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Disability Support Services and the ONLINE STUDENT.

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1 Disability Support Services and the ONLINE STUDENT

2 Office Staff Director Denise Pergl 254-526-1291 phone 254-526-1700 fax Office Assistant Marina Mallec 254-526-1450 Administers Perkins Programs

3 Office Staff DSS Counselors Troy Barber 254-526-1863 Crickett Rogers 254-526-1822 Office Assistant Wilma Brown-Smith Test Proctor/Admin 254-526-1195

4 Some statistics Online Number of courses offered this Fall 2013 Online, self-paced and blended sections (Does not include the face to face) Number of online instructors 1523 373

5 Emails We will email instructor for : Course accommodations If DSS office is changing the test date To find out information from instructor to ensure student, course and counselor are on the same page We do not have the capability to see your course and requirements

6 ADAAA, Section 504, Section 508 ADAAA is the civil rights law defining disability discrimination across five different titles. Title II and III deal with educational access and services. Section 504 is the statement that college will not discriminate against students, faculty, staff with disabilities, etc…. Section 508 is the law that details the accessibility of programs and services via web pages and online. **Important that student discloses to the DSS OFFICE, not instructor, forward information.

7 ADAAA American Disabilities Act Amended Act (2008) effective 1/1/09 clarified standards for what constitutes a disability – substantially limitations – major life activity Changed the definition of a service animal Changed the definition of direct threat – no longer self-harm Title III requires universities make reasonable modifications in their policies, procedures and practices unless it ‘fundamentally alters” the nature of the educational service. Tricky

8 34 C.F.R. Sec. 104.22 (f) Colleges and universities are responsible for implementing policies and procedures “to ensure that individuals with disabilities can obtain information regarding the existence and location of services, activities and facilities that are accessible to and usable by them. Meaning: Instructors should have a syllabus statement concerning ADA with DSS office location and phone number. Online: homepage of blackboard has this information, CYA: put it into your first announcement

9 Documentation is required Student submits from medical provider Accommodations are based upon information Student discusses needs, wants with counselor Agreement on the appropriate and reasonable accommodations Memo is written for main campus instructors, email online

10 Reasonable accommodations What is the definition ???? DSS has been given the authority via college policy to determine BUT, we want and need your thoughts and expertise at times Office of Civil Rights cases – guidelines (newsletter) don’t make the same mistake Court cases – attempt to keep up with them

11 OCR and Court Cases: WHY’s Some of the highlights: (reference: DCHE newsletter, Salome Heyward website: DisabilityDIrect)) John Gupton College No. 04-10-2183 (OCR 1/7/11) University of Houston, Downtown No. 06112030 (OCR 7/1/11) instructors can not deny approved accommodation(s) Houston case, professor stated they did not agree nor like the accommodations: “extended time for homework assignments” Academic integrity ?! Be careful Tulsa Community College No. 07092064 (OCR 7/22/11) college found in fault- DSS office said no to extended time for homework and assignments due to academic integrity “real-life vocations where time would not be allowed.” Talk to instructor for permission – WRONG ANSWER

12 Wrong answer OCR stated “denial of extended time for assignments violated her rights under federal disability law”. Documented in medical and directly related to her disability. College must make an individualized determination that the academic adjustment would eliminate or lower essential elements of the program. Essential elements is what they look at: nursing, welding, vs. history, english, etc…

13 Important to know Accommodations online and face to face differ Testing 3 day notice for DSS office Online should already be set up if need extra time for tests ex: midterm test A and midterm test DS contact DL people (at least 3 day notice)

14 Emerging Technologies Big Issue for college campuses OCR issues Policy Guidance May 26, 2011 Guidance document can be found at : (website) faq-201105.pdf faq-201105.pdf Penn State has been issued an Office of Civil Right agreement This gave colleges guidance on what the issues were And how to solve them Montana University now under OCR review and lawsuit for online accessibility ruling has not come out yet

15 Emerging Technologies Online courses should be “Mastered” with accessibility The Q&A ensures this when master is released Problems arise when instructors change content in Master courses (ie videos and links to videos) If they are not closed captioned, how does a HOH/deaf person access the material?? Same for all?? If not important why is it there???

16 Work in process Be mindful of these issues We know we are not perfect, its okay Any questions??? Presenting at the Service Excellence Conference Other issues in depth Thanks for sharing and attending

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