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Agenda Mohela Great Lakes Nelnet Navient. 2 DELINQUENCY OUTREACH DETAILS.

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1 Agenda Mohela Great Lakes Nelnet Navient

2 2


4 Access the Loan Servicing Support section in Support Central to view samples of correspondence sent to your borrowers. Borrower Correspondence

5 Communications during the In School period are focused on early engagement to ensure borrowers understand who their servicer is as early as possible. Borrower Communication Timeline - In School

6 During Grace, our proactive communications ensure borrowers know it’s going to be time to start paying soon. Strategic segmentation allows us to target our messaging to borrowers in specific situations. Borrower Communication Timeline - Grace

7 Communications in the Repayment time period are focused on the borrower’s situation in an effort to ensure they successfully repay their loans. Borrower Communication Timeline - Repayment

8 In the Delinquency time period, communications are focused on reaching borrowers and working through their repayment options. Borrower Communication Timeline - Delinquency

9 When borrowers have unique needs during the Repayment period, they receive other pieces of communications to help. Postpone payments Deferment Forbearance Income-driven repayment Other Repayment Scenarios

10 We encourage all borrowers to create a website account. Loan information Make payments Explore repayment options Keep contact information up-to- date Borrower Portal

11 Detailed loan information Balance Payment terms, amounts, and due dates Borrower Portal - Account Summary and Details Alerts Paperless messages Missing information Past due

12 Borrowers can easily get more information and determine if consolidation is right for them. Borrower Portal Tools and Resources - Consolidation 1.Bring any past due accounts up-to-date 2.Prepare Gather information Decide on a repayment plan 3.Apply online 4.Come back and track the application If they’re ready to apply, we make the process easy to understand.

13 Borrowers can use Knowledge Center to find information about student loans and other financial literacy topics. Borrower Portal Tools and Resources - Knowledge Center Getting started Money smarts Payments Repayment Special situations

14 We’re putting the finishing touches on our new responsive website, which allows borrowers to access the Borrower portal from any device. Borrower Portal Tools and Resources - New Site

15 We communicate regularly with borrowers at every stage of their student loan life-cycle Email Mail Phone (if needed) Social media Text messages Borrower Communications - Nelnet

16 Welcome Email Borrower Enters System Welcome Letter Borrower Enters System Intro to Nelnet Month 3 Resources Month 7 New Loan Email New Loan Issued Borrower Communications - Nelnet In School: First Year letter (full-page mailed message) email message blast mailer (full-page mailed message)

17 Loan Stages Month 1 Loans 101 Month 3 About Payments Month 5 Financial Literacy Month 7 Resources Month 9 Borrower Communications - Nelnet In School: Every Year After Initial Year Account Update Twice a Year Happy Birthday On Birthday letter (full-page mailed message) email message blast mailer (full-page mailed message)

18 What to Expect Month 1 Intro to Nelnet Month 3 Repayment Options Month 4 Repayment Options Month 4 Entering Repayment Soon Month 5 How to Make Your First Payment Month 5 How to Make Your First Payment Month 5 KwikPay Month 5 Borrower Communications - Nelnet In Grace letter (full-page mailed message) email message blast mailer (full-page mailed message)

19 Borrower Communications - Nelnet Repayment Plan Options Month 1 Sign Up for an Online Account Month 2 How to Reach Us Month 3 Sign Up for eStatements Month 4 In Repayment: First Year of Repayment letter (full-page mailed message) email message blast mailer (full-page mailed message)

20 Borrower Communications - Nelnet How to Reach Us First Quarter Repayment Plan Options Second Quarter KwikPay (auto debit) (to those without KwikPay*) Third Quarter Text Alerts (to those without Text Alerts) Month 3 In Repayment: Every Year of Repayment (After First Year) Haven’t Logged In (no log in for six months) Every Six Months Happy Birthday On Birthday letter (full-page mailed message) email message blast mailer (full-page mailed message)

21 Welcome Email Borrower Communications - Nelnet

22 In Grace Email Month 4: What to Expect Borrower Communications - Nelnet

23 In Repayment Email Month 1: Repayment Plan Options

24 Account Management - Nelnet

25 Loan Assist App iPhone and Android Make payments Allows borrowers to schedule payments up to 30 days in advance Can review account and group summary View their payment history Check status of deferment/forbearance requests Use loan calculators Sign up for text alerts Account Management - Nelnet

26 Text messaging Borrowers can opt in Payment due date Past due notifications Loan status changes Notifications that their online statement is ready to view Account Management - Nelnet

27 #1 goal: Support your borrowers and help guide them toward successful student loan repayment by: Keeping borrowers informed throughout their loan’s cycle with timely, relevant communication, tools and resources Providing assistance to help our school partners with any concerns Constantly evaluating what we do and how we can continue to provide superior service Overview | The Borrower Experience

28 Loan Life Cycle Touch Points What We Do Exiting In-School Email Campaign Notifies borrowers when their in-school deferment is about to end and lets them know how to reenroll or next steps for repayment Specialized Call Routing When a borrower who is in school or grace calls us, they are routed to specialists who provide counseling and guidance to help them transition into repayment

29 Loan Life Cycle Touch Points What We Do (cont’d)

30 Borrower Communication | Message What We Say New LoanIn School Warm welcome to Navient Highlights total loans and amount borrowed Online account set up Look for future communications Web links and toll-free phone number General reminder email – you have loans but at this point no action is required. Message: We’re here to help. Contact us! Online - details account set up By phone - toll-free phone number Quarterly interest statements – with account balance, interest information, anticipated repayment begin date Includes benefits of paying interest to avoid interest capitalization Sent quarterly until account enters repayment Available by email: Your interest statement is ready!

31 Borrower Communication | Message What We Say (cont’d) Entering GraceExiting Grace What is grace? Expect your first statement In-school deferment reminder and details Income-driven repayment plan information Online account set up Message: What to expect and when How to save money through repayment; details on repayment options What you need to do now to stay on track Look for future communications Sent 45 days before first payment due date Repayment options information What you need to do right now to stay on track Income-driven repayment plan information Message: Transition touch points Highlights what is owed and when Simple next steps; whether ready to make payments or need to choose other options

32 Borrower Communication | Message What We Say (cont’d) Repayment Message: You are in repayment! We are here if you need help Sign up for email – stay in the know Learn more about your repayment options – online or by phone Save money through auto debit Monthly billing statements Provides relevant and timely messages to help borrowers better manage their account Provides critical account details: balance/interest/remittance slip

33 Borrower Support-Customer Service In SchoolIn Grace Our goal: Provide guidance and make sure students understand what to expect next Dedicated call center agents counsel students and prepare them for a smooth experience and reinforce we’re here to help through: Online tools and resources Account access 24/7, including account information by email Repayment plan calculators Reminders about savings through auto debit Financial literacy materials Financial planning checklist Top 10 things to do at repayment

34 Borrower Support-Customer Service (cont’d) Repayment We understand that life happens; financial difficulty may arise. Our dedicated agents help borrowers explore their options to choose a solution that works best for them. Determine if borrower can afford to make a payment Explore eligibility for deferment Explain eligible repayment plans (including income-driven options), model monthly payment amounts under different plans, and assist in changing to a new repayment plan Explore eligibility for forbearance (This option is considered after all other options have been exhausted)

35 Mobile | Borrower Resources Pay Loan Dynamic new communication tools give improved experience for 24/7 account information New web experience for phones New loan management phone app

36 New name, new brand – continued focus on superior education loan servicing Content counsels students and prepares them to use online tools and resources including: Account information by email Repayment plan options and calculators

37 Online | Borrower Resources* New website! Intuitive navigation and flow of information allows borrower to self-select data based on loan status Easy access, intuitive navigation and customized alert features Detailed information on repayment plans Emphasis on assistance for those in need

38 Educational Support Comprehensive financial literacy and loan management collateral available for download to assist borrowers every step of the way toward successful repayment We have dedicated customer service agents with specialized skills to assist military service members and their families!

39 Keeping Schools Informed* Detailed online information and new school portal give a clear view of how we are working together to help your students succeed New portal contains snapshot portfolio summaries: Loan and repayment status Default prevention statistics Call center and demographic metrics

40 Keeping Schools Informed (cont’d)* Relevant, timely information for your office and regarding your borrowers - available online and for download

41 Jim Harris Nelnet Education Loan Servicing 970.226.2140(t) | 970.222.6399(c ) E-Mail: Question and Answer Greg Carlo Navient 614.742.7123(t) | 614.557.4889(c) E-Mail: John Brown Great Lakes 800.640.8602(t) | 614.425.2912(c) E-Mail: Will Shaffner MOHELA 636-733-3830 (t) | 317-496-3996 (c) E-Mail:

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