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2 the program Women talking to women –Our values –Risky behaviors Honesty –No punishments Confidentiality –Doesn’t leave these four walls

3 my values

4 our mission

5 policies: underage drinking Fraternity/SororityCampus/Panhellenic

6 policies: pre-partying Fraternity/SororityCampus/Panhellenic

7 policies: providing alcohol to minors Fraternity/SororityCampus/Panhellenic

8 policies: post-partying Fraternity/SororityCampus/Panhellenic

9 civil liability Lawsuit filed against individuals or entities 1.Did the person owe a duty to the injured? 2.Did she breach that duty? 3.Did her actions or inactions cause or contribute to the injury? 4.What is the victim owed as a result?

10 criminal liability Individuals and entities could be charged criminally. 1. Federal laws 2. State laws 3. Who: active participants and bystanders

11 our state’s hazing laws

12 Underage Fraternity Member Dies An underage fraternity member died as a result of a hazing incident in which the sorority members “hazed” the fraternity’s new members. Twelve students were criminally charged. The two fraternal organizations involved closed their chapters and eventually settled with the victim’s family. The family also sued the university.

13 Chapter Closed for Hazing Sorority Kicked Off Campus for Hazing Parents Sue Fraternity the headlines

14 Pedestrian Hit & Killed by Fraternity Drunk Driver An underage fraternity member drank at his apartment and at a local bar with friends before attending the chapter party and then drank his own alcohol while he was there. When he left the party in his car, he ran over and killed a pedestrian. The chapter did not furnish alcohol to the member. The chapter members, officers, alumnae advisors, house corporation and the inter/national fraternity were sued.

15 $15 Million Lawsuit Filed by Parents Over Fraternity Death Student Death Ruled Alcohol Poisoning Student Dies at Fraternity House the headlines

16 Sorority Woman Paralyzed Chapter members and new members were involved in a game called “menu mania,” in which they were driven to various restaurants in the area. At one point, a chapter member and a new member stopped at McDonald’s, and the driver failed to stop in front of an oncoming car. The new member was seriously injured and paralyzed. The drivers of both cars, the cars’ owners, the members of the chapter, the executive board,the inter/national organization, national officers and NPC were all sued.

17 Fraternity Members Indicted Sister From University Is Going to Jail for Supplying Alcohol University Halts Membership Intake the headlines

18 Two Sorority Women Drowned Two women drowned at the beach after consuming alcohol as a part of the new member program. The parents sued for $100 million.

19 Former Fraternity Member Sentenced for Hazing Fatal Crash Probes Hazing Allegations 19-Year-Old Found Dead in a Fraternity House the headlines

20 New Member Dies A new member died from swelling of the brain as a result of water intoxication. Alcohol was not involved. Eleven members were convicted of various crimes for his death.

21 Sorority Suspended for Seven Years Fraternity Men Gang-Rape Sorority Woman 18-Year-Old Endured Hazing and Then Took His Own Life the headlines

22 University Stops All Fraternal Social Events A university stopped all social events for the fraternity and sorority community indefinitely after a woman was raped and a man went to the hospital for alcohol poisoning with a.68% blood alcohol content.

23 our risky behaviors

24 take action

25 Sorority membership is something of value We will make waves of change as a chapter to keep our members safe.

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