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The Respiratory Test Review. Question #1 Why do you need oxygen?

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1 The Respiratory Test Review

2 Question #1 Why do you need oxygen?

3 Answer Oxygen is needed in cellular respiration to break down glucose into a useful form of energy called ATP.

4 Question #2 What part of the brain regulates the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide needed in the blood stream?

5 Answer The medulla oblongata

6 Question #3 Name one part of the line defense of the lungs.

7 Answer mucus macrophages

8 Question #4 Is the air pressure higher or lower during inhalation?

9 Answer lower

10 Question #5 What is Tidal Volume?

11 Answer The volume of air during a normal breath.

12 Question #6 What happens to the diaphragm during inhalation?

13 Answer It lowers (contracts)

14 Question #7 Name the instrument used to measure the volume of your lungs.

15 Answer The spirometer

16 Question #8 What is the name of the substance that prevents your alveoli walls from sticking together.

17 Answer surfactant

18 Question #9 Which part of the respiratory system traps the most debris?

19 Answer The nose

20 Question #10 If you had laryngitis what would be the major symptom?

21 Answer Loss of your voice

22 Question #11 What keeps your trachea from collapsing?

23 Answer Rings of cartilage

24 Question #12 The branches of the bronchi eventually become ___________.

25 Answer bronchioles

26 Question #13 What are the smallest, elastic, microscopic parts of the lungs called?

27 Answer Alveoli

28 Question #14 How is the ERV determined?

29 Answer It is the measure of the remainder of the exhaled air in your lungs.

30 Question #15 How is most of the carbon dioxide in your blood carried?

31 Answer As bicarbonate- HCO3

32 Question #16 A condition in which there are damaged alveoli is called _____________

33 Answer emphysema

34 Question #17 A bacterial infection which grows colonies in the lungs and can take 12 months to recuperate from is called__________.

35 Answer tuberculosis

36 Question #18 What is the name of the flap of tissue that prevents food from going down your trachea?

37 epiglottis

38 Question #19 What is the chemical found in cigarettes that smokers are addicted to?

39 nicotine

40 Question #20 The toxic brew of chemicals found in cigarettes is called _________.

41 Answer tar

42 Question #21 What line of defense is paralyzed when it comes in contact with cigarette smoke?

43 Answer cilia

44 Question #22 What percent of lung cancer patients were smokers?

45 Answer 90%

46 Question #23 Why do smokers have an increased chance of heart attacks?

47 Answer Their heart has to work harder to circulate oxygen to the cells due to lower oxygen levels in their circulatory system.

48 Question #25 What is meant by a carcinogen?

49 Answer It is any substance that is cancer causing to humans.

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