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Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Plants

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1 Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Plants

2 Background of the Study
Cigarette smoking is a global problem. Once a person starts smoking, it will be continuous. It becomes unstoppable unless you are determined to stop or something is wrong with your health that you are required to stop. The smoke from a cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals, which could have various toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. The products that are most damaging are tar, a carcinogen that causes cancer, nicotine is addictive and increases cholesterol levels in your body and carbon monoxide reduces oxygen in the body. Passive smoking is the inhalation of smoke, called secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke causes many of the same diseases as direct smoking, including cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases.  Smoking also greatly influences the surrounding atmosphere. It also causes air, water and land pollution.

3 Q: Is it also greatly affects the plants?
Cigarette smoke produces carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon monoxide, just like humans inhale oxygen. The presence of cigarette smoke, or any kind of smoke, means that more carbon dioxide is available for plants to breathe. Plants breathe through their leaves, which are covered in tiny holes that are called stomata pores. For proper gas exchange to take place, these pores must remain open and clear. Cigarette smoke is composed of millions of tiny particles and contains tar that can block these pores, preventing the plant from breathing.

4 Statement of the Problem
Main Problem: What are the effects of cigarette smoke on plants? Sub-Problems: How does it affect the following factors: a. Color of the leaves b. Number of leaves c. Height of the plant d. Weight of the plant e. Fruit produced Does smoke have positive effects on plants?

5 Hypotheses There are no effects of cigarette smoke on plants.
Cigarette smoke does not affect the plant’s leaf color, growth; fruit produced, and number leaves. Independent Variable: Cigarette Smoke Dependent Variables: Color of leaves, number of leaves, height of the plant, weight of the plant, fruit produced Extraneous Variables: Location, Temperature, kind of plant, kind of cigarette, kind of soil

6 Objectives To identify the effects of the cigarette smoke on plants.
Color of the leaves Number of leaves Height of the plant Weight of the plant Fruit produced To determine the positive effects of cigarette smoke on plants.

7 Significance of the Study
Cigarette smoking have great impacts on people and in the environment. There are already many studies about the health and environment effects of the cigarette smoking worldwide. In this study, researchers aim to find the effects of cigarette smoke on plants. With this, beneficial and negative effects of cigarette smoke on plants can be identified. Cigarette smoke doesn’t only affects us but also the most valuable living things-the plants.

8 Scope and Limitations We will only observe the effects of the cigarette smoke on plants particularly on the color and number of leaves, weight and height of the plant and fruit produced. The researchers will use the most affordable cigarette and fast-growing plant like mongo.

9 Definition of Terms Cigarette-  is a small roll of finely cut tobacco leaves cylinder of thin paper for smoking. The cigarette is ignited at one end and allowed to smoulder; its smoke is inhaled from the other end, which is held in or to the mouth and in some cases a cigarette holder may be used as well. Mongo-  also known as green bean

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