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The cell cycle includes what 2 important aspects?.

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1 The cell cycle includes what 2 important aspects?

2 Repair/growth and reproduction

3 Some organisms reproduce by simple cell division where a single cells duplicates its genetic material. What is this called?

4 Asexual reproduction

5 What is the offspring called when only 1 parent supplies all the genetic information?

6 Clone – single cell and multi-celled organisms can reproduce this way

7 2 parents genetic information is used to create a unique 3 rd organism. What is this called?

8 Sexual reproduction

9 What is the name of specialized sex cells?

10 Gametes (sperm = male egg=female)

11 Where are genes found?

12 In the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell

13 What is the difference between chromatin and chromatid?

14 Chromatin – granules of DNA that turn into the strands of chromatid chromatid – strands of DNA or half the“X” of a chromosome

15 True or false: The number of chromosomes an organism has depends on its size?

16 False! Example: humans have 46 while silkworms have 54

17 What holds together the 2 strands of chromatids?

18 centromere

19 What are the 5 phases of the cell cycle?

20 I - Interphase P - Prophase M - Metaphase A - Anaphase T - Telophase

21 What occurs during Interphase?

22 -95% of a cell’s life is in Interphase -growth, development and repair -looks like an ordinary cell

23 Prophase?

24 “Property” – X marks the spot: -1 st phase of mitosis -chromosomes appear and duplicate

25 Metaphase?

26 “mets” line up -chromosomes move to the center of the cell -spindle fibers form and attach to centromeres

27 Anaphase?

28 “Ana banana split” -chromosomes are pulled apart and move to the poles of the cell

29 Telophase?

30 “telephone” – 2 people talking: -2 new daughter cells are formed -cell heads back into Interphase -cells are more efficient at this size to perform all functions

31 What is the division of the cytoplasm called?

32 cytokinesis

33 What is the sequence of the cell cycle using letters?


35 What is a carcinogen?

36 Something that causes cancer by mutating rapidly dividing and multiplying cells

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