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Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200. Many, Many, Many Chemical Hazards.

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1 Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200

2 Many, Many, Many Chemical Hazards

3 Responsible Parties ä Chemical Manufacturers/Importers ä Distributors ä Employers ä Employees

4 Hazard Evaluation Hazardous Chemical- “is any chemical which is a physical or health hazard” Not all chemicals are defined as hazardous Primarily chemical manufacturer’s responsibility Employers make final determination

5 Hazard Determination (cont.) A chemical is considered hazardous if it is listed in: “Subpart Z” ACGIH-TLV for chemical substances NTP-”Annual Report on Carcinogens” IARC-”Monographs” or exceeds any OSHA-PEL or ACGIH-TLV

6 Physical Hazards Scientifically valid evidence: ä combustible liquid ä compressed gas ä explosive ä flammable ä organic peroxide, oxidizer ä pyrophoric ä unstable ä water-reactive

7 Health Hazard acute or chronic health effects carcinogens toxic or highly toxic agents reproductive toxins irritants, corrosives sensitizers, hepatoxins nephrotoxins, neurotoxins damage to lungs, skins, eyes, or mucous membranes

8 Whole Chemicals/Mixtures Tested as whole Tested as a mixture >1% hazardous chemical >.1% carcinogen

9 Program Elements Written Program Labels and Other Forms of Warning MSDSs List of Chemicals Training Trade Secrets

10 Guidelines for Compliance Highlights

11 Written Program Tips Review annually Post location of program Encourage employee review Make it a high profile offering Obtain management approval

12 Structure Every program is different Performance-oriented standard Must be site-specific Encourage everyone’s help to develop 6th grade reading level Insert revision dates

13 Label Elements Identity of chemical Hazard warnings Name & address of manufacturer Target organ effects Should quickly and effectively communicate hazards Note: Identity should match with MSDS

14 Material Safety Data Sheets Should be readily available Can use computer database Be cautious of generic MSDSs Active MSDSs file Inactive MSDS file (30 year retention)

15 MSDS Checklist MSDS for each hazardous chemical? Do MSDSs have all required elements? Are all sections complete? Deficiency notification procedures: telephone notice letter help from OSHA Area Office document your efforts

16 Training Overview Purpose explain and reinforce objectives decrease injuries and illnesses Where found? 29CFR1910-1200 (h) Performance oriented do what works best for your company Make training “real world”

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