruskin as your firm choice

35 How to Apply

36 Student Finance Repay Tuition Fees Loan Maintenance LoanMaintenance Grant Scholarship Programme Don’t Repay

37 Loans and Grants and Household Income Max. Loan £5,500 Min. Loan £3,575 25k 30k 35k 40k £3,823 £4,292 £4,761 £5,230 42.875k 50k 55k 60k 62.5k + £5,500 £4,788 £4,288 £3,788 £3,575 £540 £1,478 £2,416 £3,354£7,177 £6,708 £6,239 £5,770 £5,500 £4,788 £4,388 £3,788 £3,575 42.6k£5,475 £50 £5,525 Max Loan Grant is reduced by £1 for every complete £5.50 by which the income exceeds £25,000 Loan is reduced by £0.50 for every £1 of maintenance grantLoan is reduced by £1 for every complete £10.00 by which the income exceeds £42,875

38 NHS Fees / Bursary Bursaries are available for courses such as Nursing, Midwifery, Operating department practice and Social Work.. Contact the NHS Student Bursaries Team Helpline: 0845 358 6655 (Medical) Helpline: 0845 610 1122 (Social Work) Nurses, Midwives and ODPs usually have their fees paid

39 Special Support Grant A lone parent Aged over 60 With a partner who is also a student, and they have children Receiving incapacity benefit or non means-tested disability allowance Registered deaf or blind A refugee With an entitlement to certain means-tested benefits such as income support during term time The Special Support Grant is paid instead of the Maintenance Grant, but does not affect the Maintenance Loan

40 Other support Disabled Students Allowance A disability, mental health condition or specific learning disability Adult Dependent Grant A financially dependent adult family member Parent’s Learning Allowance Childcare Grant Other bursaries, grants and scholarships

41 Anglia Books Plus £100 per year to spend at John Smiths bookshop on campus Sports Bursary £1000 a year in training support for students representing the University at a national level in their sport. Particular focus on Judo, Cricket and Rowing but other sports may also be considered. Other non-repayable support

42 Repaying the Loans Tuition/Maintenance Loan paid back after graduation If earnings fall below £21,000 per year, repayments stop Paid back from your earnings Only repay when earning over £21,000 per year Repayments based on what you earn, not what you owe e.g. Earn £25,000, repay £6.92 per week, around £30 a month (£360 a year)

43 Repaying the Loans Sliding scale interest rate, linked to Inflation and earnings During study period = RPI + 3% Up to £21,000 rate = RPI only £21,000 + = RPI + 0.15% for each £1000 over £21,000 £41,000+ = RPI + 3% This is the maximum rate Loan is cancelled if you have it for 30 years Does not affect credit rating Remember, the interest charged will not effect your repayments

44 Earning Potential Average graduate starting salary 1 £22,800 Average extra lifetime earnings compared to non-graduates with 2 A levels 2 25% UK Graduates currently aged 30-44 earn: 77% more than non-graduates of the same age 3 1.APSCO Research for The Telegraph - Oct 2012 2.HECSU 2007 3.OECD 2007

45 Debt… “Some types of debt are much better than others, all debts are not the same” Martin Lewis “Many wrongly believe that due to the higher tuition fees, people will have less money in their pockets each month than currently.” “Those earning above the £21,000 threshold will have £470-a-year more in their pockets than now… “

46 Help! Customer helpline: 0845 300 5090 finance www.

47 Important dates June 2013 UCAS launched to students. Visit from Loughborough University Representative 86 students registered in first 24 hours! Higher Education Fair (74 students attended) Tutors gave advice on Personal Statements September 2013 Students can apply to UCAS from mid-September First draft of personal statement completed UCAS online details to be completed Additional Personal Statement workshops provided Ox-Bridge support 15 th October 2013 Deadline for Oxford/Cambridge Deadline for ANY course in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary science UCAS ‘Advice Bus’ to visit school

48 Important Dates 2 nd December 2013 School internal deadline for applicants January 15 th 2014 UCAS deadline for all subjects (except some Art and Design) March 24 th 2014 Art and Design Courses deadline N.B some may have the January 15 th Deadline Check with institution May 7 th 2014 Students must reply to offers and accept a FIRM choice and an INSURANCE

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