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Applying to Oxbridge Gareth Duxbury Student Recruitment Officer

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1 Applying to Oxbridge Gareth Duxbury Student Recruitment Officer

2 Contents  Learning at Oxbridge  Life at Oxbridge – College?  Application  Finance

3 Academic Life Tutorials / Supervisions Lectures Classes Laboratory work and fieldwork Experienced Tutors Independent learning Provision of world-class resources

4 College Life 29 at Oxford - 25 at Cambridge College is primarily where students live Student roomsTutors’ studies LibraryComputer Facilities Dining Hall Common room Sports facilitiesMusic facilities College Students’ Union Base for the core tutorial teaching Most colleges offer places for most subjects

5 Specify a College or make an ‘Open’ application Colleges have more similarities than differences Roughly 24% of successful applicants are made offers by a different College to the one that they originally applied (Ox). Factors to consider: Check the college offers your subject Size Style Location Accommodation Specific facilities Choosing a College

6 Entrance Requirements Typical offer: A-level – AAA (Ox) A*AA (Cam) (2010 TBC) IB 38-40 (7s & 6s at HL) Entry criteria are purely academic Emphasis is on potential Between 1/5 and 1/6 success rate

7 Tutors Consider Predicted A level grades UMS Scores (Cam only) GCSE results UCAS personal statement UCAS reference Written tests (where required) Written work (where required) Interviews

8 An Oxbridge Personal Statement Content: Two-thirds – academic One-third – all other aspects of student Style: Concise Honest Clear Simple

9 Pre interview tests BMAT – Medicine & Biomedical Sciences(Ox) Medicine and Veterinary Science (Cam) LNAT – Law (Ox) Examples of Oxford specific tests ELAT – English HAT – History PPE and Economics and Management Physics Mathematics & Computer Science Experimental Psychology / PPP Some subjects require written work to be submitted Written tests at interview for other subjects (Ox & Cam) Admissions Tests

10 Interviews Last between 20-40 minutes normally 2-3 tutors can be present More than one interview May have interviews at other Colleges (Ox) Nearly entirely academic in focus Students should be prepared to : Engage with new and challenging ideas Display intellectual flexibility and curiosity Be pushed to the edge of their ‘comfort zone’

11 What Are Tutors Looking For? Academic ability Academic potential Independent thought Interest in your subject Commitment to study Selection criteria on the web

12 How to Apply Complete a UCAS form 15 October Admissions Tests By 4 November Written work Mid - November (Written tests at interview for other subjects) Interviews Early - Mid December Decisions and OffersLate Dec - Early Jan

13 Residual Household IncomeBursaryStart-up (First year only) £0 – £17,999£3,225£875 £18,00 – £25,000£3,225£0 £25,001 - £49,999 £3,225 - £200 £0 Oxford Opportunity Bursary That’s up to £13,675 for a 4 year course

14 University-owned accommodation College scholarships, prizes and awards Subsidised College meals Cheap College entertainment Availability of course materials Cheap transport Financial benefits of studying at Oxbridge

15 Don’t have to pay university fees upfront Tuition Fee and Maintenance Student Loans combined Repay 9% of your salary over £15,000 Salary per annumRepay per week £15,000 £ 0.00 £20,000 £ 8.65 £25,000 £17.30 Loans cancelled after 25 years Part-time work during term time Repaying the Student Loan

16 Want to know more?  Check our websites  Oxbridge Regional Conferences March 2010  Open Days June & September 2010

17 Any Questions?

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