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Business and Personal Law Day 38 1. Jesus – I want to get the most out of this life you have given to me. Sometimes I’m not always consistent in putting.

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1 Business and Personal Law Day 38 1

2 Jesus – I want to get the most out of this life you have given to me. Sometimes I’m not always consistent in putting my strengths into action. I ask for your help in improving my weaknesses. In Jesus’ name I pray - Amen

3 B-Day: This Week’s Verse John 10:10 b “... I came that they might have life and have it abundantly.” !

4 What Do You Think? Day 38, May 6th 4 What are the first two amendments about?

5 Amendments... 1 st Amendment?? Freedom of speech, religion, assembly, press 2 nd Amendment?? Keep and bear arms

6 Bill of Rights Amendments 6 3 rd Amendment: No quartering of troops 4 th Amendment: Search and seizure 5 th Amendment: Due process of law; self-incrimination

7 Today! How would you feel if... Your laptop allowed someone to spy on you – take pictures, etc.? Your school ID had an imbedded tracking device? You were falsely arrested due to video surveillance? You are visiting in a foreign country and you are constantly stopped by police asking to see “your papers” because they want to see if you’re “legal”? These are some of the topics you will be looking at today. Follow these slides and their instructions. As always, this is going to make you SUPER SMART!!!!!!!!! 7

8 Go to: Student Common Drive – Stipanuk Law 8 Bring up the PowerPoint and follow the instructions.

9 Step #1: Article #1 9

10 Step #2: Article #2 Now, click on article #2 – PA Schools Spying on Students. On your same Word document, answer the following: (thoroughly!) WHO is involved in this story? WHAT happened? WHEN did this happen? WHERE did it happen? WHY is there now a lawsuit? 10

11 Step #3: Article #3 Now click on article #3: PA Lawsuit Type your answers to the following on your Word document: Why won’t the government press charges against the school district? Do you agree or disagree with their decision? Explain. What, specifically, was the school district accused of in the class action lawsuit? Where could the webcam be activated? Do you agree/disagree with Robbins’ lawyer’s remarks at the end of the article? Explain. 11

12 Step #4 – Right to Privacy? Who Says? Where does our “right to privacy/expectation of privacy” come from? Is it in the Constitution? In the Bill of Rights? You’ll find out... Check this site out... Check this site out Is the right to privacy in the constitution? 2. Has the Supreme Court made many decisions about this issue? 3. Why are privacy violation lawsuits difficult to win? 4. Read “Why Should I Care?” and then the info below. 5. What six amendments are considered to give us a right to privacy? 12

13 Just the Facts Go to the bottom of the page; click on “Just the Facts” Click on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Look at “Right to Privacy FAQ” Type out the first 6 questions Answer each question IN YOUR OWN WORDS – DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

14 Step #5 You will be doing some ‘investigative’ work on one of the topics on the following slide. After choosing your topic, on your Word document, type out the following outline: I. Topic II. Brief summary of topic III. Arguments “for”/positive aspects of this topic IV. Arguments “against”/negative aspects of this topic V. Conclusion VI. Sources (notice it’s plural!!!!!!!!!) This outline must be filled in BEFORE doing the final assignment – this will DEFINITELY help you do it! next slide... 14

15 Step #6 - Topics 1. Video surveillance 2. National ID cards 3. Freedom of the Press: Right to Know vs. Right to Privacy 4. Domestic Drones 5. Genetic Engineering 6. Arizona Immigration Laws 7. Facial Recognition Next slide... 15

16 Step #7 – Your assignment – due next class Based on the topic you’ve chosen and the info you will find on the Internet (NOT Wikipedia; NO copying and pasting), you will write a persuasive essay on a new Word document taking a position on one side of the topic. Include: 1. A statement of your position 2. At least three arguments supporting your position 3. At least two arguments that your opponents might make 4. Arguments for why your opponents’ counter-arguments are not persuasive 5. Conclusion – include what you learned about this topic 6. Sources This will be MLA, header, heading, title, 1” margins, 12 font (TNR or Calibri only) double spaced (adjust page layout!), informal works cited page, 2 pages minimum (works cited page will be an additional page) (next slide...) 16

17 What to hand in next class: 1. A Word document with answers to steps #1,2,3,4 2. Outline – Step #5 3. A Word document with your persuasive essay – Step #7 Do. A. Good. Job.!!!!!!! 17

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