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Customer First Targeted Support Panel Meeting 24 th June 2008 Eleanor Currie.

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1 Customer First Targeted Support Panel Meeting 24 th June 2008 Eleanor Currie

2 Introductions Your organisation Your experience in working with Targeted Support applicants What you bring to the Panel

3 Stakeholder Engagement Structure

4 What was the stakeholder analysis process ? 1.Identification of stakeholders and their scope of interest in the new service – Stakeholder Profiles 2.Influence levels modelled –Power/Interest matrix 3.Specific engagement requirements and objectives agreed –Engagement mind map 4.Degree of commonality determined 5.Engagement structure established

5 C1P Programme Board SLC Sub-Programme Board Stakeholder Management Team DIUS HEI Advisory Group Stakeholder Design Validation Panel Other Work-streams Stakeholder Forum LA Advisory Group Targeted Support Panel IAG Delivery Partnership SIG Strand Leads LARCG SL Employers Group Validation Programme Structure derived from analysis

6 Service Design Validation panel bi-monthly meetings, formal validation of overall service design. Attendees identified from analysis: NASMA, NUS, UCAS, DWP, HMRC (data- sharing delivery partners), ARC, LA rep, UNIAID, Skill, 2 HEI reps, AoC, DIUS (targeted support team), AMOSSHE For 09/10 will also encompass validation of Targeted Support design HEI (Services) Advisory Group Bi-monthly meetings, evidence of cascade, formal validation. Attendees: AMOSSHE, ARC, AUA, BUFDG, NASMA, NUS, UUK, DIUS, UCAS, min 7 independent HEIs Validation of HEI Services. Review and comment on Central Unit and student services. IAG Delivery Partnership SIG Validation of IAG. Joint development of best delivery vehicles, timing and distribution channels for partner organisations. Attendees: Connexions, Learndirect, DCSF (Youth Services IAG team), DIUS (Adult Learning Services), HELOA, HMRC, LSC, NASMA, NUS. Stakeholder Groups (1)

7 LA Advisory group (process assurance) team. Created from LARCG contact list. Validation of applications and assessments. Review and comment on IAG. Targeted support SIG (starts June 2008) Attendance organisations identified. Validation of Targeted Support services Employers Group sub-group of HMRC’s Employer Consultation forum. Stakeholder Forum I nformation events for all stakeholders (first Forum held in Jan 08, second November 08). ICR Communications Group SLC press team, SLC ICR team, HMRC press team, DIUS press office, DIUS ICR Policy team, Wales/Scotland and Northern Ireland press invited. Stakeholder Groups (2)

8 Example : Key Engagement Activities timetable (2008 first quarter programme)

9 Issues log extract WorkstreamIssue No. DateDescriptionStake- holder OriginActioned to StatusConclusion Service Design SDC110/02/0 7 Applicants in receipt of benefit should be fully informed of the impact any SF payments might have on their benefits. Arrangements for handling this should be agreed with the relevant policy team within DW DWPValidatio n panel Dave Thomson CompleteAdvisor training materials & web content updated to include info on benefits impact Information, Advice and Guidance IG504/10/0 7 Concern that the move towards a centralised system will negatively impact DSA students SKILLValidatio n panel Elaine Dyer CompleteEmail to s/h detailing processes in place for dealing with complex cases HEI ServicesHE110/06/0 7 My FF dependency: HEIs advise that in current plans they won't have bursaries, scholarships and fee data until November each year HEI Advisory Group Susan Maguire Entered into workstrea m issues log Service design won't allow for static text summaries and monthly data refreshes

10 Case Study 1 ( Page 1 ) Enhanced Ready Reckoner / My Fact Find Stakeholder initiated changes to design DWP – Impact of SFS payments on benefits will be explained in IAG and ERR/MFF web content NASMA – pre-population of budget planner will have clear explanation of assumptions SKILL – specific question to identify Targeted Support eligibility will be designed at early point on ERR and MFF with clear explanation of disability AMOSSHE – SSG will be properly explained and handled within design HEI - questions will be very clearly worded to ensure issues like gross or net income are clear NASMA - Clear site content on PT employment will be included UNIAID - Case studies will be used particularly for repayment and the budget calculator

11 Overview of new Student Finance Service ‘Student Finance England’

12 Background End to End Review of Student Finance in England Ministerial announcement to create a customer focused, centralised service managed by a transformed SLC Agreed Blueprint with DIUS for the new service Approach to phased delivery over a 3 year period Design phase informed by extensive customer engagement Validation of design by stakeholders and delivery partners

13 The Customer Journey Design My Information and Guidance My Application and Offer My Fact FindMy Payment My Repayment What will I actually get ? What could I get ? When will I get paid ? When will I repay it ? Manage Measure Improve

14 The Customer Journey Design My Information and Guidance My Application and Offer My Fact FindMy Payment My Repayment What will I actually get ? What could I get ? When will I get paid ? When will I repay it ? Manage Measure Improve My Fact Find What could I get ? Personalised quotation Comparator based on HEI and course Select up to 5 courses Includes statutory and bursary support Available through different channels

15 The Customer Journey Design My Information and Guidance My Application and Offer My Fact FindMy Payment My Repayment What will I actually get ? What could I get ? When will I get paid ? When will I repay it ? Manage Measure Improve My Application and Offer What will I actually get ? Primarily on-line Simplified for new applicants UCAS links for registration UCAS links for course choices Instant provisional assessment Track application progress Final course/final assessment On-line re-assessments Simplified renewal process

16 The Customer Journey Design My Information and Guidance My Application and Offer My Fact FindMy Payment My Repayment What will I actually get ? What could I get ? When will I get paid ? When will I repay it ? Manage Measure Improve My Payment When will I get paid ? Clear payment expectations Customer notifications (i.e. SMS) Changes administered quickly On-line account maintenance

17 The Customer Journey Design My Information and Guidance My Application and Offer My Fact FindMy Payment My Repayment What will I actually get ? What could I get ? When will I get paid ? When will I repay it ? Manage Measure Improve My Repayment When will I repay it ? Clear communication from early stage Budget, payment and repayment calculators Proposals to reduce overpayment Option to repay outside tax system On-line repayment service

18 The Customer Journey Design My Information and Guidance My Application and Offer My Fact FindMy Payment My Repayment What will I actually get ? What could I get ? When will I get paid ? When will I repay it ? Manage Measure Improve My Information and Guidance Expanded area of responsibility Awareness and promotion Throughout the period of the loan Support for parents and sponsors Special needs groups Local partners and central service Network of regional consultants Continuous improvement Customer engagement New measurement methods Customer satisfaction feedback

19 Annual Cycle Changes Now Information & Guidance 9/10 April before My Fact FindSept Application & OfferSept Start PaymentNo change Returning StudentsJan onwards Repayment InformationAt Application Dec/Jan n/a March start No change Feb At Graduation HEI Course CollectionMay beforeJan/Feb Regulations Laid/In ForceJuly beforeJan/Feb

20 Programme Timetable 09/10 Centralisation for new English applicants Central Processing Unit at Darlington Alignment with UCAS timetable (Sept) Enhancements to on-line services 10/11 Full My Fact Find service Simplified new application process Services available on multiple channels Fast track renewals for returning students 11/12 LAs in England withdraw Centralisation of all new and returners Complete remaining transition tasks Programme closedown Enabling Projects

21 Where are we now…

22 Customer Engagement Focus groups Customer needs and wants identifed Informed the initial design Validated with 1800 customers Special research for Targeted Support customers Joint customer research with HMRC on repayment My Fact Find prototyped with customers Stakeholder groups to validate design output Embed as a standard way of working

23 Central Processing Unit Assessment and processing of all new applications for English domiciled applicants Customer contact centre dealing with –Information, advice and guidance –Applications and assessments –Targeted Support applicants Location – Lingfield Point, Darlington Staff – 550+ Re-location of our existing Darlington operational unit and EU loans processing

24 Single Virtual Contact Centre Glasgow Colwyn Bay Darlington Link 3 locations drawing upon skills and experience Blending customer channel of choice –Phone –Email –Internet/Webchat –Paper Managed through a new technical solution

25 Branding Customers confused over current brands Tested options on both customers and stakeholders Ministerial approval to re- brand the English student finance service for 09/10 Neutral brand Student Finance Services for EU students Repayment brand is under review

26 What happens next…

27 Timeline

28 Questions & Answers

29 Student Finance System DSA Support

30 Student Finance System – DSA Support Scope for AY 2009/10 For new students only With scope to recommend changes to the needs assessment centres, DSA equipment suppliers and non medical helpers via DSA-QAG Limited scope to change policy

31 Student Finance System – DSA Support Customer Engagement and Validation SLC has undertaken extensive review with disabled students. This includes students attending focus groups interviews with individual students opinion survey research with a student panel. Students have been involved in reviewing and early designs of the online system changes SLC intends to involve DSA students in the testing phase There is already an awareness that dyslexic students may not consider themselves as disabled.

32 Vulnerable Groups Research Research was undertaken among three vulnerable groups to recommend: –The timing, type and amount of assistance that each group needs before, during and after application for student finance –How the application process could be simplified for each group The three key groups were identified as: –Students claiming Disabled Students Allowance –Students in lower income families (under £37.5k household income pa) with parents who have difficulties understanding written English –Students claiming Childcare Grant

33 Research findings summary DSAs students need more support and help with application itself, sorting out evidence and resolving problems. Despite needing more support, they appear to be suffering from far more difficulties in getting their entitlements than other students. In contrast, CCGs have fewer problems with their applications but need more pre-application information. Despite putting more effort into researching their finance options because it is so critical to their family situation, CCGs still struggle with knowing how much they might be entitled to. SNESPs are reasonably well informed because they are more likely to have been helped by their school or college. They struggle with explaining to their parents why they need to provide financial information and what information is required.

34 DSAs’ applications – Research Recommendations The guiding principle should be to make it as streamlined as possible Ideally they would apply for DSA at the same time as other finance but they need to be persuaded that Student Finance can handle this efficiently. The system also needs to allow for the many who will apply at different times of the year. The option for face-to-face contact is necessary but most would be happy if Student Finance simply provided sympathetic, knowledgeable, patient telephone support to help with their online applications.

35 DSAs’ applications – Research Recommendations If the application was simpler, if it was clearer what was required, or if less exacting evidence was required, the demand for face-to-face support would be a lot lower. A named contact should be offered as soon as a problem arises. For telephone support, partially deaf students prefer a female voice with no accent (deep voices and broad accents are more difficult to hear). Partially sighted students need the form to be optimised for accessibility software (eg. Zoom Text) or to have a large font version. Have a quick process for authorising carers or friends to speak with Student Finance on the student’s behalf.

36 Student Finance System – DSA Support Suppliers Database SLC is developing a database of DSA suppliers, and non-medical helpers, keeping information on suppliers and their bank accounts (estimated delivery June 09) Suppliers can invoice for goods and services and have these settled direct to suppliers bank accounts without data re-entry SLC will be able to monitor expenditure by supplier, bundle remittance notifications and payments (phase 2) Satisfy VFM and fraud requirements through greater visibility SLC staff will be able to use the database to handle telephone and email enquiries from the suppliers.

37 Student Finance System – DSA Support Needs Assessments Quotations In order to encourage efficiency and competitive quotes, Needs Assessments centres will be required to obtain 3 quotes for equipment, no min threshold Unique items can be paid on one quote, discretion and common sense approach Required to achieve VFM and compliance with public sector procurement rules Standard layout of Quotes will make comparison easier Only 1 quote is needed for non-medical helpers The costs of completing Needs Assessments and Reports will continue to be deducted from the DSA general allowance.

38 Student Finance System – DSA Support DSA & ELQs SLC is assuming DSA is excluded from the ELQ exemption, as is HEFCE, but a final policy confirmation is still outstanding The CPU, and LA staff, are aware that these students can still provide household income and consent to share for the bursary system, as institutions may use bursary funds to minimise ELQ impact on the imposition of higher course fees.

39 Student Finance System – DSA Support Electronic Applications For AY 09/10 on-line applications are not available Research confirms on-line applications are the preferred method of applications, 10/11 developing online DSA students can complete a paper or download a word version of the application form Applicants will be directed to this option when completing the on-line application for maintenance and fees support.

40 Student Finance System – DSA Support Paper Application Changes Forms - All students will be asked to complete a PN1 or PR1 first, and then to complete a DSA1, which will be slimmed down so that questions on the PN1 are not re-asked on the DSA1. Scanning and Imaging forms and correspondence - Enabling a Scanned Image to be linked to a customer for advisors - Ensuring an image of outbound correspondence is viewable by the customer - This is available in.pdf format – other formats for screen readers are being investigated

41 Student Finance System – DSA Support Needs Assessments Management SLC’s preference is to use the list of DSA-QAG approved equipment suppliers who offer a ‘one stop shop’ service in line with policy specifications however specialist suppliers may be required and used. Students can insist on being assessed by a non-accredited centre. However SLC will strongly recommend students don’t do this, as SLC is not able to assure themselves of the quality of advice or any after sales services. DIUS Review Report recommends accreditation requirements and standard tests SLC will rely on DSA-QAG’s list of accredited Needs Assessment Centres SLC will recommend changes required at Needs Assessment Centres to DSA- QAG

42 Student Finance System – DSA Support Central Processing & Support Teams CPU will continue to be responsible for assessing eligibility based on the disability evidence supplied. specialist support unit for DSA enquiries named contacts for individual students where required. CPU has staff with 3 years of experience through the “pilot LA transfers”. Also using experience from NASMA secondee and LAs The Targeted Support Unit staff will be specially trained not just in DSA, but also in how to generally assist disabled students. CLASS and other organisations contacted through DSA-QAG will provide specialist training to staff within the Unit

43 Student Finance System – DSA Support SLC Implementation Plans Advisors can co-browse on-line applications and help students with queries in completing their applications. Students can request call-backs when lines are busy SLC are recruiting a Diversity Manager who will be responsible for - liaising with stakeholder organisations - providing specialist knowledge in service provision for those with special needs

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