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A guide to the 2011-2012 Financial Aid Year (Numbers in parentheses refer to page numbers in “Fund Your Future” financial aid booklets)

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1 A guide to the 2011-2012 Financial Aid Year (Numbers in parentheses refer to page numbers in “Fund Your Future” financial aid booklets)


3  SAVINGS ACCOUNT (14)  GRANTS (4-8) ◦ Money you don’t have to repay; usually based on financial need.  SCHOLARSHIPS (13-14) ◦ Money you don’t have to repay; competitive and usually based on area of study or merit.  WORK-STUDY PROGRAM (5&9) ◦ Federal program that lets you earn money for school while working at an on- or off-campus job.  LOANS (16-21) ◦ Borrowed money that you must pay back, usually with interest. (3)

4  Federal Government ◦ FAFSA  State Agency/Government ◦ GPA VERIFICATION FORM  Colleges and Universities ◦ INSTITUTIONAL FORMS ◦ CSS PROFILE (Private Institutions)  Private Agencies/Companies/Foundations ◦ Scholarships

5 Students and their families have the primary responsibility to pay for higher education expenses to the extent that they are able. Top 10 Important Things to Qualify for Federal & State Aid. (1)

6 Cost Of Attendance (COA) -- COA Includes: TuitionRoom and Board FeesBooks Transportation Personal Expenses Note: Cost of Attendance includes costs & expenses a student would have even if they were not enrolled in college. Expected Family Contribution (EFC) -- the amount that you and your family are expected to pay Subtract: Your Federal Eligibility -- the determined amount of “need” for financial aid in the form of grants, loans, and/or work-study Equals : Determine: HOW DO I QUALIFY FOR STUDENT AID? (25)

7 College Costs in Thousands COA EFC Federal Eligibility 30 20 0 10 15 (For grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans) (Tuition/fees, residence, meals, books, transportation, and personal expenses) (25)

8  The application used to apply for federal and most state financial aid, and sometimes institutional aid.  It asks for information about you, your family, your finances, and your college plans.  Complete the FAFSA at Or call 800.433.3243 to have a paper FAFSA mailed to  It can be submitted starting January 1, 2011. (22-24)

9 (22) Each student and a parent needs to get a PIN number for electronic/online FAFSA filing. Get your PIN numbers NOW!

10 Web: Phone: 800.433.3243 (800.4FED.AID) TTY 800.730.8913 (hearing impaired) Live Chat: Click “Live Help” @ In Person: California Cash for College Workshops or 888.224.7268 (24)

11  The form submitted, in addition to the FAFSA, in order to apply for a Cal-Grant.  May be submitted electronically or mailed.  Can be submitted beginning in November 2010 for the 2011-2012 school year.  Deadline for submission is March 2, 2011. (26)

12  The financial aid application administered by the College Board and required by some independent colleges and scholarship organizations to award private aid.  The application is only available online at  There is a fee to apply and fee waivers are available.  Deadline for submission varies by institution.

13 Where can I find scholarships? WEBSITES …And many more… SCHOLARSHIP BOOKS COUNSELORS/TEACHERS PEERS (13 & back cover)


15  Grants  Scholarships  Financial Aid Forms  Priority & Deadline Dates

16 Students: Update your FAFSA and continue to search for scholarships every year you are in college. (32)

17 Students without Social Security Numbers: AB-540 & Scholarships: (12)



20 (24)

21  Student Aid Report (SAR) (28-29) ◦ Lists your EFC for the school year.  California Aid Report (CAR) (28-29) ◦ Gives an estimate of your Cal-Grant Award.  Evaluate financial aid offers (30) ◦ Each college you report on the FAFSA will send you a financial aid package with the grant, loan, and/or work- study amounts you would receive if attending that institution.

22 Contact us at: 858.569.1866 California CASH for COLLEGE Cal-Grant & FAFSA Event High School Seniors and Parents $1000 Scholarship Opportunity FAFSA Individual Assistance Tax Preparation (1040EZ) Lincoln High School Saturday, January 29, 2011 Time: 9am-12noon Come at any time and plan to stay an hour.  Click on “Events” More dates and times…

23  Sat., Jan. 29 9am-Noon ◦ Lincoln High School  Sat., Feb. 5 9am-Noon ◦ Hoover High School ◦ San Ysidro High School  Fri., Feb. 18 9am-Noon ◦ Imperial Valley College  Sat., Feb. 19 9am-Noon ◦ CSU San Marcos  Sat., Feb. 26 9am-Noon ◦ CSU San Marcos ◦ Southwest High School ◦ Madison High School ◦ Montgomery High School For more info., directions, and registration: → Click on “Events”

24  Step 1 : Get a PIN for yourself and one parent (custodial):  Step 2 : (optional): Print out a FAFSA on the web worksheet online:  Step 3 : Complete the FAFSA online before March 2:  Step 4 : Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) via email or the FAFSA website:  Step 5 : Wait for your financial aid packages from each of your colleges of interest– via mail and/or email!

25 THANK YOU! For information and events on high school preparation, college planning, and financial aid, remain up-to-date with the Cal-SOAP website:

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