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SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 Educational Affairs Staff Meeting.

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1 SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 Educational Affairs Staff Meeting

2 Agenda Announcements Kudos Answers to Questions My Vision Q&A if time permits Some housekeeping items

3 Announcements New Hires Promotions Departures Educational Affairs Structure


5 Kudos Everyone is doing a good job and my concern about singling out one or two folks is that it might make the ones who aren’t recognized feel bad. I will email all comments to those mentioned by name I do want to recognize some people who took on extra challenges

6 PBL Toolbox Team Dr. Ann Rudnicki, Lead Some standardization of the way cases are constructed and presented Goal: Enrichment of the cases  More human factors  Facilitator guidance  Clear objectives  Clinical reasoning tasks Work available online: /PBL-Toolbox.asp /PBL-Toolbox.asp

7 Changes in OCS Conversion of all SPs from contract to employee status  Carol – “dealing with the absurdities of HR”  Hazel, Percy, Lori - “stepped up to the plate” “Darlene is a star” Dr. Szauter for covering for Connie

8 Online Testing in Years 1 and 2 Annette Marshman for technical support Amy Shanks for creating a video presentation with the instructions for students Christine Ford, Giovanna D’Ambra Ortiz, Amy Shanks, Mary Mallini for developing an online manual, training sessions, developing procedures

9 Professionalism Project Dr. Mark Holden, Lead Reviewed every single PBL case Categorized professionalism and cultural issues in each of 100 patients in 72 cases Looked for opportunities to enhance cases

10 Some Specific Individuals Isaac Ohalete – accessible, available and helpful Fran Dawe – calm and cool under pressure Karen Hunley – not a question she can’t answer, a problem she can’t solve Layne Dearman – WOS appointment process, helping with proctoring


12 COLA or Merit? Yes. March 1, 2014 3% merit pool for classified staff A&P 2.5% if not in incentive pool

13 Exempt vs. Non-exempt? No one is happy I have to budget for overtime, schedule carefully You feel “demoted” To understand it, we need a little history lesson

14 Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 AKA Wages and Hours Bill, FLSA 40h work week National minimum wage Time and a half for overtime Child labor controls

15 FLSA, continued On August 23, 2004, controversial changes to the FLSA's overtime regulations went into effect, making substantial modifications to the definition of an "exempt" employee. Low- level working supervisors throughout American industries were reclassified as “executives” and lost overtime rights. These changes were sought by business interests and the Bush administration, which claimed that the laws needed clarification and that few workers would be affected. The Bush administration called the new regulations "FairPay". But other organizations, such as the AFL-CIO, claimed the changes would make millions of additional workers ineligible to obtain relief under the FLSA for overtime pay. Attempts in Congress to overturn the new regulations were unsuccessful.Bush administrationAFL-CIO Source – Wikipedia because Up To Date didn’t have it

16 FLSA, continued Conversely, some low-level employees (particularly administrative-support staff) that had previously been classified as exempt were now reclassified as non- exempt. Although such employees work in positions bearing titles previously used to determine exempt status (such as "executive assistant"), the 2004 amendment to the FLSA now requires that an exemption must be predicated upon actual job function and not job title. Those employees with job titles that previously allowed exemption but whose job descriptions did not include managerial functions were now reclassified from exempt to non-exempt.


18 Why are we seeing so many FLSA lawsuits lately? If an employee feels that they have been misclassified and paid less than they should have been, the FLSA makes it worth their while to file a suit by allowing for double damages not only for the employee, but also for their attorney's fee. It only takes one employee complaint for the DOL to open an investigation into employee classifications in a company. Recent economic times have tempted employers to classify certain employees as exempt in order to avoid paying overtime when those employees should have been classified as non-exempt. Since FLSA laws are complex and difficult to understand, some employers are simply classifying employees wrong because they are not aware of the more complicated aspects.

19 What this means UTMB has wisely decided to be safe Titles which do not routinely fit the exempt criteria were converted to non-exempt This is meant to protect the worker Case-by-case consideration for reclassification by job function has been requested

20 What Does Dr. Ainsworth Do? Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Educational Affairs Student Affairs – Recruitment & admissions – Hispanic Center of Excellence – Enrichment & outreach Academy of Master Teachers Global Health Student Societies Center to Eliminate Healthcare Disparities Office of Science Education CME MD/PhD programs Faculty Affairs – Dr. Bhardwaj is Asst Dean – APT – Faculty departmental reviews

21 NEAR TERM LONG TERM What’s Our Vision?

22 Near term Curriculum mapping  Christine Ford has finished first phase  Electives, selectives next  Identify redundancies and gaps LCME process  Nancy Tovar working on database  Self-study committees to launch soon  Due May, 2014  Self-study report due September 2014  Visit December 7-10, 2014

23 Near Term Projects Address known LCME issues  Faculty appointments  Affiliation agreements  Communication across sites  Residents as teachers Implement PBL toolbox Enhance professionalism in cases Transition formative OSCE leadership Craft quality measures for educational efforts  Also means tracking the data

24 More Long Term Projects Design TIME curriculum Clinical Skills task force Enhance Basic Science integration

25 UTMB Vision, Mission, Values Mission UTMB’s mission is to improve health for the people of Texas and around the world. Vision We work together to work wonders as we define the future of health care and strive to be the best in all of our endeavors. Values Our values define our culture and guide our every interaction. We demonstrate compassion for all. We always act with integrity. We show respect to everyone we meet. We embrace diversity to best serve a global community. We promote excellence and innovation through lifelong learning. Education Deliver educational programs of the highest quality to advance student learning and leadership development.

26 50 years ago, all eyes were turned our way

27 Big, hairy goals "We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too." Speech by President John F. Kennedy at Rice University, September 1962

28 Continued "…If I were to say, my fellow citizens, that we shall send to the moon, 240,000 miles away from the control station in Houston, a giant rocket more than 300 feet tall, the length of this football field, made of new metal alloys, some of which have not yet been invented, capable of standing heat and stresses several times more than have ever been experienced, fitted together with a precision better than the finest watch, carrying all the equipment needed for propulsion, guidance, control, communications, food and survival, on an untried mission, to an unknown celestial body, and then return it safely to earth, re- entering the atmosphere at speeds of over 25,000 miles per hour, causing heat about half that of the temperature of the sun--almost as hot as it is here today--and do all this, and do it right, and do it first before this decade is out--then we must be bold."

29 A New Curriculum So All Eyes Will Turn Our Way Once Again Goal: Turn out the best physicians in the country  Clinically prepared  Grounded in science  Culturally competent  Prepared to practice in today’s world Our graduates will be sought after by residencies, by employers, and as faculty in academic centers Faculty will want to join UTMB because we have an exciting medical education program Other schools will visit or consult us to address needs in their programs

30 We can do this We have proven we can change – IMC, Hurricane Ike – and be stronger in the process We have TIME as a laboratory for change We have great people to effect a change We have a need for change We’re starting from strength not panic

31 What will it look like? I don’t know But neither did the space program So let’s build it

32 What’s My Role? IMO – the voice of basic science  Incorporate clinical reasoning, clinical skills into basic science foundational coursework  Incorporate foundational science concepts into clinical work OCE – new models of clinical education  Not just your parents’ clerkships anymore OED – keeping us honest  Proper evaluation and assessment  Correct application of educational principles OCS – vanguard of clinical skills training  For the whole campus  Not bound to the physical location


34 Housekeeping Nuts and Bolts Shall we meet again?  If so, how often? Shall we arrange a social event?  65% said yes, 35% said no, 2 didn’t vote  If so, we need a committee Need assistance with planning May conference  Drs Levine and Asimakis are in charge of content  What would coordinators like to hear? Do? Need assistance conceiving non-monetary rewards I need feedback to know how my actions impact you

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