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2 PUBLIC WORKS STAFF  Aaron Ledoux – Director of Public Works  Elijah Horse – Assistant  Rhea Tourand– Receptionist  Stan Paskimin – Maintenance  Delaine Grahem – Septic  Gordon Weekusk – Roads  Sonny Tourand – Sanitation  Doug Starr – Water Delivery (Turtlelake)  Charlie Paddy – Water Delivery (On Reserve)

3 Housing (phase 9) Housing is a Major issue in TCFN. Phase 9 units are 98% complete with deficiencies' being addressed to close this phase out. This project is from 2009. 15 Surplus Units were also allocated to TCFN, Now known as Phase 10.

4 Housing (phase 10) Phase 10 is an epic failure by prior administration. 15 RTM homes were purchased from NuFab and to be delivered in 2009/10. As of August 01,2012 we have secured funding to complete this Project. 2 RTM’s are yet to be delivered..

5 Phase 10 con’t Their are 4 homes that will cost at least $40,000 dollars to repair. 9 units with costs of at least $25,000 dollars to repair. The most shocking issue is the fact that these units are 86% complete by CMHC’s inspection reports.

6 Phase 10 con’t CMHC has paid TCFN $425,000.00 to date with the current deficiencies. The deficiencies include no front and back steps and landings, bottom siding and lack of backfill, basement drywall, no slabs, no hot water heaters, furnace and duct work missing and quite possibly weeping tile. TCFN actually paid contractors to start this work and it was abandoned mid-work.

7 NuFab Lawsuit TCFN is currently in a lawsuit with NuFab building products. McKercher and Mckercher are currently working on a proposal to submit TCFN’s position on the RTM’s that have been delivered and the status of the 2 that haven’t been delivered. TCFN is paying principal and interest on the 2 rtm’s that haven't been delivered.

8 AANDC overdue Reports Band Based Capital Report is being held up because of unfinished renovation contracts from last year. Elijah Horse is following up with these contracts and final inspection.

9 Public Works (WTP) The Water Treatment Plant is operational and being maintained by Herman Peechow. Roy Helman and Dave Swift are part time operators, both men hold certification.

10 The TECH The Tech dwellings are a major concern as TCFN does not receive any funding for upkeep and renovations. Documented cases of alcohol and drug abuse have been noted. The lack of respect shown by these tenants for neighbors should warrant immediate eviction. Examples need to be made of tenants who cannot maintain a minimal standard of decency and respect.

11 Budgets and Cash Flow The Housing and Public Works department receives $370,000/year in Band based capital(BBC). TCFN uses this money for insurance, both band owned homes and commercial. This is where the majority of this revenue goes. The rest will be used to build a new garbage dump and clean and cap the old one.

12 Septic and Garbage The sewer truck will only run from Monday to Friday during regular business hours. The budget for the sewer truck has been exceeded due to breakdowns and the hiring of outside contractors. TCFN is under financial strain from this program alone

13 Septic and Garbage con’t Garbage will be picked up during regular work hours as well Please make sure that your garbage is in bags for the safety of our staff.

14 Renovations When TCFN is done with Phase 10 we will be eligible for renovations under HASI/RRAP. It is critical that we get phase 10 completed as we under strict notice from CMHC to complete this year or face our Ministerial Loan Guarantee getting pulled.

15 Fire Loss and Insurance Claims Fires and fire loss should be a huge concern for the community. Due to the fact that our deductible is at $50,000 dollars per unit, it is not feasible to even make claims on damages below that dollar amount. Claims were made by prior Administration and the money was used elsewhere.

16 In Closing Things here are going to get better. You as members have the right to request and receive services. Once we get through this lawsuit and phase 10 fiasco, things will improve all around for housing and public works.


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