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Sight Words by Hatice Oncel brusque gruff, rude, bluff.

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2 Sight Words by Hatice Oncel

3 brusque gruff, rude, bluff

4 clemency In order to show clemency (merciful), the judge reduced the fine to one dollar.

5 decadence Corruption, deterioration, a period of decline.

6 eloquent effective in expressing meaning by speech, persuasive, convincing, moving.

7 exemplary Excellent, Serving as a warning, given an exemplary punishment..

8 fledgling Untrained, a fledgling company, a young bird just fledged

9 heist a robbery or burglary, steal

10 incessant Ceaseless, endless, continual

11 incidental Minor, occurring merely by chance or without intention or calculation.

12 indefatigable Untiring, an indefatigable worker

13 jargon Specialized language

14 lampoon Spoof, a harsh satire usually directed against an individual

15 levity Merriness, lack of steadiness, changeableness

16 misanthrope A hater, a person who hates or distrusts humankind

17 nonchalance Coolness, unconcern

18 progeny Descendents, offspring, outcome, product, a body of followers

19 querulous complaining regularly, peevish, discontented, whining, cross, a querulous voice

20 reproach condemnation, blame, accuse; reprove, rebuke, discredit, disgrace

21 respite A vacation, time off, a period of temporary delay

22 stoic Unflinching, not affected by pain or distress

23 substantiate To support, confirm, prove, to give a substance, embody, verify, substantiate a charge

24 supplant Replace, to take the place of and serve as a substitute for especially by reason of superior excellence or power

25 vacillate To waver, hesitate, fluctuate, oscillate

26 voracious Hungry, a voracious reader

27 writhe To bend, twist, writhed to the music

28 affinity Fondness, liking, attraction, likeness based on relationship or causal connection

29 brevity Shortness of duration or expression, conciseness

30 coalesce Mix, blend, to cause to unite { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "coalesce Mix, blend, to cause to unite

31 copious Many, a copious talker, copious food and drink, a copious harvest, a copious references to other writers

32 dearth Shortage, lack, scarcity, a death of evidence, famine

33 dispassionate Calm, impartial, a dispassionate critic, a dispassionate approach to an issue

34 effervescent Energetic, high-spirited, bubble, foam as gas escapes, to show liveliness or exhilaration

35 exuberance abundance, plenty; high spirits, youthful exuberance, An exuberant act or expression

36 frivolous Silly, a frivolous lawsuit, lacking in seriousness

37 hackneyed Lacking in freshness or originality, trite, hackneyed slogans..

38 insolvent Bankrupt, an insolvent estate

39 Meander wander

40 Although the patient is usually morose (unhappy), she seems happy today morose

41 opulence Wealth, abundance, profusion

42 parsimonious Stingy, sparing, restrained, frugal to the point of stinginess

43 peripheral Of minor importance or relevance, good peripheral vision, peripheral equipment

44 prodigal Extravagant, wasteful, profuse, the prodigal prince

45 proximity Closeness

46 sagacious Wise, shrewd, sagacious judge of character

47 surreptitious Sneaking, secret, a surreptitious glance

48 torpor Dullness, lethargy, apathy, dullness

49 unassailable Strong, an unassailable argument

50 unobtrusive Not readily noticeable, inconspicious

51 unscathed Unharmed, wholly unharmed, not injured

52 voluminous Large, a voluminous literature on the subject.

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