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2 WHAT IS CANCER? Answer the following questions independently.
If you don’t know the answer, make the best possible educated guess you can. Do not leave any questions unanswered. What causes cancer? Why is cancer so harmful to the body? How does cancer travel throughout the body? What are 5 types of cancers and what parts of the body do they affect? What are at least 3 risk factors for cancer?

3 VOCABULARY With all the knowledge that you can muster up… define the following terms. Cancer Tumor Benign Malignant Metastasis Carcinogen Biopsy Remission

4 WATCH, REFLECT, DISCUSS. How do you think each of these pictures is related to cancer? What is cancer? Metastasis Cancer: Healthy to Cancer Cell Cancer cells; Different; How? Looking for cancer in blood

5 WHAT IS CANCER? What causes cancer?
Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes, including genetic factors; lifestyle factors such as tobacco use, diet, and physical activity; certain types of infections; and environmental exposures to different types of chemicals and radiation. Why is cancer so harmful to the body? In general, cancer disrupts the normal functioning of cells in the body, meaning that the cells do not work any more. The more the cancerous cells spread, the more "non-working" cells there becomes, which can result in the failure of that organ. Also, cancerous cells can quickly multiply, which makes them even more "harmful". They can also travel via the bloodstream to other areas of the body. How does cancer travel throughout the body? In order to spread, some cells from the primary cancer must break away, travel to another part of the body and start growing there. Three main ways…Local spread; directly into nearby organs. Blood circulation; travel through wall of blood vessel into blood stream. Lymphatic system; similar to blood stream, except via lymph fluid.

6 WHAT IS CANCER? What are 5 types of cancers and what parts of the body do they affect? SEE FIGURE 25.5 What are at least 3 risk factors for cancer? Carcinogens such as tobacco use and radiation(i.e., UV exposure from sun, tanning beds and sunlamps). STDs such has HPV and Hepatitis B. Dietary factors such as fats, low in fiber.

7 VOCABULARY Cancer; Uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells.
Tumor; Abnormal mass of tissue that has no natural role in the body. Benign; Noncancerous. Malignant; Cancerous. Metastasis; The spread of cancer from the point where it originated to other parts of the body. Carcinogen; Cancer-causing substance. Biopsy; Removal of a small piece of tissue for examination. Remission; A period of time when symptoms disappear.

8 HOMEWORK In your groups of 4, you are to research your assigned type of cancer. Through your research you should be able to accurately discuss… The type or types of cancer Causes Symptoms Risk Factors Diagnosis Treatment Prevalence of the disease (How many people in US & throughout the world, age group, gender) Survival Rate What is being done?

9 TYPES OF CANCERS Lymphomas; Cancers of the immune system.
Leukemias; Cancers of the blood-forming organs. What is Leumemia? Bone Marrow Transplant Carcinomas; Cancers of the glands and body linings, including the skin and linings of the digestive tract and lungs. ABCDEs of Melanoma Sarcomas; Cancers of connective tissue, such as bones, ligaments and muscles. Nuerological; Cancer of the Central Nervous System (brain & spinal cord).

10 DETECTING CANCER Survival rate for people w/ cancer depends on two main factors. Early detection; Most critical factor in treatment. Depends on both self and medical examination. Type of cancer. Self-examination; Checking your own body for signs of cancer. Self breast examination animation Self testicular exam animation Medical-examination; Involves testing by a doctor for early signs of cancer. About half of all new cancer cases each year are detected during routine medical screening. If Dr. thinks cancer is possible, a biopsy will be performed (usually necessary to determine if cancer is present). To determine tumor’s location & size, Dr.’s use x-rays & other imaging techniques.

11 CANCER TREATMENT What are some factors used to determine type of treatment? Methods used to treat depend on type of cancer & whether a tumor has spread from original location. Surgery; Removes some or all of the cancerous masses from body. Radiation therapy; Uses radioactive substances to kill cancer cells & shrink cancerous masses. Chemotherapy; Uses chemicals to destroy cancer cells. Immunotherapy; Activates a person’s immune system to recognize specific cancers & destroys them. Hormone therapy; Uses medicines to interfere w/ the production of certain hormones that help cancer cells grow.

12 PUNCH OUT!!! What is metastasis?
What are the two important methods for early cancer detection? Identify three cancer treatment options.


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