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Cancer Cells!!! An Uncontrollable Growth!!

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1 Cancer Cells!!! An Uncontrollable Growth!!

2 Cancer is a disorder in which some of the body’s own cells lose the ability to control growth.
Cancer cells do not respond to the signals that regulate the growth of most cells. They divide uncontrollably and form masses of cells called tumors. Cancer cells can break away from tumors and spread to other parts of the body. Benign Tumors will not kill you. Malignant Tumors will kill you.

3 Some Causes of Cancer Tobacco Radiation Exposure Viral Infections
Some cancer cells will no longer respond to external growth regulators, while others fail to produce the internal regulators that ensure orderly growth.

4 More Causes of Cancer Defects in genes. Inherited
Chemicals – Nicotine or Asbestos Important term to know! Carcinogen- Chemical compound that caused cancer. A lot of carcinogens are found in cigarette smoke.

5 Cancer Continued Cancer divides uncontrollably and destroy health tissue. All forms or cancer are ultimately caused by harmful mutations in genes that control cell growth and development. Environmental factors damage DNA. Can be inherited. Usually starts with a single cell. Then it spreads. Cancer cells spread and absorb nutrients needed by other cells. This kills good body cell.

6 Lung Cancer

7 Skin Cancer

8 Breast Cancer

9 Colon Cancer

10 Pancreatic Cancer

11 Lymphoma

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